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In Topic: Is TNA the worst wrestling promotion in history?

Today, 11:03 AM

Ironoc as they've already been taking an L for years.

In Topic: Guys who were with the company far longer than you remember

Yesterday, 06:51 AM

Of course it's old news now, but it really got me when I realised Tye Dillinger had been with the company since late 2005. Thirteen years!

In Topic: Bryan Danielson vs AJ Styles

16 June 2018 - 04:14 AM

AJ Styles is good but I don't think there's anywhere close to being an argument here.


Bryan has him on week-in-week-out performance and the more impressive list of carry-jobs. Moreover, Bryan has far more high peaks than AJ does - not to mention AJ's best match (vs Suzuki) was good because of the performance Suzuki gave. I do think Bryan is more formulaic and he rather adapts opponents to his style than adapts his style to his opponents but Ric Flair ended up being GWE #1 and he's more egregious in that regard.

In Topic: RAW stays with NBCU for 1.35 billion/5 years

12 June 2018 - 02:10 PM

Speaking of kid-oriented wrestling, whatever happened to Saturday Morning Slam?

In Topic: LA Park is the King of Lucha (aka 2018 is weird)

12 June 2018 - 02:00 PM

I guess you could point to inconsistency over the years, but is Park the best brawler of the past 20 years? Who am I forgetting?

I'd take Butcher and Black Terry over LA Park in terms of grittiness and true to form brawling, but Parka is the most consistently entertaining. There's something about his dickbaggery to referees that cracks me up every time.

Sangre Chicana could also fit here, no?