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Yesterday, 05:17 AM

Well, that really depends. Assuming Bischoff is still in charge he would probably still be a major hound for anyone WWF made famous, and Savage still wouldn't want to be stuck in the booth so there's a good chance that would have still happened. And now I'm wondering what the wrestling world looks like if Savage stepped into the same role Hogan did in '94...


If Savage does still come in to WCW in 94 would it still have been Starrcade 94 or maybe try to sign up for a Bash at the Beach match with Flair?


Im guessing they could have a series of 3 matches in he beats Flair at the Beach and then Flair regains the belt back at either Clash or Havoc where they have a final 3rd match to settle it at Starrcade 1994.

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Yesterday, 05:09 AM

Seems like the police is suggesting that she should be charged with battery.





What a fucking mess.


I think she is covering for him.

In Topic: Brock Lesnar to return to UFC in November?

Yesterday, 05:08 AM


Pro wrestling sheet is saying Brock does not plan on re-signing with WWE after his contract runs out after WM 34


Saw Strummer post this, nosed around a couple of MMA news sites and apparently the scuttlebutt is that Lesnar has officially re-entered the USDA drug testing pool.  It's unlikely he would do that unless he was pretty serious about going back to MMA. Lesnar's one year suspension for failing the drug test after his fight with Mark Hunt ended this past Saturday.


TalkMMA is reporting that Lenar and Heyman recently met with the UFC and as a result of those discussions there is even a chance he could fight as soon as the November 4th show at Madison Square Garden. 


The speculation among some MMA reporters is that this means it's likely that Lesnar will drop the WWE title at SummerSlam, which may mean that WWE will have to move up their time frame on the Lesnar/Reigns match they were saving for Wrestlemania.


Of course, it's all speculation.  But the facts are that his suspension is up and he has resubmitted to USDA drug testing, so it's lilkely there is some fire to go along with the smoke.



Do we really need Lesnar/Reigns at Mania again? WWE seems hell bent that they want the match but I do feel Samoa Joe destroying Lesnar and taking the belt at the last PPV would have been a better option instead. We've seen the same Lesnar scenario time and time again and a Heel Samoa Joe just destroying everyone in his way as he's been built like a legit badass UFC fighter and going through everyone until Mania seems a better choice.

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19 July 2017 - 11:40 AM

I have been checking out some WCW from the yearbooks lately and I have seen quite a bit of wrestling I haven't seen since it aired. What occured to me is how much more the pre Hogan wcw holds up compared to the nitro era. I would take stuff from the DA days over most of these lucha matches to the point where my top 100 MOTD would be totally different if I were to redo it now.


 My question to everyone is: Do you rather the DA/Sting/Vader/early 90s wcw or the Benoit/Malenko/Rey Jr etc nitro era matches ?


BTW, early 90s wcw saturday night is where it's at.


Yeah I did enjoy WCW during the early 90s alough I didnt see WCW till ITV was airing it in 1991, alough I was limited to 1 episode of Pro each week I did enjoy what I saw and really got into the Dangerous Alliance/ Sting & his buddies feud. Time we got to 93 ITV was editing more and more stuff to fit into a 40 min time slot so luckily DSF came around to showing alot more and I did like 1993 with the people that were there and I was excited about Hogan coming in and getting to battle Flair in a dream match we should have got at Wrestlemania 8 as the UK didnt get any of the house show matches.


Looking back I do wonder how WCW would have managed without Hogan & if they would have gotten the same success as there are only so many times you can keep doing Steamboat/Flair & Flair/Sting. Im guessing Sting would have had more Title runs and probably would have main evented Starrcade against Flair.


If Hogan never comes in im guessing neither does Savage.

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19 July 2017 - 11:31 AM

Was there ever any chatter about Alberto's issues or character during his WWE run?  I don't recall hearing much about him at that time.


I remember fans not liking his run when he came back as a suprise match against Cena wondering why they even rehired him.


How far back it goes Ive no idea but I think problems started from the fanbase when he won the Rumble.