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Wrestling with a Generation Gap 11, The WWC and New Japan Rumble

Yesterday, 04:24 PM

We are back with another episode of the podcast that shows new stuff to old fans and old stuff to new fans.  This time it is a visit to the island of Puerto Rico.   We see such stars as Carlos Colon, Abdullah the Butcher, Stan Hansen, the Invaders, Chicky Starr, TNT and many more.  Then it's off to New Japan's 2016 Wrestle Kingdom Rumble where Rob says "who is that guy" more often than Art Donavan asks about guys weight!  Feedback and thoughts always welcome and a special thanks to PWO member El Boricua!


Also my apologies in advance for calling Invader 3 vs. Chicky Starr a mid-card feud.  You can hear me visibly wince at my own screw up and fail to fix it on the podcast.



Wrestling with a Generation Gap 10 - Bruno vs. Larry, Sasha vs. Bailey

04 July 2017 - 08:44 AM

Celebrate the 4th of July as it should be done, with the Living Legend Bruno Sammartino. Our podcast takes a look at Bruno's legendary feud with his protege Larry Zbyszko. So many topics are covered I could not possibly mention them all but Dave and Nick fall in love with the serious, realistic nature of this feud and its' promos. The matches, other than the first, don't get as much love and I blame myself as we really go off into so many related topics. I still think this is a very fun if somewhat irreverent listen to one of the greatest feuds of all time. We also cover the first Sasha Banks-Bailey NXT PPV match as well.


A special thanks to all of the Titans of Wrestling for convincing me this was the only way to introduce Bruno and the old WWF to a new generation of fans and inspiring such love.  You are missed guys.

Wrestling with a Generation Gap 9 - The WWA and House of Horrors

14 June 2017 - 08:09 AM

In our ninth episode, Dave, Rob and Nick watch a collection of 60's-80's WWA from Indianapolis and then watch the infamous House of Horrors match from WWE. Along the way Dave explains the Jim Barnett vs. Rock Hudson feud, Rob reveals the time he was shot on as a 6 year old wrestling in his backyard, the Assassins - obscure Batman villains?, Dave and Nick debate the singing skills of Aiden English, Rob tells a story of drunkenly talking with an animatronic moose, a discussion about wrestling geography, wrestling comedy and the realization that Dave and Rob met nine years earlier than they thought. Feedback and comments always wanted.

Wrestling with a Generation Gap 8 - Shibata vs. Ishii, Montreal, Itunes & Twitter

25 May 2017 - 05:59 PM

Dave, Nick and Rob are back with more thoughts on pro wrestling old and new. First up from Wrestle Kingdom 10 it's Shibata vs Ishii then a one hour look at Montreal wrestling. On the docket, Rob tries to figure out the strong style, Eddie Creatchman entertains the gang, Nick realizes Andre the Giant is a comedy worker, Ronnie Garvin - the secret inspiration for Bart Simpson, Dave discovers the most lethal hairspray in human history and more. Feedback and thoughts always welcome!




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Wrestling with a Generation Gap 7 - Championship Wrestling from Florida and Final Delet...

08 May 2017 - 02:55 PM


The gang is back to watch a great sampler of Championship Wrestling from Florida and then Final Deletion 2. Topics discussed include Mania 33, Gordon Solie - too boring for Dave, Bill Watts playing a jerk, the funniest Dusty quote ever, Chief Screaming Chicken, Jack Brisco as the Young Lions, the biggest chop in history and a whole lot more. Please note, for some reason I could not get the audio and video to completely sync and believe me I tried. So if you have never watched this footage before, we spoil stuff 20 seconds or so afterwards. Feedback and thought are always welcome! This is THE show to start this podcast with as it's a real blast.