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Blue Wolf vs. Minoru Suzuki (NJPW 8/8)

Yesterday, 02:42 PM

BLUE WOLF. I find mongolian pro wrestlers to be sorely unheralded on the internet. This was a really good match built around power vs. skill. Most wrestlers when matched up with a guy like Suzuki pretend to be helpless on the mat and go for the ropes, but Blue Wolf wasn't one of those guys. He brought the fight right to Suzuki and wouldn't let Suzuki get away with his usual bullshit. Man, Wolf was a fucking great babyface, and thus Suzuki's uncooperativeness actually added to the match. It lead to some damn good exchanges on the mat and a few really interesting bits as Suzuki was forced to try different approachs than his usual spiel. It leads to a unique and brilliant finish. Blue Wolf, a fighter till the very end.

Super Shisa/Ryo Saito/Kenichiro Arai vs. Susumu Yokosuka/Genki Horiguchi/Darkness Drago...

28 March 2017 - 12:22 PM

This was a good trios match. The highlights were the opening Genki/Saito matwork, Shisa's highspots and all things Kenichiro Arai who is such a cool character. The Toryumon crew couldn't touch the 90s M-Pro guys and you could tell that they were more interested in putting together finishing stretches than the body of the mat (the rudo work in this match was pretty average), but this was in the 90s M-Pro style and a very fun, fresh take at it.

Shuji Kondo vs. SAITO (Toryumon 10/28)

28 March 2017 - 12:00 PM

Cool 7 minute match built around swank technical stuff. If Dragon Gate still has matches like these I'd really like to know about them. Kondo does some surprisingly nifty submission stuff and SAITO has some impressive swanky headstand moves. Some moves were a little slow, altough in their defense they were doing pretty intricate stuff and things didn't get exhibition-y.

Blitzkrieg vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (WCW 2/8)

28 March 2017 - 04:26 AM

Blitzkrieg gets to look damn impressive in his debut against Rey. Some awesome, high precision moves here. The announce team was working hard to put Blitzkrieg over as equal to Rey. He was close when it came to athletic moves, but you could tell he didn't have a great understanding of selling. Still Rey carried him well and both guys came out looking great in this bout.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Billy Kidman vs. Psychosis vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (WCW 1/17)

28 March 2017 - 02:12 AM

This was a very good popcorn match with a ton of sick moves and bumps. It was even psychologically interesting, as the heels didn't want to exert themselves and targeted the faces, while Rey and Kidman initially worked together. However, soon it was chaos and nobody cared who the legal man was anymore. Also, the commentators didn't know that it was First Fall Wins, so tried to explain guys breaking up pinfalls by them not wanting their winning chances decrease. Man, Kidman pulling Juvi by the hair getting a bigger reaction than Psicosis' insane bump to the floor is telling that these guys didn't have the most efficient understanding of crowd pleasing. Maybe Psicosis just likes crashing on the floor, it wouldn't surprise me. I also liked how violent some of the pin breakups were.