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The V-Spot or Doctor Victator Meets

28 August 2017 - 03:18 AM

So back in the year of our lord two thousand and twelve, I had began a podcast on blogtalk radio. I had hoped to use it to increase the visibility of my then active novel blog. 

I at first did shows on things I enjoyed with my creative partner. But then I rightfully wondered why would anyone give a shit what I think about Ninja Turtles 2, a okay in its own right movie, but not nearly as good as its first. So I decided to try to interview some wrestlers, actors, writers or anyone who would speak to me. With wrestling this was right before wrestlers started hosting shows and it all became over saturated. So I got a pretty good line up of wrestlers to talk to me. 

By 2014 I had a nervous breakdown and lost all momentum I had on anything. By the time I came back I could not even get a no thank you. 

I have uploaded different interviews to Youtube and use it for my rare new interviews. I think its okay to share the links here. 

Interview with Doug Gilbert. I am a big fan of his brother Eddie and I like Doug's work, especially as the Dark Patriot. Initially I had not intended to ask about that Lawler promo. But after  awhile Doug had been so open I decided to ask him. He was very friendly and open about it. 


I contacted Del Wilkes and he again was friendly and welcoming. We talked twice and we had a lot of fun talking about wrestling. He really gives you a look into what it was like to be a gaijin in All Japan. He also goes into details about his personal problems after the WWF without being preachy. 


I was taking a nap with my baby niece on the couch. Or rather she had fallen asleep and I was now in baby jail. My phone rings and I carefully answer.


"Is this Victor?"

"Yes sir it is,"

"This is Ivan Koloff, you emailed me about an interview,"

I had never heard his real voice so it caught me off guard. I feel like I did a poor job on this show. I should have done more research on his 70s work. But Ivan was great and gave good insights on working with Nikita, Darsow and even Vladimir Koloff. 


At this point my patience with blogtalk was drained so I prerecorded shows. 

Jason was a very polite person. But in the interview was more guarded. He seems very bitter at a lot of things with ECW. But I think you get a good insight to parts of ECW and being a preliminary wrestler in the WWF and WCW. 


I interview Shane Douglas. The first interview had to be rescheduled and he was a little late this time. Of course good old blogtalk cut us off at the end. He was very open about his career. Starting off as a prelim guy in the WWF. Working in the UWF and later WCW and of course ECW. 

I have more shows but they have not been put on youtube.