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In Topic: AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura (Last Man Standing) (WWE Money In The Back 06/...

Today, 08:59 AM

I had no idea it went 30+, would have guessed low 20s. It's a bummer that so many people had given up on the feud going in (I know I had) because this was an excellent match. I liked the dickish precision of Nakamura's offense and AJ's counterattack on the leg. And then the bombs at the end offered a real sense of finality.

In Topic: Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey (WWE MitB 2018)

Today, 12:00 AM

The beauty of Ronda's performance was she didn't allow herself a passive second. Every movement and every expression put over the struggle and drama of the match. Her work in the bear hug was next-level shit. And that's on top of her coordination and explosiveness. I'm eager to see where this goes.

Don't want to shortchange Nia either. She was very good in the hoss role.

In Topic: WWE Money in the Bank

Yesterday, 11:42 PM

Circled back to watch AJ-Nak and what a weird night for people to bag on Shinsuke. That was an excellent match with an excellent performance by him. I agree his overall WWE run has been disappointing, but he was on his game here, from the strikes to the selling to the character.

In Topic: WWE Money in the Bank

Yesterday, 09:08 PM

I appreciate the way Braun has upset the usual (boring) rhythm of the ladder match.

In Topic: WWE Money in the Bank

Yesterday, 06:48 PM

I'm missing something on Becky. People constantly praise her and talk about how the company could do more with her. But I never find her anything more than adequate.