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In Topic: Japanese Booking in 70s-Mid 80s: Native vs Native

Yesterday, 08:47 PM

Thanks for all the responses! Some really interesting stuff!


It seems like the All Japan native vs native matches happened as part of round robin tournaments rather than feuds. Sounds Inoki dabbled in some interpromotional stuff, round robin stuff, but the first major native vs native blood feud was him against Ueda. Is that right?

In Topic: How would you have booked a babyface manager?

27 March 2017 - 08:26 PM

Three categories I think could work: Hot chick, loveable mascot type figure, hard nosed coach. I think Daniel Bryan would be a good combination of the latter two not so much the former.

In Topic: WWE TV March 20 - 26

22 March 2017 - 07:53 PM

Maryse was unbelievably great in those skits. Her selling the fake marriage proposals got funnier and funnier every time. 


In Topic: WWE TV March 20 - 26

22 March 2017 - 05:55 AM

Was at the show last night at Mohegan Sun. Wicked fun! Smackdown is so damn good now. It helped that I won the price of my ticket back with one spin of the Roulette Wheel right before the show. If I didn't have good luck, I'd have no luck at all.

USOS vs American Alpha was bitchin! Easy ****1/4they killed it. Love AA as the Neo-Steiners just tossing muthafuckas around. It was so cool watching GRONK lose his mind for those nearfalls. That false hot tag sequence ruled! One of the best I have ever seen!

Miz & Maryse HOLY SHIT was that funny! Miz as Robo-Cena was great that is a much fresher take on Cena. Cena feels like a WWE programmed Robot. So I love it. Maryse was next level awesome. Her doing Nikki & Brie was great! The DDP Yoga gag was ridiculously funny!

Only disappointment was that they shortchanged the women which is my favorite part of show.

Loved the standard HOLY SHIT SHane elbow to close out the show!

So much fun! Smackdown is on a roll!

In Topic: Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs. Akira Maeda (UWF 3/2)

19 March 2017 - 08:17 PM

Much preferred Fujiwara/Super Tiger but maybe because those are still have tinges of the pro style I love. And because I find Maeda to be boring as piss.


Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Akira Maeda - UWF 3/2/85


Can Fujiwara do the impossible can carry Maeda to a great match? Lets find out. I will say this has a big fight feel moreso than the Super Tiger matches with either guy. I prefer the Super Tiger matches, but those feel like David vs Goliath, superhero matches. Maeda for all his lameness does have an aura due to his unprofessional shoot kicking of wrestlers in the face and Fujiwara is just a badass. Fujiwara repeatedly slapping the taste out of Maeda's mouth in the first five minutes is awesome. As an anti-Maeda fan made me very happy. I thought the feeling our process here was much better. Fujiwara made this match drip with struggle when so many Maeda matches are just listless. I love how he bucked him off the side control double wristlock. Fujiwara starts to make serious in-roads on the mat so Maeda responds with the Super Tiger strategy of kicking Fujiwara in the head hard, many, many times. Fujiwara responds in the best way possible by slapping Maeda really fucking hard and then holding his head in place for some nasty headbutts. This was about the halfway point and for the next ten minutes it was pretty much all Fujiwara and it was so much better for it. He started working on the legs, but eventually got his Fujiwara armbar locked in. Maeda was getting hope spots, but Fujiwara pretty much was constantly cutting him off on the mat. It was nice to see Maeda dominated. Because of that and Maeda's rep, I totally bought in on Maeda winning. I thought the transition to the finish was a little weak as it was just a bundle of legs lock and Maeda comes up kicking. Maeda just starts roaring with those kicks. It is alternating between nasty suplexes and chokeouts. I was totally ready for Maeda to win with that Dragon suplex or a choke. Then he WHIFFS on a spinkick. Fujiwara POUNCES with a CHOKEOUT!!! AWESOME FINISH!


There was still too much downtime to call this any more than great, but hell Fujiwara did and got a great match out of Maeda! Finish was spectacular. Apparently they have a real classic in New Japan the next year. I will be watching the July 1985 UWF rematch next though. ****