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Zenjo's Top 900 of the 90's

06 March 2018 - 07:51 PM

Back in early 2012 I received my first 90's Yearbook from Goodhelmet. Having just finished a couple of the 80's sets I was used to ranking matches, so wanted to do the same with 1992 initially. There were so many great and good matches on the set, but 120+ hours per year clearly wasnt enough for me. So I decided to seek out all the good stuff I could find and really cover 90's wrestling in depth. Spending 6 years on something and watching countless thousands of matches definitely qualifies as doing things thoroughly!

Will and Charles showed the amazing dedication to complete all 10 Yearbooks for the decade. Of course I wanted to watch them all. Naturally my interest in wrestling had peaks and troughs over the period. There were long stretches of watching everyday. Other times taking long breaks from either the 90's or wrestling altogether. The last year was the toughest to make it through. But there were so many good reasons to keep watching.

Why 900 matches? I picked a rating threshold that I felt was just above high end house show level. There are handheld matches here, but they're the rare and exceptional ones. Going down to the next level would open the floodgates. After completing the first year I took a guess at how many matches over the decade would reach this standard. There are sure to be televised matches out there I've never seen that would make the cut, but it probably wouldn't take it over 1000 in total.

Each year is up there individually to start. I decided against trying to group all the 10 years together. Attempting to nitpick the differences near the bottom of the list between 80 matches of the same standard is pointless. An overall top 200 ranking will be coming later on. Everything is listed according to taping date.

Ultimately the reasons I came up with this list are: 1) If you're ranking matches then you have to focus when watching, so end up getting the most viewing pleasure. 2) I'm a total stats freak who loves to put numbers to art. 3) Having a goal kept me coming back and made me eventually finish a huge project. If anyone reading gets match recommendations from these lists then that's a great bonus. Everything below is, at the least, well worth a watch if you like that particular style or the wrestlers involved. Even if not there are some entries that defy all expectations going in.