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In Topic: Enzo-the Ric Flair of 2018?

Yesterday, 09:27 PM

Surely he means in regards to partying and trash talking on the mic. Not in the ring. I have not seen the video. But I can only imagine that is what he means. If it is the case of partying and trash talk, he is not wrong. So whats the big deal? I don't get why there is so much heat on this guy, but then again I don't have to work with him. I am happy to watch a pro wrestler be a pro wrestler on my screen. I am a big Enzo supporter. I don't get the backlash against him at all.

In Topic: Rick & Scott Steiner vs Hell Raisers (NJPW Tokyo Dome 01/04/93)

Yesterday, 02:57 PM

IWGP Tag Team Champions The Hellraisers vs The Steiner Brothers - 1/4/93


The Steiners lost the IWGP Tag Belts to Scott Norton & Tony Halme who were transitional champs to the newly formed superteam of Hawk & Kensuke Sasaki. The Hellraisers were the main focal point of the New Japan tag team scene throughout 1993 & 1994. Kensuke Sasaki was rebranded as Power Warrior complete with Road Warrior face paint and spiked shoulderpads. I think this was a great idea for Sasaki. Sasaki was younger than the Three Musketeers and instead of getting lost in the shuffle as those three were trying to make a name for themselves he was protected by being a Tag Team Champion for two years. Excellent booking of a young commodity. Plus they are able to utilize Hawk without Animal. This is the natural major tag team match for the Tokyo Dome as the Steiners are the ultimate Dome wrestlers and the Steiners/Road Warriors is a dream match.


I thought this was the usual great Steiner bombfest. I thought Hawk was a little clunky at times. I don't think he is as good at the Press Slam in 1993 as he once was, but it was a smart spot against Scotty Steiner's amateur background. Also I had English commentary for this match that was neither WWF nor WCW, WSW?, it was pretty annoying and they dubbed over the Japanese audio track including the sound effects so I didn't get to hear the impact of the moves, which took away for some of this. Scotty hitting a Tiger Driver and then a piledriver and Hawk popping up was just Hawk being Hawk. I think Rick Steiner and Kensuke Sasaki match up really well. They trade powerslam and belly to belly suplexes. Again, I thought Sasaki outworked his partner and did a great job going bomb for bomb with the Steiners. I just watched the match and already I forget most of the spots I just know there were a ton of sick suplexes and that Sasaki was isolated. Oh yes, Sasaki took the Steiner Bulldog, which was awesome. Then it broke down into a fracas. The spot of the match by far was Scotty Steiner taking the Doomsday Device on the FLOOR, wow, I think Hawk took the brunt of it flying over the railing. Insane spot and bump by both Scotty Steiner and Hawk. Double countout, which makes sense. Hawk & Sasaki were basically the champs for the next two years, but the Steiners were a big deal and they weren't about to job out. I think that was a big enough spot to close out the match. Big, dumb fun, I have seen better Steiner spotfests, but this is a good one. ***1/4

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Yesterday, 10:29 AM

IWGP Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers vs Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki - NJPW 9/23/92




Last title defense for the Steiners before they drop it to the all-star team of Scott Norton & Tony Halme. Nobody feels like selling in this one. It is just the Steiners suplexing and slamming Hase & Sasaki to their heart's delight. I will say they were willing to take the suplexes in return, but they weren't going to sell shit. I liked how Scotty at least switch it up using a Dragon Sleeper or STF to break up the suplex-a-thon. I thought the MVP of the match was Sasaki. That had a motor and was totally explosive during the match. He was not going to take the shit from the Steiners and he gave as good as he got. It actually got dramatic when the natives isolated Rick Steiner because Scott Steiner just decided to leave the match. Seriously, I rewound and he didn't even take a bump. He just did the middle rope Doomsday Device and decided to start selling. The finish stretch was ridiculous with Scotty hitting a terrible Dragonrana and then two more shitty Frankenesteiners. Rick hits a Steinerline to win. I like the Steiners & Sasaki more than most and this was just those three hitting insane suplexes. I liked it, but nothing I would remember. ***

In Topic: Rick & Scott Steiner vs Keiji Muto & Kensuke Sasaki (NJPW G-1 Climax...

Yesterday, 09:56 AM

IWGP Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers vs Keiji Mutoh & Kensuke Sasaski - NJPW 8/12/92


This is actually non-title. The Steiners won the IWGP tag team championships from Vader & Bam Bam Bigelow in late June of 1992 and would have two title defenses on this tour against Norton & Bigelow and Chono & Hashimoto. This is an usual native team, most of the time you will see these two tag with Hase rather than each other.


