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In Topic: Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling- Feb 86

Today, 09:57 AM

Great job setting up Magnum/Flair at Battle of the Belts.  The Nightmares holding on to their spots with Taylor attacking Pritchard is a really good way to kill 2 birds with one stone.  The Fullers vs. Superfly sounds pretty fun.

In Topic: Proposal for 2018: Match Review Trades

Yesterday, 01:59 PM

In response to joeg's match here is my review.




I liked it a lot and the layout was really strong.  Played to both guys strengths.  I remember Ace being on fire in 97 and wonder if these two didn't have a upper tier AJPW match in them given the right circumstances that year.




My negative Nancy review is as follows:




Hey, PR isn't for everyone.  :)  I'm glad you liked some of it anyway.

In Topic: Interview: Dangerous Alliance (WCW Saturday Night 12/28/91)

Yesterday, 02:59 AM

I liked this promo a lot.  They get over the idea that the DA is going to run all of the babyfaces out after hurting Sting.  Paul not wanting to stop until the WCW is dead sounds really cool.  But who is going to sign the paychecks then?

In Topic: Marcus Bagwell and Dangerous Alliance (WCW Saturday Night 12/28/91)

Yesterday, 02:54 AM

I'd say Heyman's freakout over the Sting deal was an act within the promo.  Heyman's intention was to draw Sting out, so he is looking for ways to piss Bagwell off and get him to throw a punch.  The condescension is really good from Paul here, but when that doesn't work he changes gears.

In Topic: Robert Fuller and Richard Lee (USWA on WMC-5 12/28/91)

Yesterday, 02:50 AM

Fuller decking Lee was a markout moment for sure.   The tie choking was awesome and that promo was such a great fired-up babyface promo.  When Fuller leaves I'll be sad he's not cutting these kinds of promos on the Moondogs, but as long as he has promos that make tape and are on my TV I'll be okay.