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In Topic: Dave Meltzer stuff

Yesterday, 06:12 PM

Last week's back issue was the obit for Johnny Valentine, and Dave mentioned the last public appearance he made was for New Japan during Inoki's 30 anniversary celebration in 1990. He brought in a bunch of gajin he had classic matches with like Lou Thesz, Hansen, Andre, and Johnny was one of those guys. To my surprise he actually walked down the aisle on arm-support crutches. I was always under the impression he was wheelchair bound after the accident.

In Topic: Bruce Prichard's credibility

Yesterday, 03:55 PM

Bruce is by far his biggest though, just for the fact it got them a spot on the WWE Network. Sure, he could probably find tons of people he can do shows with but I doubt they'd have the connections Bruce has. 

In Topic: Smackdown moving to FOX

Yesterday, 02:18 PM

Yeah, there's no way Smackdown goes to 3 hours either way. 7-8 pm is for syndicated programming and 10-11 is for local news, both of those are big revenue streams for the local affiliates. If Fox messes with that, they'd have a shit storm on their hands. 


What will be interesting is that a lot of Fox stations (like mine) are owned by Sinclair. So you could be seeing ROH ads in during Smackdown in the local buys. 

In Topic: NXT talk

24 May 2018 - 08:43 PM

It kind of sucks that Pete Dunne is going to be stuck in the WWE UK half-ass territory, he really should be killing people on either Raw or Smackdown every week. 

In Topic: Harley Race vs David Von Erich 8/15/77

24 May 2018 - 05:21 PM

Flair gets a lot of (deserved) credit for being able to make the local territory star look good, but the more I see of Harley it seems he was just as good doing it as well. Hopefully the more WWE digs in the archives the more stuff of his we'll find.