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Black Shadow Jr. & Climax vs. Difunto I & Difunto II (WWO 10/31/1996)

Today, 03:46 AM

Really fun classic lucha formula match. Arena Mexico stuff can get a little cerebral and choppy here and there, so it was nice to see 4 guys stretching out in front of an appreciatve Tijuana audience. Difuntos have a really awesome cartoon villain look with shoulder spikes and skulls, while Black Shadow Jr. has that Scott Steiner sunken chest and seedy old luchador charisma, and Climax with his shirt and suspenders looks like a regular dude who put on a mask and walked into the ring. Black Shadow Jr. was perfectly good as your old guy with his working boots on, hitting some really nice armdrags, trippy flying headbutts and a solid punch. In between the exchanges the Difuntos do every bumbling idiot spot in the book. While this was a formula match through and through I really liked that you honestly couldn't tell when the rudo beatdown was gonna begin. Once the Difuntos start bringing the beating you get Climax selling the fuck out of his leg. The technico comeback is great fun too with Shadow Jr. spitting and Difuntos getting their heads banged and thrown into the chairs. The finish is a riot too and the crowd eats all this up. This is a rare lucha show with good audio so you can actually hear how the fans respond to each individual spot and by the end everyone's cheering loudly. The first fall had some genuinely excellent work and all the shtick all worked like a charm. Textbook lucha match, not something you'd seek out on paper, but I enjoyed it a good deal.

Shodate banned?

Yesterday, 09:17 AM

Why? He made a lot of very interesting posts. His Top 250 of the 90s matchlist alone has made him a Top Poster for me right now.

Akira Hokuto & Toshie Uematsu vs. KAORU & Kiyoko Ichiki (GAEA 1/19/97)

20 March 2018 - 12:18 PM

This was #245 on our friend shodate's list of the Top 250 90s matches. Good thing because otherwise I probably would've never watched this. This was fantastic and instantly became one of my favourite joshi matches of the year. Lots of cool uncooperative exchanges throughout, and the match told a good story. You had Hokuto being two classes above both opponents (and making that very clear), Uematsu refusing to back down and wrestling a class above hers, and Kaoru and Ichiki trying everything to gain the advantage and topple their opponents. There were some basic spots such as biting, stomping eye rake or hair pulling toss which felt really violent here. There was also plenty of awesome receipt spots, especially whenever Hokuto felt disrespected, she would step up and show who's boss usually by booting someone in the face. There was also plenty of head droppin death moves and crushing diving attacks. Despite that the match didn't feel like overkill and ended at just the perfect spot. Little weak transitions here maybe, but yeah all things considered I enjoyed the hell out of this.

Antonio Inoki vs. Lou Thesz (NJPW 10/9/75)

18 March 2018 - 09:12 AM

Damn, I didn't expect to enjoy this so much. In his prime Lou Thesz would cheapshot Rikidozan and stall, but here, he's going after Inoki like a killer, including dropping him with one of the most vicious backdrops ever seen. His holds look so vicious, and the match was both pretty slick and high resistance, which made the super basic holds here very rewarding. Thesz isn't exactly Negro Navarro, but his reversal into the STF attempt was one of the most graceful moves I've ever seen. Also, his bumping was still damn good - take note how he would whip himself into the mat each time Inoki sweeped him. Then you also get Thesz punching Inoki in the mid section a bunch and both guys using nasty back elbows on the ground. Hence, the match did at no point look like an exhibition. Inoki was along for the ride, but a good enough foil for the old fox. Really enjoyable maestro's match with a cool opening and finish.

Antonio Inoki vs. Tiger Jeet Singh (NJPW 6/26/75)

18 March 2018 - 09:11 AM

Long 2/3 falls match. Unusual beginning as Singh breaks clean and wants to wrestle! It doesn't go well for him though and so he ends up doing the same old cheating tactics like in every other Tiger Jeet Singh match before Inoki catches him with a quick pin combo. The 2nd and 3rd have Singh working over a bloody Inoki with nasty looking finger to the throath chokes and Inoki firing back with his awesome punches. Do yourself a favour and skip the first fall if you wanna get to the bloody meat.