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IWGP Tag Team Champions Hellraisers vs Jurassic Powers - NJPW 7/22/93

12 September 2017 - 11:55 PM

IWGP Tag Team Champions Hellraisers vs Jurassic Powers - NJPW 7/22/93


The real question of this match is do you prefer the Ozzy or Motorhead version of Hellraiser? (Correct answer is Motorhead)


When Scott Norton first challenged the Steiners for the titles he teamed with Bam Bam Bigelow. He won the tag titles with Tony Halme (Ludvig Borga), but lost them to the Hellraisers (Hawk & Power Warrior (Kensuke Sasaki)) at 1/4/93. Then Borga ended up with WWF so he now has a washed up Hercules. The pre-match promo with Masa Saito makes Norton look badass. I actually liked the shine. It was old school Road Warriors with Hawk & Sasaki hitting the ring and kicking ass. Hawk misses a flying clothesline. Norton is effective in kicking ass throwing Hawk around clotheslining. Hercules sucks. Hawk gets a shouldertackle. Sasaki is so much better than everybody else in this match. I would say what a waste, but he is getting the rub from Hawk. Herc grabs the chain, but Sasaki bludgeons him with lariats. How the hell do you lose with a  chain in your hand? Sasaki pulverizes him with the chain. Damn! This was not the title change. Title change was a couple weeks later. Norton & Herc would successfully defend against the Hellraisers, Mutoh/Hase and then the Nasty Boys (lol!) before dropping the belts back to the Hellraisers at 1/4/94 Dome. So in essence for one year, Scott Norton vs Hawk & Kensuke Sasaki was the centerpiece of the New Japan tag team scene. How fucking weird is that?  

IWGP Heavyweight Champion The Great Muta vs Scott Norton - NJPW 10/18/92

12 September 2017 - 11:28 PM

Couldn't find the defense against Hash 9/23/92. Help a brutha out?


IWGP Heavyweight Champion The Great Muta vs Scott Norton - NJPW 10/18/92


There is no reason I shouldn't love Scott Norton, big & thicc in all the right places (he aint fat, bruv. HE JUICY!). However, I have never seen a great Scott Norton match.


Turns out since Keiji Mutoh won the championship as the Greta Muta is the champion and he defends the title. While Keiji Mutoh works the house shows. Muta defeated Hashimoto in September and this is his second defense. The big miss of the 90s is Vince not getting his hands on Muta. It would have limited Muta's brawling which is his best attribute, but I think would have helped the other parts. Muta works basically a slow WWF style. They accentuated the big man vs small man difference. Muta bumping off Norton and Norton slamming him all around was great shit. My problem with Muta is he is not fighting back. He just takes it. Then when it comes time for him to go on offense, he turns it on. Eyeclawing gets him the advantage and jeers. It was weird the first 3/4s Muta was the heel and Norton was positioned as the babyface. Once this goes to the outside, Muta is so much better. He beats the shit out of a young boy and nearly chokes him to death trying to take his shirt off. So he whips him into Norton and then gets the shirt and chokes Norton. Great Muta vs 97 Macho Man Randy Savage would have been classic. Muta is an asshole throughout his heat segment. Norton makes a comeback. HUGE LARIAT on the outside! Powerslam and he picks him up at TWO?!?! What the fuck kind of stupid move is that! It is for the fucking IWGP title. Ref gets bumped. Muta mist. Norton on ONE KNEE! SHINING WIZARD~! Sorry it is not 2001. Muta gets a spike and puts it in his boot. Knees him with it (hey Shining Wizard after all) and kneedrop. Moonsault win.


Norton looked good. No reason he cant have a great match. Someone point me in that direction. Muta still feels like an odd choice for champion. Great special attraction like an Undertaker or an Andre, but doesn't need the title and he is not having great matches on top.


IWGP Heavyweight Champion Riki Choshu vs The Great Muta - NJPW 8/16/92

12 September 2017 - 10:51 PM

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Riki Choshu vs The Great Muta - NJPW 8/16/92


It is pretty telling of how New Japan in the 90s is viewed that this is not considered a seminal match. It is not a great match, but it is an incredibly important match. Muta is the first of Three Musketeers to win the IWGP Championship and he does so by beating Choshu, the rockstar of New Japan 80s. Muta is the rockstar of the New Japan 90s in a more demonic and over the top way. Inoki at this point put charisma over everything else. Yes, Chono won two G-1 Climaxs in a row and was crowned NWA World Champion four days before, but it is Keiji Mutoh in the Great Muta gimmick that is the first of the 90s stars to win IWGP Championship. Hashimoto who feels like the heir of Riki Choshu with that badass charisma and the logical pick for the first to win gets overlooked for Muta. I think that is important to understand New Japan at the time.


