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What If... You Kinda Hate New Japan?

20 February 2017 - 02:49 PM

This is my project to reshape current NJPW in my image WHILE maintaining roughly 90% of the things people like about it. Some people are gone no matter what; some gaijin get rotated in, some freelancers have roles increased or decreased, nothing too deranged. Maybe some liberties will be taken with hirings, but... eh. Nothing unruly.


IF you love current NJPW, please come in here and bitch my face off. Criticism is welcome as hell, even if I end up not listening to it.


We'll be starting off, obviously, with a roster clean-up sometime later today.

Generation Me vs. the Motor City Machine Guns (Full Metal Mayhem match, Final Resolutio...

24 May 2016 - 10:53 AM

This is an awesome breathless spotfest, even accounting for the occasional moment of in-ring interior decorating. My favorite Young Bucks are the Scumbag Garbage Match Psycho Young Bucks, and without any of their Kliq schtick they just find new and both increasingly elaborate and brutal ways ways to hit people with chairs and ladders. And Sabin/Shelley are far from slouches in this environment, either.


Only two table spots, neither of which is superlatively great but both very effective within the context of the match and are both as organic as such things can be, with both teams using the right strategy for a TLC match (you have to get the spots in, so make them seem like they have a point). I admittedly love two team ladder match tags but this felt particularly strong even for the genre. You might be surprised to learn that Mike Tenay & Taz are dogshit on commentary by late 2010, but oh well.