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In Topic: Poll: Favorite match in the Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid series?

15 March 2018 - 11:41 PM

I went with 8/5/82 pretty much for what was said about it being the best showcase of both guys' skills and their dynamic. I do think recent-ish criticism has focused way too much on the spots without giving proper credit to the story underlying the spots. Sure, you can point to Fujinami and Hamada matches that had similar spots to what Tiger Mask did, but that misses the explosiveness and sense of unpredictability with which he executed those spots. I think it was that aura of Tiger Mask of someone who was a freakish athlete almost resembling an animal more than a man that really makes the matches stand out more than just the stunts they did. Dynamite Kid was a great opponent for Tiger Mask for how he was a great athlete who, though clearly a step behind Tiger, had the viciousness and willpower to make up for his shortcomings. Last I watched them, I remember the matches didn't even feature a whole lot of big spots and it was mostly filled hard-fought matwork and rough brawling. 

In Topic: All Time Dream WWF Super-Card

13 March 2018 - 11:12 PM

All-Star Survivor Series Elimination match:

Hulk Hogan (1985), Andre the Giant (1981), Bruno Sammartino (1970), Roddy Piper (1985), Randy Savage (1987) vs. John Cena (2007), Undertaker (2007), Batista (2007), Rey Mysterio (1995), The Rock (2002)


WWE vs. WCW Championship

Stone Cold (1998) vs. Goldberg (1998)


Hell in a Cell

Bret Hart (1997) and Owen Hart (1997) vs. Vince McMahon (2003) and Shane McMahon (2003)


Knockout or Submission only Intergender Elimination match

Brock Lesnar (2012), Ken Shamrock (1991), Bob Backlund (1994), and Sasha Banks (2015) vs. Daniel Bryan (2009), Cesaro (2009), William Regal (2005), and Asuka (2012)


Special Singles match:

Eddie Guerrero (2004) vs. Shawn Michaels (2004)


Hardcore match:

Mick Foley (1995) vs. Dean Ambrose (2010)


Tag Titles:

AJ Styles (2016) and Shinsuke Nakamura (2016) vs. Chris Benoit (2002) and Kurt Angle (2002)


Women's Title match:

Charlotte Flair (2015) vs. Chyna (1999)


Intercontinental Title:

CM Punk (2011) vs. Ricky Steamboat (1987)


Money in the Bank Ladder match

Shelton Benjamin (2008) vs. Jeff Hardy (2008) vs. Mark Henry (2011) vs. Terry Funk (1997) vs. Edge (2001) vs. Christian (2009)

In Topic: Is TNA the worst wrestling promotion in history?

05 March 2018 - 07:05 AM

If you watch the replay in slow motion it looks like Sami was aiming for the middle of the chair at first but Eddie moving the chair led to him hitting the top part before the bat quickly bounced off and hit Eddie in the head. A poorly thought out and unnecessarily dangerous spot, but I don't think Sami deserves the heat for it.

In Topic: Proposal for 2018: Match Review Trades

05 March 2018 - 03:15 AM

Haven't been active in a few weeks and haven't gotten any matches from people I've been matched with, but count me out of this for me.

In Topic: my ***** match list

27 February 2018 - 12:42 AM

Love this list. Lots of unconventional picks I haven't seen and other stuff I've watched that doesn't get enough love. Always good to see someone into the Kana/Yamamoto vs. Ikeda/Shuri tag.


Had no idea Misawa/Akiyama vs. Kobashi/Ace happened on 2/20/1998. I've only seen their RWTL 1997 match. Is it available on video?