This is a very typical Muta match. It is lumbering brawl with strange pacing. Muta stalls in a way that would make Larry Z frustrated. Choshu ripping his head off with a clothesline after all that was great. I think Muta by selling through not selling was great. You could see Choshu realize he was facing something un-human in the form of The Great Muta. The mist was so gimmicky for such a big title change that it felt weird. Muta was good in this brawling setting. The bulldog from the apron looked great and he wrough havoc at ringside. Choshu got his hope spots, but Muta clawed his eyes. Backbreaker->Moonsault->kickout, jeez it was already happening. Second moonsault gets it.


Not a great match. But it is a torch passing that gets overlooked between this and Chono's victory over Rude (much more acclaimed) really ushers in the Three Musketeers era. ***

Antonio Inoki & Koji Kitao vs Genichiro Tenryu & Riki Choshu - NJPW Fukuoka Dom...

24 August 2017 - 09:35 PM

Antonio Inoki & Koji Kitao vs Genichiro Tenryu & Riki Choshu - NJPW Fukuoka Dome 5/3/95


Koji Kitao has a really interesting career. He is a former disgraced yokozuna. Dude is fucking gigantic, made Choshu look like a shrimp. Anyways, he quasi-sucked, never won a tournament and had a huge attitude problem so he got banished from sumo. Only yokozuna to ever be exiled in such a way. He turns to pro wrestling, which sees logical and trains with Inoki. He gets fired because he calls Riki Choshu a slur because he is Korean. There were some heated exchanges and nobody was selling shit for the other person. Then he links up with Tenryu but had a fucking shootfight with John Tenta and screams pro wrestling is fake. So fired again. Goes to UWFi and before he can double cross Takada, Takada shoots KOs him in a match. Crazy. Eventually he settles into WAR and has a boring career, but that is some insane stuff.


I watched this match because Tenryu only had nine matches from 1995. Was he injured? What was with all the time off? This match sucked. Inoki, Kitao and Choshu were having a competition who could sell the least. At the end, when Choshu was blasting Kitao with clotheslines it dawned on me maybe it was not that Kitao was not trying intentionally to not sell it is just that he totally sucks at selling. Tenryu try as he might could not carry these three loads. This is during Inoki retirement tour. Inoki chokes Choshu for like two seconds drags him down for a two count, but the bell rings. What the fuck ever. Don't bother.

Volk Han vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto - RINGS 12/19/95

19 August 2017 - 09:27 PM

Volk Han vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto - RINGS 12/19/95


Yamamoto is on the vanguard of the new generation of Japanese shoot-style talent along with Kohsaka and Tamura. These two had an amazing match in June of 95 with an epic finish. This match does not quite reach that level, but is pretty entertaining. Han basically ripped Yamamoto's arm out of his socket with biggest double wristlock rip of all time, but see here Han cant get that. I love how Han's way to fuck with people's guard is just to cross their ankles. That is really his solution to everything. Yamamoto tried to scissor a heel hook and Han just manipulated that into an ankle cross. Really Yamamoto the figure-4 is a much better hold than a scissors and makes it hard to transition into an ankle cross. Han was in full wizard at one point he went from a gruesome cross armbreaker to an ankle cross that had Yamamoto scrambling for the ropes. I will say Yamamoto hung in there and really started to make Han worry. At first it was heel hooks and you could see Han's countenance change. Like he was getting annoyed. After needing a rope break because he could not finish a figure-4 (Han is so good at the organic figure-4) and almost being choked out. Han was pissed. He started smacking Yamamoto in the head hard. VOLK HAN SNAPPED~! Yamamoto gets a textbook over the shoulder armbar takedown and transitions immediately into a cross armbreaker. Great selling by Han, he crosses up the ankles but cant exert any pressure and he is writing... VOLK HAN taps out?!?! WTF?!?


Crazy finish. This was six months before Tamura would join, but Maeda needed a new Japanese ace so I can understand the finish. Match was great. Not nearly as memorable as the June match, but nice progression from Yamamoto and selfless performance from Han and all his classic stuff minus the double wristlock. ****