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In Topic: Obscure Japanese 90s Indies (Yume Factory, W*ING, KAGEKI, IWA Japan, Capture...

Today, 02:09 AM

IVP has them. Lynch and Alfredo have a bunch of complete shows too. There's also a lot of W*ING on Youtube.

In Topic: Any other longterm fans starting to feel alienated by the current fanbase?

21 June 2017 - 02:18 AM

What is even the best available footage of worked punches, screen quality wise? People can swoon over Florida or Mid-South Coliseum related things as much as they want, but if you can't replicate it because of modern HDTV standards and giant TV screens it's pretty pointless.


I dunno, I just watched Tarzan Goto throw some amazing punches filmed by good old high quality Samurai TV standards. He may have been hitting guys for real, but you can never know! It's part of the magic.

In Topic: ARSION (The Best Of)

20 June 2017 - 03:38 AM

Lioness Asuka/Mariko Yoshida vs. Ayako Hamada/Azumi Hyuga (9/11/01 Tokyo)


An all-star match that delivers! Everyone here works hard to have interesting exchanges, but a big part of why this match is good is, surprise, Yoshida. Watch her have really good exchanges with Hamada, put the boxing gloves to use and aswell do a mighty fine job at selling minor things most other wrestlers don't even acknowledge. She and Ayako have such high end chemistry. All their stuff is such a joy to watch, and the hierarchy keeps changing. Last time Yoshida was still a mountain for Hamada to overcome, now they are nearly equal. Hyuga and Lioness were the lesser characters in the match, but I enjoy Lioness working as King Kong, having the smaller wrestlers bounce off of her while she throws kicks at them from all angles. I actually liked Huyga less than Aska~! Altough she was technically a solid Manami Toyota-stand in. But Hyuga def. Does come with Toyota-ish moments of no-selling. Yoshida's excellent near KO selling of a Hyuga knee kept the finishing stretch from getting all too silly, and her comeback I thought was textbook example selling and then turning the tables in believable fashion. Her style helps too, and her cradle submission felt like a classic move from her bag of tricks that we haven't seen in a match this grand in a while. Very good match.


ZION Tournament '01 Round 1 (9/22/01 Tokyo):

Azumi Hyuga vs. Rie Tamada


A first round match that delivers! This was def. Joshi match and had some popping up from german suplexes, but I was still impressed with Hyuga. I thought she did a pretty good job working as the higher ranked woman here. After Hyuga's opening barrage of offense, Tamada catches her in a Figure 4, and Hyuga actually sells her legs a bit allowing Tamada to look quite good and get a competitive match. Not a mindblowing match or something but for a throwawy 8 minute bout it's on the mark.


Mikiko Futagami vs. noki-A


GAMI... sigh. What happened? GAMI was so uninterested here. Miss nokia kept catching her with armbars, breaking her grip, and she just laid there, as if this was AJPW or some shit. This had 2 or 3 nifty moments of noki-A submission counter works, but was dull and uninspired otherwise.


Mima Shimoda vs. Michiko Ohmukai


This was Shimoda doing RVD-like chair spots, and Ohmukai waffling her with kicks and punches in return. I liked the Ohmukai kicks and punches, didn't like the Shimoda ECW shit and Mita interfering into the match. Also match had the wrong winner in a bullshit finish, adding to my dislike.


Mariko Yoshida vs. Ayako Hamada


This felt a little mailed in early on. Mailed in Yoshida is still pretty good, mailed in Hamada can be slightly dull if you've watched a lot of her stuff. However, the match picks up good for the finish. Really liked how Yoshida would get rocked while blocking Hamada's kicks, and her tagging Hamada with punches before finishing with a kick to the face was pretty sweet. Match wasn't bad, heck for most wrestlers this would be a quite good match. I guess it shows what I've grown to expect from this matchup.

In Topic: Chikayo Nagashima vs Meiko Satomura (GAEA 01/08/99)

19 June 2017 - 03:11 AM

This match was totally rad, stylistically. It reminded me a bit of the late 70s/early 80s AJW matwork and lucha-borrowed moves, mixed with modern spots, so that was of course awesome. I really liked the simple Johnny Valentine-ish spots here especially Satomura's vicious neck crank where she drags Chikayo across the ropes or the legbar and headlock that forced a rope break. People forget how innovative the 90s GAEA crew could be and the counters like DVB into the crucifix armhold along with general stylistic experimenting mixed with the selling were a reminder of that. Pretty boss match between the greenhorns.

In Topic: Questions about Rikidozan Memorial Show 1996

18 June 2017 - 02:42 PM

Ditch's website has the top two matches for download. The Tarzan Goto vs. Takashi  Okamura (reckless karate kicker) match sounds fun too.