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In Topic: WWF/WWE MOTYs 1978-2017

Yesterday, 08:01 PM

You may have misunderstood my point. 95 is bad because it had trifecta of poor drawing, poor booking and poor work rate. I agree of the three the workrate was the least of their concerns but still Bret was having GOOD just Good matches in the mid card. Shawn had long dry spells of nothing. Besides Shawn & Bret, it was really just Owen that could be relied on. I much prefer 1993 as a dark horse for great under the radar WWF workrate.

In Topic: The Sacrifice of Dennis Knight (WWF Monday Night RAW 01/11/99)

Yesterday, 05:59 PM

I remember being so spooked by "Lord of Darkness" Undertaker. Totally freaked me out as a 9 year old. To this day, I have a soft spot for this stuff.

In Topic: Stephanie McMahon and Test Wedding (WWF Monday Night RAW 11/29/99)

Yesterday, 04:29 PM

In the running for one of the most important angles in WWF. It launched not just the Triple H-Stephanie angle but their eventual real-life marriage.


I love wrestling weddings. Test is such a horrible name for pro wrestler. I mean who the hell was supposed to buy someone named Test as a main eventer. He comes out to his entrance music. LOL! I want entrance music at my wedding now. He is introduced as Test too. Vince & Steph were great. What I was surprised by was how respectful this Attitude Era crowd was. They did not boo "Together", which went on forever. :P


They chant Asshole at HHH on cue. Attitude Era crowds were not all that bad. HHH's drugs and married Stephanie in a cheap ass drive thru chapel. Stephanie screaming "I hate you." is so good. Amazing angle.   

In Topic: Al Snow and Mankind (WWF Monday Night RAW 11/29/99)

Yesterday, 02:04 PM

Al Snow is pissed at The Rock for obvious reasons that The Rock is a pompous ass but he is the People's Pompous Ass. The Rock acts like he doesn't know who Al Snow is. Al Snow does a great job in the background. Rock finds out his name is Al. Then acts like Al is not present and tells Mick to tell Al some hilarious shit. Really funny.

In Topic: Vince McMahon arrested (WWF Monday Night RAW 11/22/99)

Yesterday, 01:47 PM

This was a great angle. Vince was crazed! He was out to kick some ass. It really put over the severity of the bullshit that D-X had been pulling. Having watched a lot of wrestling, it is hard to get me pissed off. There was something about HHH knocking Vince over while he was handcuffed and that little part shot to the balls that really pissed me off. That really made me want to see Hunter get fucking destroyed. It is good that part of me still exists and I have been numbed to everything.