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Sampler of Detroit - help wanted

Yesterday, 06:06 PM

So I am putting together a 60-75 minute sampler of the Sheik's big time wrestling territory for a podcast.  This isn't a territory I know much about to be honest so what are some must includes that are out there?


Thanks in advance

Wrestling with a Generation Gap 26 - The Awards Show

Yesterday, 06:03 PM

Wrestling with a Generation Gap celebrates it's first anniversary with an awards show. No wrestling to review, just a look back at all the varied stuff, old and new we've watched. And for those of you won't don't want to listen here are the results. This is just Dave, Nick and Rob voting and it only covers stuff from episodes 1-25 on the podcast.

Best OS Promotion – WCCW

Worst OS Promotion - Atlantic Grand Prix

Best Wrestler – Nick Bockwinkel

Worst Wrestler – The Many Assassins

Best Manager – Bobby Heenan

Best Commentator – Gorilla Monsoon

Worst Commentator – Dunbar from Hawaii

Best Babyface (tie) – Bruno Sammartino/The Von Erichs

Best Heel – Larry Zbyszko

Best Promo – Bruno Sammartino

Best Match – Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee

Worst Match – The Assassins vs. Bob Sabre and Bozo Brown

Best New Promotion – New Japan Wrestling

Best New Worker – Kenny Omega Worst New Worker –

The Great Kabuki (though yes we get he could not do more at his age)

Best Match – Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada

Worst Match – House of Horrors Of all the stuff we have covered, what would be your picks?

Wrestling with a Generation Gap 25 - Lawler part 2, Busick vs. Bailey - Evolve

08 April 2018 - 11:09 AM

It's the 25th episode of Wrestling with a Generation Gap where the new see the old and the old see the new. This week Rob, Dave and Nick finish their look at one of the all time greats of wrestling, The King of Memphis, Jerry Lawler. We talk about Dave's insane rewatching of Wrestlemania IV every week, Rob on WCW post Russo, Dave catches some Mid Atlantic, a bio for Superstar Bill Dundee, Lawler vs. Dundee – the longest feud in wrestling, Dundee as Mid South Booker, Memphis matches as starting slow and building as opposed to up and down, the greatest punch exchange in wrestling history?, Memphis as the last mainland US territory, LONG discussion of where this match fits in Bigelow's best, guys bouncing around too much once most of the territories folded, Dave and Nick have no clue who PG-13 was, Heyman vs. Heenan as GOAT manager talk, Rob completely whiffs on predicting the Miz's Wrestlemania match, and we watch one of the better known matches referred by long time friend of us at WWAGG Adam West (not the late great Batman)



Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee – loser leaves town

Jerry Lawler vs. Bam Bam Bigelow – Texas Death Match

Jerry Lawler vs. Austin Idol – loser gets his head shaved steel cage match

Biff Busick vs. Speedball Mike Bailey - Evolve Wrestling


Wrestling with a Generation Gap 24 - Jerry Lawler & the 2018 NJ Rumble

28 March 2018 - 09:23 AM

Welcome to the 24th episode of Wrestling with a Generation Gap and the 3rd of our wrestler profiles. This week we take a look at a man whose career has spanned five decades, the King of Memphis, Jerry “The King” Lawler. On the docket we have


Jerry Lawler vs. Dream Machine – the King Returns highlight package

Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk

Jerry Lawler vs. Dutch Mantell – barbed wire match

Jerry Lawler & Randy Savage vs. Rick Rude & King Kong Bundy.


Also some promos from the King as he expounds on a country western softball game and address racism in wrestling against the Snowman.


Then it's back to New Japan for January's Wrestle Kingdom Rumble!


A special thanks to everyone who helped me pick the matches and an apology to Dutch Mantell. I mention how awesome it would be if he wrote a book. He wrote two. I am an idiot.


Along the way we get a little on the Women's Rumble, Nick and Dave watch DDT for the first time, Rob covers Ted Dibiase's Mid South heel turn from 82, a huge Dutch Mantell bio, debate about Jerry Lawler and more “who is this guy” from Rob than at an Art Donovan reunion.



Part 2 of our look at the King comes soon. Feedback and comments are always welcome.


Wrestling with a Generation Gap Special 2 - WWE Unreleased DVD Disc Two

19 March 2018 - 05:30 PM

After a long break to allow Nick to recover from Hulkamania, we are back with another look at the WWE's recent Unreleased 86-95 DVD set, this time it's disc two.  Before hand we get some thoughts on a recent ROH/NJ show, Rob gives thoughts on the All Star Wrestling shows put up on the network, Dave believes a time travelling Hulk Hogan stole his moveset from Kenny Omega (The V Trigger), Rob tries to explain the greatness of the Macho Elizabeth storyline to NIck, who steadfastly believes Liz should have never taken his abusive self back, the great debate, what gimmick was more racist - Kamala or Akeem, quick thoughts on the PTBN's WWE greatest wrestler top 10 list, how Dave and Nick first saw many of these wrestlers way past their prime affects perspective today, and Rob explaining a ton of storylines Nick's never heard of.  All this and more on our second special (disc three to come in the summer)