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Wrestling with a Generation Gap 22 - Houston & The Usos vs. the New Day

17 February 2018 - 11:44 AM

Rob, Dave and Nick go old school with tons of video footage as it's trip to Houston Texas.  On the docket
Paul Boesch vs. the Great Malenko
The Grappler vs. Ricky Morton
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Tully Blanchard
Dick Murdoch vs. Terry Gordy
The Midnight Express vs. the Fantastics
Dusty Rhodes vs. Nick Bockwinkel
Along the way we learn Nick thinks Brother Love was Jim Cornette.  We talk about the role of comedy in wrestling, generic masked gimmicks, uber violence, the debut of Rob's favorite tag team in the podcast and a battle of all time greats.
Then it's off to Hell in a Cell 2017 as the Usos and the New Day battle it out.
Comments always welcome

Crockett 81-83 - help needed on picking a good sampler

28 January 2018 - 09:42 AM

So another upcoming episode of my podcast will cover Crockett from 81-83 (no Starrcade stuff, I want to stop just before the build up to that for a later episode).   Here it's not so much not knowing about the promotion as it is there's a fairly large amount out there (and a ton more thanks to the recent network upload).  So if people had to pick say 75 minutes or so of a good sampler of the best matches, talent, moments, promos etc what are your suggestions?  I also plan on doing a separate episode watching the Final Conflict but am happy to include the build up to that.

Southwest Championship Wrestling - Best of?

27 January 2018 - 09:21 AM

Wonder if anyone around here is very knowledgeable about Joe Blanchard's old territory.  I am putting together a 75 minute or so primer on that territory for my podcast showing old stuff to new fans, and that's not one I have too much footage of or know that much about really.

Wrestling with a Generation Gap 21, Total NonStop Deletion and Takada vs. Yamazaki

21 January 2018 - 12:03 PM

It's the 21st episode of the podcast that looks at wrestling then and now.  Today we take a look back at the December TNA Impact episodes known as the Total NonStop Deletion.  On the docket is
King Maxel vs. Rockstar Spud
ODB vs. Sienna
Itchweed vs. Chet Sterling
Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Lashley
Tag Team Apocalypto
Then a look back to a Meltzer 5 star in Japan's UWF as Nobuhiko Takada takes on Kazuo Yamazaki.
On the way Dave takes over as Rob and Nick are both under the weather, love for the long lost Titans of Wrestling podcast, Rob doesn't mind a baby is wrestling but can't stand ODB, everyone gets bored as hell by Edwards vs. Lashley, 
Feedbacl and thoughts are always welcome.  The TNA stuff is audio only, UWF is video but our next 4 episodes will be a return to the video sync!

Wrestling with a Generation Gap 20 - Tito vs. Valentine, Wrestle Kingdom 9 Rumble

04 January 2018 - 08:37 AM

It's another episode of the podcast that takes a look at wrestling's past and present, introducing the new to the old and the old to the new.


On the docket this week it's a look at the very first memory Rob ever had of wrestling, the war between Tito Santana and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine over the Intercontinental Title! Then we head to Japan for the very first Wrestle Kingdom Rumble where Rob is less knowledgeable about the talent than Art Donovan.


On the docket Unfortunately due to copyright issues, there is no video footage synced with this episode but you can find these matches online or the network.


Tito vs. Valentine - MSG August 25 1984

Tito vs. Valentine - All Star Wrestling - Title Change

Tito's surgery

Tito vs. Valentine - MSG October 22 1984

Tito vs. Valentine - MSG March 17 1985 - Lumberjack match

Tito & Ricky Steamboat vs. Valentine & Brutus Beefcake - MLG April 21 1985

Tito vs. Valentine - Baltimore Civic Center - July 6 1985 - Steel Cage



And FYI there are more episodes to come, including 2 already recorded so we have defeated the Ep 20 PWO podcast curse!