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Hey! Masacrita! Shotgun Saturday Night 1/4/97

02 July 2017 - 03:05 AM

He comes from a place where you can't drink the water. He's not much taller than my two year old daughter. Hey! Masacrita! OMG dying laughing. Sunny was so ridiculously hot here doing the Macarena. Masacrita and Mini Vader have a blowaway great exhibition. Some of the best wrestling I've seen recently. There Cornetter gets humiliated when they pants him. Awesome pro wrestling segment.

Sunny dancing on a table to close out! I need a time machine pronto

Sycho Sid Is Coming To Town: You Better Start To Cry

01 July 2017 - 05:41 PM

WWF made two Christmas Carols centered about Sycho Sid powerbombing the shit out of people and they were GLORIOUS!!! FIND THEM AND REVEL IN THE GLORY OF SID!!!!

Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Summit December 30 1996 RAW

01 July 2017 - 05:39 PM

Anti-climatic. Shawn Michaels does his sarcastic fuck you shit which is fun and fine. Bret deserves it because he is a sanctimonious hypocrite. All the Bret bullshit that Shawn is a nancy boy and poses in Playgirl is so lame. I wanted Shawn to kick Bret's teeth down his throat for going on and on. SID! YES! YES! YES! POWERBOMB THESE TWO CRYBABIES TO HELL!!! Sid is by far the coolest muthafucka on RAW. Austin is a dangerous, sadistic prick. I cant get behind that. Sid is cool. Sid/Taker/Vader brawl. Good to see Vader in the mix.

Jerry Lawler Calls Goldust "Queer" - WWF RAW 12/16/96

01 July 2017 - 05:36 PM

I have been enjoying the Karate Fighters tournament. The best part was Sunny getting DQ'd for using bubble gum to her toy on this allowed Sable to make the finals. Lawler is facing Sable in the finals. Sable has her husband, the Wildman so Lawler brings out Triple H. Lawler throws fit after he loses to a woman. They beat up Mero. Goldust saves. Lawler is confused why Goldust would care if Triple H made a pass on Marlena if he is you know...Goldust says "what?" Lawler stammers you know and finally says Queer. Goldust says No and punches him. That is how you turn babyface by asserting your heterosexuality. Lame. Original Goldust gimmick was so fucking good. Babyface Goldust was so lame.


Don't feel like making threads for the followup. Goldust keeps watching HHH's matches from the arena. Marlena is ridiculously hot. When you have Sunny, Marlena and Sable that is just an embarrassment of riches. HHH beats Mero after Mero misses the Merosault and hits the Pedigree. After being treated like shit, surprised to get HHH get the straight, clean win. Next week, HHH faces Flash Funk and again HHH has a forgettable but solid performance if it was not for connections I don't see why he got pushed. HHH clobbers Funk with the title to win but Funk still gets to hit the 450 splash. I am disappointed Lawler/Goldust only got like two minutes. Goldust/HHH brawl after HHH kidnaps Marlena caveman style. HHH throws Marlena to Mero, who is trying to stop him and Goldust runs over Marlena and Mero by accident. HHH kicks his ass hey HHH does get some heat on Goldust which he needed.


It is weird but HHH has been the most prominent of these RAWs wrestling more frequently than the main eventers and having more storyline progression.   

Rocky Maivia vs Sal Sincere - WWF RAW 12/23/96

01 July 2017 - 05:27 PM

This thread was created solely to tell everyone to watch this match to see Sunny's entrance. Damn! I MEAN DOUBLE HOT DAMN! WOW! Sunny has had her eye on young Rocky. Lots of good innuendo. Sunny is really good on commentary. In the first Rocky/Sincere match about a month ago, Sincere kissed Rocky and she said "Now Im jealous" the way she said had me laughing out loud. These two have your basic, wrestling 101 match, but Sunny kills the game here.