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Wrestling with a Generation Gap Special 1 - WWE Unreleased DVD Commentary

16 September 2017 - 08:52 PM

Join us for a VERY special episode of Wrestling with a Generation Gap. Our first special in fact! If, like us, you recently purchased WWE's Unreleased Matches 1986-1995 collection, you might have been saddened (if not shocked) to find out there was no commentary for any of the matches. Fear not! For Dave, Nick and Rob have provided a running chat to sync with Disc 1. All of us are watching this stuff for the first time. Learn all about the many talents involved and Nick's deep rooted hatred of Hulkamania is finally explained. Dave tells more great one liners and I try to explain how main even dark matches worked and how awesome it is to finally have all this stuff released for the first time. We cover the slow decline of Andre, Rob discusses the best and worst LJN wrestlers, gushing over the insane selling of Marty Jannetty, the worst kayfabe nights of Demolition's WWF run, good debuts for Owen, Warrior, Dusty, The Powers of Pain and Bryan Adams, a bad debut for Earthquake and a whole lot more! Feedback is always welcome.


Reach us at [email protected] or tweet us at @wrestlingwagg any time!






Wrestling with a Generation Gap 14 - St. Louis, American Alpha vs. the Revival

30 August 2017 - 03:52 PM

We are back with another podcast taking a look at wrestling past and present.  Wrestling with a Generation Gap 14 is all video for our old school first hour.   This time we go to the crown jewel of the NWA, St. Louis.   Along the way we listen to Joe Garagiola, the goofiest commentator of all time, bash Nikolai, Brody and a green as grass Al Perez.  There's gushing too as Nick falls in love with Jerry Blackwell to the extent of wanting to be his gimmicked son some day!   Dave realizes he loves Kevin Von Erich almost as much as David,  Billy Robinson debuts to huge applause and an awesome tag match main!   That segues to The American Alpha vs. the Revival from NXT as Rob thinks Jason Jordon is Kurt Angle Jr. then learns WWE is playing that exact angle!  Feedback, comments are REALLY wanted for this episode!  Thanks for watching!



WWAGG 13 - WCCW and Tanahashi vs Yano

21 August 2017 - 07:35 PM

Join us for another audio only episode of Wrestling with a Generation Gap.  With more WCCW footage up on the network, I assumed this would get pulled but we should return to video next episode for the next 6!   This however is a GREAT episode and if you have ever wanted to see newer fans gush all over old footage this is it!   Dave falls in love with David Von Erich, Rob realizes he misjudged both Jimmy Garvin & Kevin Von Erich but Nick still hates those pesky Freebirds!  We also analyze whether Buddy Roberts is a superior Evolution era Ric Flair, should OMG sell for old man Fritz, WCCW's TV show as the predecessor to modern wrestling on TV and a whole lot more!  And some new school stuff starts us off as Rob gets his first look at cheating scumbag Yano!
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Toru Yano
Fritz Von Erich confronts Gary Hart to set up the Kerry Von Erich-One Man Gang Match
David Von Erich vs. Jimmy Garvin
Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine pay a visit to the Von Erich ranch
Von Erichs Pizza Commercial
Iceman King Parsons vs. Buddy Roberts – Hair vs. Hair match
Fritz, Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs. The Freebirds – DVE Memorial 1
Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair – DVE Memorial 1
Kerry & Kevin Von Erich vs. Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams – Hair vs. Hair match
As always feel free to add comments and feedback, or follow us on the twitter!

Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee - The best sought

12 August 2017 - 05:52 PM

The members of this board have been very helpful in selecting footage for me to show 2 newer fans for my podcast.  They asked to see a long running feud and have seen very little of pre WWF Jerry Lawler.


So I decided to do the King vs. the Superstar Bill Dundee.  I am looking for between 60-75 minutes of their best matches, promos, angles and moments through the decades.   What should I put in?

Wrestling with a Generation Gap 12 - Stampede and Okada/Omega II

04 August 2017 - 02:39 PM

Yet another episode of Wrestling with a Generation Gap, the podcast that's all about showing the old to the new, and showing the new to the old.  This time around Dave, Nick and Rob start off by watching Stampede Wrestling.   Such stars as Stu Hart, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Dynamite Kid, Bad News Brown, Jason the Terrible, Nick Bockwinkel and many more get covered.  Then we watch the rematch between Okada and Omega while Rob struggles to stay awake after 36 hours without a break!
We pay tribute to Adam West, Dave explains Lana and Fashion Vice, the evolution of Rob's thoughts of Jake Roberts, a broad history of Stampede, and a whole lot more
Also I have noticed some people do check these threads.  Wondering if any of you had any feedback?  Many of you who do podcasts were my inspiration to give it a shot