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Greg Valentine vs Sgt Slaughter - WWF Cap Center 7/28/84

Yesterday, 11:01 PM

Greg Valentine vs Sgt Slaughter - WWF 7/28/84


1984 WWF is a gift that keeps on giving with its loaded roster and seemingly endless combination of dream matches. Clocking in at 13 minutes, you really couldn't ask for much more from two all-time greats in a random house show setting with no angle behind them. Albano is great on the mic before the match. The Hammer jumps Slaughter but ends up being punched in the face with his belt. TIIIMMMMMBBBBAAAAAAHHHHH! Slaughter lets us know his bionic elbow is red hot because he licks his finger touches his elbow and makes the OW face. I love the 80s! Slaughter goes hard into the post. Valentine is awesome working the arm. Just great. Gorilla does his best to piss me off that it is impossible to pin someone with a half nelson/hammerlock combination while camera clearly shows both shoulders down and this is a very common Mid-Atlantic spot. He is the worst. Like the absolute worst. Slaughter makes his comeback getting knees up into the Valentine's family jewels. He tries to come off with a top rope kneedrop, but crashes and burns and this leaves him prone to the Hammer's onslaught to the knee. Now we are in Valentine's wheel house. This is when the match goes from good to awesome. Slaughter's selling here is incredible. Valentine is amazing working the knee. These two are just so in sync. This is Greg Valentine 101 on why he is one of the best wrestlers of all time. The way he switches up working the leg, how he feeds Slaughter hope spots, the nasty forearms to the face, it is all amazing. He had someone in Sarge who was totally game in selling. The hope spots finally catch up to the Hammer and leave him open to the SLAUGHTER CANON~! Sarge still selling the leg, signals for the Cobra Clutch as the crowd comes alive. Valentine pulls the ref into him for the cheap DQ. It is the 80s so the finish was going to suck, but God the match was awesome beforehand. Sarge does some great selling. This is a basic introduction into why Greg Valentine is just so damn good both on offense and feeding. Check this out! ***1/2  

Ricky Steamboat vs Paul Orndorff - WCW Halloween Havoc 1993

21 May 2017 - 11:53 AM

More heated their Clash match and these two had great chemistry. Wonderful jumps the Dragon and its on. Great opening as each is firing and Orndorff getting the best of it. Steamer takes a powder and Wonderful is all over him. Loved the Dragons missed dive from the ramp into the ring. Steamboat goes for a flying hammerlock and this begins the armwork that would dominate the match. Between this& Regal he sure loved armwork and he was really good at it. It did go for a while and started to get heel in peril. Orndorff fires up on outside and it feels like a babyface comeback. They collide on a crossbosy attempt and that levels the playing field. I thought the finish stretch was heated and well-built. Atomic drop by Steamboat on ramp looked good as did all the chops. Their go around on bridge finishing with a catapult was cool. The false finish with the crossbody was hot. Some nice flying tackles by Steamboat but he ends up flying over top rope...The Assassin who is aligned with Wonderful loads his mask and head butts the Dragon. Countout victory for Mr. Wonderful.

Solid match from two pros that was heated from start, good arm work and hot finish stretch. ***1/2

WWF & NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid - NJPW 4/21/83

19 April 2017 - 06:53 PM

WWF & NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid - NJPW 4/21/83


HOLY CLUSTERFUCK, BATMAN! I thought the Kobayashi match was bad. This had no psychology, awful transitions and weird WCW-like booking in the middle of the match. Also it is not surprising at all that Dynamite cant walk today because he looked like he broke his back about three different times in this mayhem,


I actually like their 82 match for the record. The beginning of this is not bad at all. Basic story is Tiger Mask is deadly out in the open so Dynamite has to keep him wrapped up. So Tiger Mask is supplying all the energy and highspots. Dynamite is just wrapping him up any chance he gets besides a nice missile dropkick. Tiger Mask show what he can do with this insane dive that wipes out Dynamite who hits his neck/back on the railing. Dynamite catches him coming off the top, hits the missile dropkick and then wraps him up. Basically that's the beginning, Tiger Mask goes for a high spot and usually missed and Dynamite wraps him up. I dig it. Dynamite goes for the diving headbutt, but Tiger Mask wriggles free. Good escalation. Then the match goes to Hell. Tiger Mask hits this dive onto Dynamite and Dynamite hits the railing straight on his back HARD! He topples over it. The ref calls for the bell. No countout. I was thinking wow that was sudden. I thought Dynamite legit broke his fucking back. They climb back into the ring but as if a match is not going on. Then Dynamite just attacks him. TOMBSTONE! Um ok. Ref pulls him off calls for a DQ. Now Dynamite wants to wrestle and is on the mic. Finally the ref relents. Dynamite kills him with a tombstone and then diving headbutt. In what I think may be the WORST transition in history, Dynamite picks him up puts on a side headlock and eats a Back Drop Driver. WHAT THE FUCK! I get you don't want to kill your finish. Heres a hint don't fucking hit your finish. But you don't think Tiger Mask immediately hitting the next move does not kill your finish. Tiger Mask tombstone piledriver. Dynamite too close to the ropes. HELLO! That's how you protect your finish. Tiger Mask crashes and burns on a dive to outside. Tiger Mask whips Dynamiet Kid WICKED HARD into the railing. Dynamite says fuck this noise and is going to leave I have no clue how he is standing. He grabs the bell. He headbutts the ref twice and there is NO DQ?!?!? When did I wake up in WCW?


