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In Topic: Rick & Scott Steiner vs Masa Chono & Hiroshi Hase (WCW Clash of the C...

Today, 08:41 AM

Where to start?  This definitely was an upgrade over all but the Pillman/Horsemen tag in terms of action.  Crowd was huge for it.  Imagine if it had been for the Steiner's belts, you know, the WCW ones these fans care about.  Question 1: Why do the fans in Atlanta give the first 1/64th of a fuck about Japanese tag belts?  Question 2: How is it Scott understands what a hot tag is supposed to work when he's a babyface like this and not when he's the heel in Japan?  Question 3: Where are you getting your info from JR?  If there is a leader of this team it's Chono.  Seven days of the week and any you might make up.  Moving on, Scott with one of the most misjudged top rope moves in a big match of all time with that attempted break-up of the STF.  Finish is fine, and I'm all for seeing Dick Murdoch come in and punch the crap out of everything that moves.  But this is what you had to resort to as far as challengers to the Steiners?  How long is this conceivably going to last given the age of Murdoch and Slater?  Are there other, younger tag teams on the horizon that will be built up for the end of this feud?  Recent history suggests no.  The fact that this is the least of WCW's messes at the time says a ton.

In Topic: Johnny B. Badd and PN News (WCW Clash of the Champions XV 06/14/91)

Today, 08:14 AM

The toned down version of Johnny B. Badd is far easier to see going somewhere.  Yeah, he still looks like an effeminate heel, but you could actually buy him as Adrian Street meeting Little Richard a little bit here, unlike the first time.  Pepa and Spinderella were a complete waste.  I have to say I respect their acting chops for their little pretend PN News isn't completely awful routine.  And my recollection is that PN News was awful in the ring from listening to Parv and Chad go through old WCW PPVs.

In Topic: Barry Windham & Arn Anderson vs Brian Pillman & El Gigante (WCW Clash...

Today, 08:08 AM

I wanted to love this for that shine Pillman got.  But then the Dusty booking started.

In Topic: Sting vs Nikita Koloff (WCW Clash of the Champions XV 06/14/91)

Today, 01:42 AM

This didn't suck.  I mean what we saw of it, anyway.  And by the standards of the last month of WCW, that inherently makes it good?

In Topic: Ric Flair Flash & Bash Sweepstakes (WCW Clash of the Champions XV 06/14/91)

Today, 01:39 AM

The Robin Leach factor was pretty good by WCW standards at the time.  Man, I got more of a kick out of Fly's post back up there than I did this segment though.  Well-played sir.