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Tarzan Goto/Jun Kikuzawa vs. Shinichi Nakano/Masayoshi Motegi (WDF 8/9)

22 June 2017 - 08:23 AM

This was another piece of fucking great pro wrestling. This was not quite the same chaotic, savage massacre as the previous Goto vs. WDF guys tag, but more of a great southern style tag. Some really fun back and forth wrestling early on which was damn cool to see from such a fat guy as Goto, before Motegi ends up suicide diving right into a Goto chairshot (did I mention Motegi is actually awesome?) which sets up the heat section of Goto again mercilessly fucking up Motegi with various foreign objects, including drilling his face with an umbrella. Motegi screaming for his life while Goto was stubbornly trying to crack a beer bottle over his head before he just breaks it and carves him up gave the whole thing a Hillbilly slasher movie feel. Goto has fucking great punches, too. It all builds very well to Nakano getting the hot tag and in turn messing up everyone with his simple, violent offense. Aside from Goto being awesome you also had the future Kikutaro who at this point was a fun fatboy wrestler that gets messed up by the veterans for being a newbie, at one point Nakano just grabs him and drills his face with knee strikes. Really well worked match that blends southern psychology and japanese hierarchy thinking.

Masashi Aoyagi & Gokuaku Umibozu vs. Shinichi Shino & Rikio Ito (WDF 7/16)

22 June 2017 - 08:21 AM

Gritty, seedy, blood-drenched fight. Umibozu was Aoyagi's face painted buddy and not afraid to potatoe someone with kicks. Rikio Ito is this roided wannabe Roadwarrior and a pretty terrible wrestler, but this kind of match anyone can do. All you need to do is throw stiff potatoe lariats and work the cut. At one point Ito grabbed Umibozu and tried a spinning Powerbomb where I was sure someone was gonna get badly injured. Shinichi Shino, for a W*ING nobody, looked a decent heel, and Aoyagi was more like the Aoyagi you all know. Aoyagi and Umibozu bleed and fight back with stiff kicks and punches, eventually Aoyagi takes off his belt and starts strangling Ito while Umibozu is stabbing Shino in the head while pulling his hair as if he was trying to scalp him. If a karateka vs. Garbage wrestler match that turns into attempted murder sounds good to you this is your match.

Takashi Okamura/Masaaki Mochizuki/Yoshikazu Taru vs. Kamikaze/Hiroyoshi Kotsubo/Masakaz...

22 June 2017 - 08:20 AM

This is an elimination match and the conclusion to the awesome series of matches these two teams had in 1997. It was a little more deliberate and not quite as crazy as the other two matches, but still delivers when it comes to dudes getting spin kicked in the throat. This time the karate guys started some 3 on 1 attacks which is pretty intense when you think of 3 off the chain karate punks launching reckless kicks at the same time at you, and there were a few bits of actual matwork that had KAMIKAZE looking shockingly decent. The weak point of the match was a longer section where Kotsubo was the focus and that dude kind of sucks, he even drew some boos and gave that section of the audience the finger (I assume all the karate fans were sitting there), along with this pouty facial expressions, as if he was thinking „Yeah I know I suck, but I'm fighting for my life here, if doing shitty takedowns prevents me from getting kicked again I'll keep doing them“. The last 1 on 1 section felt suitable great and a worthy ending. These 3 vs. 3 elimination tags work perfectly even with limited wrestlers in them, why is no one doing them anymore?

Azumi Hyuga vs. Carlos Amano (JWP 2/23)

21 June 2017 - 06:40 AM

Great little match that takes place in a tiny little hall in front what looks like 40 people, filmed with one cam. You know a match is gonna be good when it starts it with them ramming their heads into eachother. Amano had some nice explosive moves early on including a great deadlift back suplex before they slowed the match down with grinding matwork. I thought the JWP ace Hyuga being able to control in parts before Amano slowly got the better of her using her grappling skill was really well done, as Amano has these crazy twisting flash submissions making the moments where she catches Hyuga extra off-guard. Also, Hyuga came into the match with a bandaged knee that was an obvious target for Amano. All the stuff of Hyuga evading Amano's leg attacks was really good, and once Amano closed the distance her legwork was pretty great too. At one point she just rammed into Hyuga's knee with a running boot, and her double stomp right to the joint drew an audible reaction from me. Hyuga aside from one brief fuckup did very well here as her fastness and slickness is entertaining to watch, she did an admirable job selling her knee too altough she Supergirls it a little right before the finish. Really cool match that stayed in the ring and never went into overkill while going well over 20 minutes.

Obscure Japanese 90s Indies (Yume Factory, W*ING, KAGEKI, IWA Japan, Capture etc.)

19 June 2017 - 02:37 AM

So I want to start this thread by declaring that Wrestle Dream Factory/Yume Factory (the fed of Masashi Aoyagi and Motegi) was fucking awesome. I've watched all the Samurai TV airings from 1997 that I could find and the shows were a blast to watch as a mix of fun, stiff undercard matches that had sleazy dudes potatoeing eachother and about 2 great matches per show. Chaotic karateka vs. wrestler matches, blood, stiffness, hatred and Yoshiaki Fujiwara, this fed had it all. I'm mainly starting this thread to ask about how we can get more Yume Factory because Lynch only has a handful of discs and this stuff is gold. Basically the world's greatest Ersatz-WAR.


So that got me thinking about all those forgotten Z-level indies like Yume Factory, W*ING, Kageki, IWA Japan, Capture International etc. I know next to nothing about most of those. I get that back then AJPW and NJPW junior were all the rage so people didn't care as much for these sloppy indy guys. Those feds had interesting guys like Tajiri or Akitoshi Saito kicking around. Also, one thing I noticed is that in current indy wrestling, most wrestlers tend to be skinny and handsome, while then wrestlers usually were tubby and ugly. I wonder how those factors affect working ability.


It got me wondering that if even a fed like Yume Factory that barely draws 500 people into Korakuen Hall can produce awesome matches and feuds, there might be other cool stuff that was lost to time. I know there are some old geezers on this board who used to watch that stuff.