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Super Raton & Super Pinocho & Super Muneco vs. Mr. Condor & Gallego & R...

23 November 2017 - 04:54 AM

It says a lot about me that this was one of the few 2017 wrestling matches that I could stomach or care to watch. Yes, this sluggish in parts and largely consists of appealing to the crowd. Super Muneco looks really bad, but then,  that dude always sucked, and Raton and Pinocho are still absolute workrate machines.


Something that is often misunderstood: Formulas don't have to be boring. Yes, you know roughly what's gonna happen, that there will be lots of technico shine and fooling the rudos here, but these guys all have so much stuff they can do and mix up you never know what's exactly gonna happen. So any unexpected turn and twist of events ends up adding to the enjoyment and contributing to the structural whole.


Mr. Condor is hilarious in this match, bumping himself and pinching Pinocho in the nose as a dick move. Gallego has a really nice slap and headbutts. Raton is fat as fuck but can still spin around into armdrags and Pinocho is a damn maniac, has always been. Rocky Santana is still referred to as the Mexican Onita in 2017. Yes they're all fat and OLD~! but still able to engross their audience with the same tricks as 27 years ago. I rate this 6,26 stars.

Internationale Berufsringkampf Agentur

22 November 2017 - 04:32 AM

Based in Hamburg, Germany, the IBA (Internationale Berufsringkampf Agentur) vows to bridge old school european wrestling between the 80s and 90s. Having signed top tier wrestling talent from more than 12 nations, the goal is to run a series of events across the surroundings of Hamburg and Lower Saxony. A variety of prizes lure the aspiring wrestlers to make their mark in top notch wrestling contests and tournaments for the entertainment of the highly educated and critical local german audience.




IBA have introduced a unique ruleset which functions as a hybrid between european and international wrestling styles. Matches are 2/3 falls (with the exception of some preliminary and special contests), KO may end the match immediately. Wrestlers may receive yellow or red cards for lesser or greater fouls. Special stipulation matches may be granted upon request to the matchmaker.


Official Roster




Steven Regal (England)
Tarzan Goto (Japan)
Headhunter A (Dom. Republic)
Headhunter B (Dom. Republic)
Greg Valentine (USA)
Franz van Buyten (Belgium/Germany)
Kim Duk (S. Korea)
Tom Magee (Canada)
Klaus Wallas (Austria)
Indio Guajaro (Colombia)
Canek (Mexico)


*Per special agreement, Headhunters will both represent Dominican Republic and F. Van Buyten will represent both Belgium and Germany,



Masayoshi Motegi (Japan)
Emilio Charles Jr. (Mexiko)
Mile Zrno (Croatia)
Franz Schumann (Austria)
Blue Panther (??????)
Lightning Kid (USA)
Marty Jones (England)
Dave Morgan (Wales)
Jörg Chenok (Germany)
2 Cold Scorpio (USA)
Terry Rudge (England)


*per special agreement, Middleweights may move up to heavyweight division upon request


Trainee: Markus Buchholz (Germany)




Ring Announcer: Manfred Koch
Head Referee: Mick McMichael
Matchmaker / Spokesperson: Peter William
Promoter / Spokesperson: Sven Hansen



Business will pick up soon.

Bert Royal & Vic Faulkner vs. Masambula & Honeyboy Zimba (WoS 6/6)

17 November 2017 - 05:14 AM

Interesting tag which was fairly luchariffic. These guys clearly  had a routine worked out, and they wrestled smooth as butter. I dug Royal alot as he always does nifty technical stuff, Faulkner on the other hand could never get his stupid grin off of his face. The Black Knights - Masambula and Honeyboy Zimba  were pretty solid too. Obviously Masambula's charisma was the center, as he has mad presence, but he also did a lot of wrestling. I liked that while it was acknowledged that Masambula was a bit of a comedic, he had no problem going on the mat and  piledriving Faulkner out of nowhere. I also loved Walton pointing out Faulkner is too short for the arm lever to work. Zimba saves the biggest highspots until the end when he does his awesome kip ups. Match didn't develop a ton of intensity or high end work but it was a fun look at this kind of entertaining good time british match.

Masashi Aoyagi vs. Gokuaku Omibozu (WYF 3/20)

16 November 2017 - 12:55 AM

This was a match I was 50/50 on, as it was a pretty damn great Aoyagi performance vs. a really dull Miura performance. Miura sucks and has no clue and he dominated much of this match, wondering what to do, showing more confusion than aggression. He worked over Aoyagi's leg for the match, and there were a total of 3 interesting things he did: a) trying to moonsault the leg B) headbutting the leg and c) removing Aoyagi's knee pad. Aoyagi's selling and comebacks on the other hand were just awesome. I have no idea how Aoyagi learnt to sell this well, but he understood perfectly how to dish out devastating kicks while also hobbling arround and collapsing looking very anguished on his bad leg. He also brought out the stiff punches for this one. Easily his best performance from WYF, but wasted on a slug. What's with Aoyagi getting shitty opponents in his own fed?

Hitamaru Sasaki vs. Mount Aso (Kyushu Pro 9/14)

06 November 2017 - 01:54 AM

I must have gone insane, because Kyushu Pro is the last wrestling company in the world that still interests me. ASOSAN has the goofiest mask in the world, but holy shit this dude can work! This was really fun, plenty violent indy wrestling. I really liked the simple opening, with Aso working a basic headlock and really trying to pop little Sasaki's neck, then following up with elbows to the back of the head and neck. Then Aso goes on to just crush Sasaki with nice looking punches, awesome judo throws and lung-squishing sentons and sumo palm strikes. Sasaki, for a guy who wasn't very memorable previously, looked shockingly good selling here, and I really liked his constant leg kicks. He was suffering a bit from 2017isms here or there, thigh slapping and whiffing on a Shining Wizard (he realized that sucked too and just kicked Aso in the head), I also really liked his big slap combo. Aso's jab to the throat was such a simple, violent comeback spot too. This was mighty fine 15+ minute match that works because they kept it simple, always building to a powerbomb or piledriver, and had the selling in place to make the asskicking important.