Big, big fun! Absolutely loved the first five minutes. Great amateur wrestling. Who the hell is this Keiji Mutoh and where is he everyday? He has having so much fun. This crowd was rocking. I loved the Steiners suplexing the hell out of Mutoh & Sasaki only to do their usual pose. Then the natives get back in and Mutoh sends Rick Steiner into a Kensuke Sasaki Steinerline and then Mutoh hits a wicked stiff dropkick on Scotty who tumbles through the ropes. Sasaki & Mutoh do the Steiners pose with Mutoh playing Rick and the Sumo Hall ERUPTS! I was marking out so hard! I thought the heat segment on Scotty was great. Mutoh hitting his trademark elbow and back handspring elbow onto Scotty on the floor. Sasaki showing off his strength with the Argentine Backbreaker. The stuff with the Scorpion Deathlock was great with Mutoh pushing on Sasaki when the ref was not looking. I am having so much fun. I was a bit bummed the natives just gave up on the hold and the tag to Rick was a bit lukewarm. Rick came in and just stiffed the hell out of Sasaki. That slam into the buckles was OUTTA CONTROL! Great tight Boston Crab by the Steiners who switch out behind the ref's back. Sasaki hits a big powerslam on Rick (Rick's usual feed bump to his opponent). Tag to Mutoh and shit just breaks down. Suplexes, moonsaults, Frankensteiners, you name it and happened. Steiners had invented the Steiner Bulldog yet but instead do the Steiner DDT from Rick's shoulders. Looked awesome. Super fun, crowd pleasing match. You don't see many of these in Japan and you know what judging by the crowd reaction this style could really get over. Lots of fun! ****

In Topic: Genichiro Tenryu vs Shinya Hashimoto (NJPW Fighting Spirit 02/17/94)

14 January 2018 - 10:40 PM

Buzzed OJ is great! Why don't people talk about that more? :P

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Shinya Hashimoto vs Genichiro Tenryu - NJPW 2/17/94

Tenryu is coming off defeating Antonio Inoki at 1/4/94 in the Tokyo Dome, the last person to ever defeat Inoki. So to say the stakes are high in this match is an understatement. Hashimoto is 0-2 against Tenryu and Tenryu has defeated everyone on the New Japan roster. This is about pride.

If the first one is about psychology, the second one is about selling, this one is about sheer brutal offense. When you think of Hashimoto and Tenryu, you think of stiff, violent strikes, finally we get these two letting loose and ripping into each other on all their glory. Tenryu is chopping on rope breaks and Hashimoto is throwing wild kicks. Hashimoto takes him down to work the leg so Tenryu starts throwing nasty elbows into Hashimoto's side. Hashimoto throws the nastiest headbutt this side of Regal/Finlay totally out of nowhere. He just throws two more and a big kick. Then they just start firing into each other. Tenryu chops him in the throat and Hashimoto goes down in a heap. Tenryu goes for a rear naked choke. Hashimoto breaks loose and starts in on the arm. I loved how Tenryu got out by kneeing him in the head repeatedly. Tenryu is all about brutal strikes in this match. Knees and kicks to head. He constantly peppering these kicks to the head. Tenryu goes for the lariat and Hashimoto hits his armdrag and goes back to the arm and gets a cross armbreaker, but Tenryu's foot is on the ropes. Chop back to the throat. It is just violent watching this. Again, Jesus! Bodyslam and the top rope reverse elbow gets two. This has been a WAR!

Best part of the match: Hashimoto sick and tired of these chops to throat, kicks him low. Now Tenryu drops down in a heap as if he was kicked inthe fucking balls. The ref's reaction is great. He is so pissed Hashimoto did it. But there is a chance that Tenryu is faking but the ref is keeping Hashimoto back. Tenryu up on his feet and Sumo Slaps. Tenryu brutalizes Hashimoto in the corner. Now the ref is on Tenryu's case and Hashimoto LEAPS OVER THE REF AND NAILS AN ENZIGUIRI TO THE TENRYU'S HEAD!!! MARK OUT CITY! HASHIMOTO KICKS TENRYUS HEAD OFF! HASHIMOTO THE DESTROYER UNLEASHED!

Tenryu slumped down in the corner and Hashimoto seems very pleased with his corner. I loved Hashimoto finally letting loose and just letting the kicks fly and with most of them being aimed at the head. He hits an ugly version of his leaping DDT. After trying in previous matches, he finally gets it, but cant capitalize. Seems like he had his bell rung. Tenryu Kappo Kick! RUH! ROH! Tenryu hits an enziguiri. Tenryu slaps himself to shake out the cobwebs. POWERBOMB! But Tenryu is knocked silly. He cant capitalize due to all the shots to his head. Hashimoto is back up but Tenryu chops and kappo kick. Again his head is all messed up. Tenryu goes for a DDT, but Hashimoto throws him THE FUCK DOWN with an Urnage. DONT BE BRINGIN THAT IN MY HOUSE! HASHIMOTO DDT! 1-2-NO! CMON! FINISH HIM! Tenryu starts slapping the shit out of Hashimoto, he falls into a powerbomb. 1-2-NO! WOOOOO!!! Tenryu is slapping the shit out of Hashimoto. Duck. BELLY TO BELLY! HASHIMOTO ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD! DDT! YAAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!! Chono & Hase in to celebrate with Hashimoto.

One of the best feel-good victories of all time, love these torch passing moments. They finally had the stiff, brutal war we wanted out of them. They beat the piss out of each other. Tenryu just ripped into Hashimoto with those chops. Hashimoto with the headbutts early and then those head kicks. Great Tenryu selling of the head kicks down the stretch. Amazing dramatic finish run. Hashimoto just would not be denied and Shinya Hashimoto is officially the Ace of New Japan Pro Wrestling! ****3/4