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In Topic: Down and Dirty: Dirty White Boy & Dirty White Girl (SMW TV 02/05/94)

27 April 2017 - 02:59 AM

A pair of excellent promos by Ron and Tony. As whiny as they were as heels, that's how forceful they are as faces. You'd hardly think Ron in particular was the same man. The only problem was that he accidentally referred to Brian as "Dirty White Boy" at one point, but that was an honest mistake that should have been caught and edited out.


The match action was very good. I'm guessing that Kyle was brought back by Tammy as an enforcer/bodyguard, much as he'd been for Corny.


I saw neither hide nor hair of Kim at any point in the match clip, whether it was on the apron or the floor. Guys, if we're supposed to see someone laying on the floor in a heap, let's get a camera over to where they're supposed to be laying so we can actually see what we're supposed to see. That's two mistakes in this segment that I'm surprised Corny let slide.


Caudle may be starting to slip a bit. He said that Tony's punches knocked both Lee and Candido down when it was crystal clear to the viewers that they hadn't, which is totally unlike him. Hopefully he was just having a bad day, but given that JR would be doing play-by-play by August, I'm thinking that Bob saw the handwriting on the wall and decided to get out while the getting was good, especially since Dutch had left by then.


Dutch calling the audience morons in the opening seemed a bit out of place given that he's been portrayed for the last few months as an almost neutral figure, neither babyface nor heel. Maybe he meant it as a term of grudging affection.

In Topic: Interview: Shawn Michaels (WWF Superstars 02/26/94)

24 April 2017 - 06:53 PM

I thought this was very good, particularly the part where Shawn literally climbed the ladder as he talked. Anything's better than the lame jokes we get a lot of the time which make match stips laughable.


I dimly remembered Levy referring to Vince as "Vic" when I used to tune in ince in a while, so it's nice to see that my memory hasn't totally failed me. Of course, Vince was too busy hyping Mania to pay much attention.


Vince must love the "greatest IC champ of all time" spiel. It seems we've heard it for just about every heel champion since Honky. Not that it's out of place for guys like Rude and Michaels to use it, but I always picture Honky in my head when I hear it, even today.


I like the kind of ladder match where you have to go outside the ring to get the ladder more than the kind where the ladder's already set up in the ring. Having to go get the ladder adds an extra element of danger and intrigue.

In Topic: Music Video: The Thrillseekers (SMW TV 02/26/94)

19 April 2017 - 03:50 PM

This was a hell of a lot better than those thrice-warmed over videos Memphis showed of ten year-old matches with a soundtrack that the viewers had trouble hearing. Lance and Chris genuinely appear to be having fun, especially when Lance feeds Chris like a bear. It's just a shame that the Seekers' in-ring career in SMW ended up not being worth the hype.


I wasn't even aware that the Seekers went on the road; I thought that they only had the one match at Night of The Legends with the Bodies, the one Chris wrestled with a broken arm. I can't remember the story I heard that led me to think that, but I was under the impression that they weren't ready to wrestle for whatever reason at this time, which meant that the vignettes led to nothing.


It would have been something to see these guys as heels if Corny had caught on to their attitude problem, but he seemed to only want the Bodies as a full-time heel team, with the Gangstas being the exception that proved the rule.


Nice to see Lance playing what I assume was the WrestleMania arcade game. I wonder how the Seekers would have fit in with the WWF at this time. I'm guessing that they would have automatically become the top babyface team right off the bat and had a nice series with the Quebecers for the belts.

In Topic: Interview: Shawn Michaels & Diesel (WWF Monday Night RAW 02/28/94)

17 April 2017 - 05:56 PM

My guess is that there was some kind of audio problem in the locker room, so they redubbed Stan asking the questions at Titan Towers. We know that he was physically in the locker room, so that's the only explanation that makes sense.


Shawn hit his points, and there were flashes of the HBK we came to know, but he wasn't really a finished product yet. Nash looked suitably tough in his brief appearance, but he would have really looked scary if he'd been pushing around a non-wrestler like Pettengill instead. When he pulls his act with someone who used to be a wrestler, it reminds us too easily that the person being bullied needs to copperate in situations like this.


Interesting that Shawn got to keep, or at least wear, the actual IC belt (or at least the one that he'd defended) during this angle. It might have made more sense for Hall to keep the real belt and Shawn to wear one that obviously wasn't.

In Topic: Interview: Dick Murdoch (SMW TV 02/26/94)

17 April 2017 - 05:38 PM

Magnum's right; we really need Corny to find other people to go after Bullet Bob. It seems like we're stuck in a loop of the Funks and Murdoch, and while all three are fine choices, switiching things up would give SMW a real shot in the arm. How about Eddie Gilbert? Was Austin Idol still around? The pool of classic Southern heels was dwindling, but it wasn't quite dry at this time. All Corny needed was some imagination (which he definitely had) and a reasonably fat checkbook (which he didn't; that's probably why he's using the same guys over and over again).


The actual promo was good, and I want to see how Captain Redneck fares this time around, which means it did its job. I hope this is the last time we see this matchup for a while, though.