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In Topic: Dave Meltzer stuff

Today, 09:28 AM

I re-subbed to Observer for at least one month.


THREE obits in the latest issue: Bobby Heenan (with more to come next week), Otto Wanz, and Ruben Juarez (Northern Express in Mexico and “The Giant Killer” in the United States).


I think every WON reader knows how sad that is while also being something to look forward to from Meltzer. As odd/morbid as that sounds, obits are the best thing he writes.


That insane bit about betting on star ratings is also in the issue.


As weird/wacky as the stupid $10.99 price is, seeing "1 Hour and 49 minutes left in this book" on my Kindle is impressive - each issue really is the size of a small book. Even with all of the useless filler (MMA crap, show recaps that are already outdated by the time they're in the WON, etc.), there's still a ton of content.


BTW, any tips for sending issues of the Observer to a Kindle easily? I remember the "Send to Kindle" add-on not working in the past because of the paywall. Right now I just copy and paste the issue to a doc file and e-mail that to my Kindle. Crude but it works. Is there an easier way though?


I think if I was going pay a subscription service where Meltzer gets my money Id prefer it to be video content similar to how WWE Network works of his Wrestling Tape collection!

In Topic: No Mercy 2017

Today, 09:25 AM

Oh, Jordan is totally getting the Rocky Maivia on purpose treatment. It's even more obvious after last night.


I don't recall Rock losing that many matches when he was a face when he came in. From memory he stood out strong in his big debut match and won the IC belt 3 months later.

In Topic: Who is the greatest booker ever?

Today, 09:23 AM


Has anyone booked for longer than Vince McMahon? 


By all accounts he has lived and breathed booking wrestling 24 hours a day for 30+ years now. His success is insurmountable. While he's had many collaborators over the years, he's always been the Ace booker. 


WrestleMania. Pay Per View. Monday Night RAW. Hulkamania. 

While Vince's success as a booker and a businessman will always be lauded and celebrated, I wonder how much of his legacy will be tarnished by his losers as opposed to his winners. Notable examples include the WrestleMania X debacle, the Triple H reign of terror in the early 00s, the Invasion, etc. I certainly think that even now he still has some fantastic ideas and plans (just look at how hot the Raw main event scene is) but the misses are certainly in large number. 



Wrestlemania X main event was very disapointing. Especially how short it was compared to the previous year between Yoko/Bret. I still think it would have been better if they had pitted a old boys vs new generation storyline where Bret battled Macho Man for the title.

In Topic: No Mercy 2017

Yesterday, 02:40 PM

Multiple endorsements of Roman by other top guys being met with loud booing just makes WWE look increasingly sad and desperate. Vince vs his own audience is the one feud Im really tired of at this point.


Personally Id have had Cena go over Roman.

In Topic: No Mercy 2017

Yesterday, 12:35 AM

I'm guessing Brock disappears until the Rumble.


No idea what they do with Braun. They kind of just destroyed him.


Alot of fans on other sites are complaining one F5 and your done same what happenned to Joe.


Id have hated a multiple kickout of finishers.


I wonder if they'll go with Braun wins in the rematch or Brock is keeping the belt till Mania.