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In Topic: The 10,000 person crowd

Yesterday, 01:09 PM

You said it's a "win/win". Because if it fails, "Cody & the Bucks are taken down a peg". Which would be a good thing (not because of the superkicks but because of their attitude, ok). So, a fail would be good too (either that or I don't get the meaning of the word "WIN" in that context). Ok.


So, you don't want to see them fail, but you would enjoy to see them fail. :)

I would not even really enjoy it much. Just a mild amusement from it. I don't see how that is difficult to understand. I don't want it to fail because there would be major collateral damage.  

In Topic: Is TNA the worst wrestling promotion in history?

Yesterday, 05:53 AM

Did you hear Cornette go into more detail on his podcast about this period. He was working as an agent and with the production truck since Russo could or would not explain how the matches were suppose to go or even the promos. So Cornette and the talent had to make sense of it. He was also trying to make Russo's stuff more palpable in writing meetings. 

Then Jarrett is kicked out and Russo gets Dixie to fire Dutch and Cornette so he has no filter and we start the road to Impact on Twitch. 

In Topic: The 10,000 person crowd

Yesterday, 05:44 AM

You are being intentionally obtuse. First step of shitty arguing is making up motives for the opponent. 

If someone wanted to see the Bucks taken down a peg. It would be strictly because of their attitude and being arrogant vanity searching asses. Not because they still can't do a good superkick. 

Nobody wants their vanity project to fail. Since it would hurt more people in wrestling than just the Bucks, Cody and dick flipper. 

In Topic: Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

Yesterday, 04:11 AM


JAPW booked Demolition vs. the Heavy Hitters in 2009 and Sam Roberts was doing commentary for them then...


I guess Ax got over his health condition then.


Thats what I had heard anyway back in 1990 for the reason Crush was added.


It was not a long term thing. He was wrestling as Axis The Demolisher in Global. He went back to Masked Superstar after the lawsuit.

In Topic: The 10,000 person crowd

Yesterday, 04:01 AM

I dont fucking get how any wrestling fan wants this to fail on any level. Even if you weirdly want people who are doing nothing but succeeding taken down a peg for no sane reason.

 Surely with your sunny disposition, you understand trying to find the good in a bad situation.

Nobody wants it to fail, which it will not get near ten thousand. But it will do a very strong number for an indy show. If it bombs, which is less likely than then getting ten thousand. At least people will not talk about the fake indy boom as a talking point and the Bucks will be humbled. its not good but in our current world you piss in a Mr Coffee and pray for Taster's Choice.