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End of split brand PPVs

13 February 2018 - 10:06 AM

A friend of mine is going to Backlash in May and just got an update that it will not be a Raw PPV, but feature both Raw and Smackdown. Seems like this may be the end of the split brand PPVs at the moment.

The Best There Ever Was

02 November 2017 - 04:18 PM

My wrestling podcast debuted today!


It's called The Best There Ever Was, and the goal is to use wrestling's greatest matches to discuss our relationship as fans to the sport. What creates those emotional connections that keep us coming back?


The first season is all about Hall of Famers and their greatest matches, with future seasons planned covering a range of other topics (the next season is Greatest Rivalries). The episodes run about an hour each - so it's a deep dive, but not always a complete one, on the wrestler's career and the focus match. Again, the focus is on the experience - how a match makes you feel and why you love it.


Most of our guests in the first season are my friends from the NY comedy community, which has an amazing amount of wrestling fans, but we're looking for a range of guests. If anyone here enjoys the show and has an interest in being a guest, let me know - we tape live in a studio in NYC on weekends.


Looking forward to hearing thoughts - the show is of course still a work in progress, although I'm pretty pleased with how the first batch turned out.


Episodes here (or search The Best There Ever Was on Stitcher, iTunes, etc.)