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In Topic: What If: John Cena gets fired before developing the rapper/thuganomics gimmick?

Today, 07:26 AM

This is reality I shudder to think about it and glad we don't live in.

Although the idea of Cena being endeavoured and becoming an indy super worker to eventually get back into WWE a la Bryan is something to behold.

I don't think pro wrestling is just worse off; I think the world is worse off. A really great role model for adults & children in a tough world.

In Topic: What If: John Cena gets fired before developing the rapper/thuganomics gimmick?

Yesterday, 10:47 PM

This is reality I shudder to think about it and glad we don't live in.

In Topic: Katsuyori Shibata vs. Hayato Jr. Fujita (Michinoku Pro, 12/17)

22 May 2017 - 09:03 PM

Shibata was out to humiliate the rookie, Fujita. Notice how early falls were one foot on the chest or going for a knockout. Fujita tries to head him off at the pass before the opening bell, but it look takes one slap to end that. Shibata was RIFLING him with kicks. That kick to the face at the beginning was just nasty. Throughout the match Shibata had some of the best beautifully violent kicks you would ever see. Fujita for being totally outgunned in this match, never gives up. Being Suplexed on the floor, kicked and slapped and ripped over the top rope in a sleeper doesn't matter he kept kicking out and kept trying to fight back. He gets a great hope sequence with the sleeper-German-sleeper. Loved the Guillotine Choke-DDT-Guillotine combo, but eventually another slap takes him out of it. Shibata DESTROYS him with a powerbomb and then sits in a deep Boston Crab. Shibata was out to school and punish the rookie and did just that. Fujita acquitted himself proving he could take a lickin but keep on tickin. He was even given some time to shine. Very enjoyable brutal match. ***1/2

In Topic: Kazunari Murakami vs Kensuke Sasaki (Big Mouth Loud 3/22/2006)

22 May 2017 - 08:20 PM

Very entertaining match. Sasaki murders Murakami in this. Absolutely bulldozes him with a lariat at the opening bell. Chops him over the top. When Murakami avoids the Northern Lights Bomb with a knee Sasaki goes high to the throat with the chop was that great. Corner stuff was great with the chops and lariats. Murakami's facial expressions as always are just money and Sasaki was just lighting him up. I love how once Murakami has the advantage in the corner and the ref pulls him off he is all like WTF where were you when that was happening to me and then all of sudden BOOM Kensuke just WRECKS HIM! Sasaki special armdrag takeover and Lariat win him the match. Agreed one of the best squashes ever. ***1/2

In Topic: Barry Windham vs Ricky Steamboat (WCW Saturday Night 01/09/93)

22 May 2017 - 07:40 PM

Barry Windham vs Ricky Steamboat - WCW Saturday Night 1/9/93 - US Title Tournament


Steamboat was quite the copycat in this match. Windham goes after the arm so the Dragon goes after the arm. Windham goes after the leg so Steamboat goes after the leg. Solid, meat and potatoes match. God, Barry Windham was so fucking good in 1993. A real shame that he got injured halfway though the year and it completely derailed his career because he was looking damn good. The bumps he was taking to outside were so wild but so fluid and graceful at the same time. His pinch looked phenomenal. He was stringing moves together in a logical fashion and was just on top of his game. Steamboat was selling his ass off. This is just one of those old school Southern matches that just work. Thought the weak point in all this was the transition. Nothing made you say Ooooooh Aaaahhhh, no real strong momentum shifts. Windham and Steamboat had been feuding ever since Windham & Rhodes lost the tag belts and Windham turned on Rhodes. Steamboat came out hot. Windham kicked him in the gut and unleashed a big right hand that just crumpled Steamboat to the mat. It felt too normal. Windham eventually started working on the arm and did a great job. The way Steamboat transitioned to his arm work was so unmemorable that I don't remember how he did! That's what I am getting at. Windham raked the eyes to finally break up the Dragon's arm work. Windham starts to clubber instead of focusing on the arm. He is using his length and strength advantage. His floatover suplex is a thing of beauty. He takes a bump to the outside here that is just as graceful as it is violent. Windham's gutwrench and DDT look great and loved his pin combinations. He goes for the Figure-4. Steamboat is obviously in his wheelhouse selling the leg and firing back with chops. Steamboat gets a kneecrusher and his own figure-4. Windham attacks bad leg in the figure-4, brilliant! Ref gets bumped during Steamboat's comeback, which should have had a better transition. Steamboat gets the visual pin on the flying bodypress. Windham throws him over the top to the concrete triggering DQ. Big melee ensues with Windham/Rhodes and Steamboat&Douglas (In Zubaz!)/Hollywood Blonds.


Strong work, just a really good traditional pro wrestling match needs some more highspots or a real significant momentum shift to kick this next level. Just a great showcase for how much of a groove Barry Windham was in. ***3/4