They end this match in the most fitting way possible. Like it is the most Tiger Mask & Dynamite Kid thing ever. Tiger Mask hits a tombstone piledriver on the floor. Dynamite Kid hits a tombstone piledriver on the floor. Double countout. Fuck this match.


I blame Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask for everything.

WWF & NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mask vs Kuniaki Kobayashi - NJPW 1/6/83

19 April 2017 - 06:01 PM

WWF & NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mask vs Kuniaki Kobayashi - NJPW 1/6/83


Pretty cool that Tiger Mask was both NWA & WWF Junior Heavyweight Champion at the same time.


Absolutely night & day between this and his awesome UWF stuff, Tiger Mask is just throwing shit out there and seeing what sticks. I now understand why he gets a lot of hate from fans because there are just a lot of awkward portions in this match. People standing around waiting to be kicked. Building to a finish run and plopping into a short arm scissors. At least Tiger Mask had awesome spots to draw on, Kobayashi could not decide what he wanted to do. It was a mess that did coalesce into a hot finish run. I have no problem with spotfests at all. Tiger Mask can hit some really jaw-dropping spots. I thought his back drop driver looked crisp. His dive to the outside was totally out of control and awesome as he nailed the railing. The tombstone was great and love that as the setup for the moonsault, which missed. His kicks looked great not as good as UWF. His submissions were fine. Everything from an offensive perspective was there just not put together. Selling from each guy was non-existent and there was no consequence to moves. Kobasyahi gets a "nearfall" in the form of almost countout finish. Tiger Mask catches him and they go over the top. Tiger Mask does hit an awesome German suplex on the floor. He beats the count to win the match. The finish stretch almost makes this worth it, but the first 2/3rds is a clusterfuck.


I will say everybody must see the spot of the match, which did make me pop big time on my couch. Tiger Mask hits a backflip mule dropkick perfectly. It was insanely incredible. It really is amazing this is the same guy having those matches with Fujiwara just a couple years later in UWF.

WWF World Tag Team Champions North-South Connection vs Antonio Inoki & Tatsumi Fuji...

15 April 2017 - 05:14 PM

WWF Tag Champs Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis vs Antonio Inoki & Tatsumi Fujinami - NJPW 12/6/84 Finals of MSG Tag League


Quite the month for Murdoch & Adonis as they also have that great match with the Briscos at MSG later. The winner of this wins the MSG Tag League for 1984, the precursor to the current G-1 Tag League.


The match goes right into heat on Fujinami's arm. Just perfect for two pros like Murdoch & Adonis. Very Southern style with lots of hope spots for Fujinami but cutoffs by the heels right to the arm. Lots of playing keep away from Inoki. Really liked Adonis tackling Fujinami right before he got to Inoki. Dropkick creates separation and Inoki comes in. Wow! The crowd is red hot for him. I thought they did the wrong thing by cutting him off and cooling him down. With no babyface shine, they should have let Inokimania run wild. He hits his own dropkick and then drop toehold to get his Indian Deathlock which is super over. Is there anybody better than Murdoch at selling a hold? Fujinami comes off the top with a kneedrop. Tries to put Murdoch in the Scorpion Deathlock. Murdoch with a nice leg tieup tags out. Fujinami kicks Adonis' ass tries same thing to no avail. Murdoch hits him with a  chair and then in the head. Now the heels just start throwing bombs. Adonis bulldog. Murdoch piledriver. Murdoch rides him down, which is usually the prelude to the Brainbuster. Very weak transition to the tag to Inoki. No real struggle. Fujinami just ducked and rolled over. Inokie talks a big game but just puts Adonis in a headscissors then Murdoch attacks him with a chair. Very lenient ref. The heat segment on Inoki is great. Tons of heat because the crowd loves Inoki and North-South know how to kick ass. Murdoch hits a big reverse elbow and BRAINBUSSSSSTAAHHHHHH! 1-2-Fujinami saves. Love how Murdoch keeps wrist control as he tags out. SPIKE PILEDRIVER! LOVE IT! 1-2-NO! This really feels like North-South match to lose. They have been dominating. Huge closed fists from Murdoch. Because it is Japan we don't get as many so it is a treat to see those two. Inoki ducks and overhand karate chop by Inoki! Big pop! Tags out to Fujinami. Again would have liked more struggle to get that tag. Here comes The Dragon! He is hitting through punches and elbows. Murdoch quells him by biting him and they hit this awesome Back Suplex/Lariat combo. They are besides themselves that they have not won. Butterfly suplex still Fujinami kicks out. Drops across the top rope this time to close to the ropes. God Bless Murdoch so good at facial expressions. Huge bomb throwing match can see why this is well-loved. Jumping high knee by Capn Redneck for two. Fujinami just wont quit. They knock heads no one is better at selling that than Murdoch. Murdoch cant bodyslam Fujinami who falls on top of him great exhaustion spot. They start biting each other big pop when Fujinami does it. Tag out to Inoki. Inoki sends Murdoch packing and then whips Adonis hard so he can do his bump over the turnbuckles into the post. Murdoch vs Inoki! Huge Inoki chants! North-South try their sick double team move again, but Inoki kicks Adonis in the mush with both boots and Adonis is singing like Vienna Choir Boy now. Inoki with a snap superplex.Fujinami takes care of Murdoch. inoki Enziguiri! OCTOPUS STRETCH!!! INOKI & FUJINAMI WIN!



Tons of bombs in this so I can see why people lap this up. Didn't think had that much substance to it. Just a lot of Murdoch & Adonis kicking ass and the transitions for the tags for the Japanese team was lacking. Total balls-to-wall affair that never lets up and is never boring. ****1/4