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In Topic: WWE Network... It's Here

Yesterday, 02:02 PM

I'd be willing to bet that they have a drama already in production and they just want to use the survey to make these seem like popular demands to investors. Same with airing footage from other companies etc. Just a hunch. 

In Topic: Ric Flair (sigh)

Yesterday, 08:15 AM

Along the lines of the JR threads, I sorta wish we had a different Flair thread (sigh).


Seems like this will be a net positive for his life.

In Topic: Who's your Boy?!

Yesterday, 08:07 AM

Duke "The Dumpster" Drose was universally panned as a terrible gimmick, and rightfully so, but I thought the guy working the role held his own in the ring. I recall him looking good out there with Hunter among some others, but it was obvious from the getgo that the character was a flop. Part of me really really wishes he had a comeback during the Attitude Era so he could've smashed some trash cans in the Hardcore Division. Ahh, what could have been!

In Topic: WWE Network... It's Here

20 September 2017 - 03:00 PM


House Shows: For the first time ever, get a live, ringside view of select WWE house shows

TNA: Historic and new programming from TNA / Impact / Global Force Wrestling

Ring of Honor: Historic and new programming from Ring of Honor

TV-14 In-Ring Show: A “new” weekly version of ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) or other “edgy” new promotion rated TV-14  

Audio Channel: A section of WWE Network for “listening only” that provides audio play-by-play of pay-per-views, music playlists, “sports radio” style call-in shows and podcasts  

Other Promotions: Historic and new programming from ICW, PROGRESS, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, or other regional Indie promotions


Social Viewing:  Set up a “movie theater mode” to watch virtually with friends or participate in a live event on Facebook where you can chat with other fans


Ratings / Comment System:  Ability to “rate” shows or matches (e.g. 0 – 5 stars), add comments, or mark “favorite” moments


Social Sharing: Ability to share playlists, clips, or favorites on social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)


Personalization: Ability to create custom playlists and change the look and feel of your WWE Network interface with options that represent your favorite WWE Era and Superstars


These are all decent ideas but none of them will translate into new subscribers. 


A TV-14 program is something they should probably test the water with, just please not an ECW reboot.


WWE attempting prestige drama is so far removed from what they really need to be at this point, so obviously that's what we're gonna get.

In Topic: Starrcade is back

19 September 2017 - 10:23 AM


I figure if they are going to put the effort to bring back a classic PPV name, it's at least going to be a Network Special. I mean, if they don't do that much what's the point?

To work people into thinking that a regular house show is suddenly a REALLY BIG DEAL because they gave it a name instead of just having it be part of whatever the tour name is at that time. Judging by the internet reaction that's worked quite well.



Right, this is the same reason they did a title change at MSG a few months back.