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NWA World Wrestling Council November

05 November 2017 - 11:51 AM

November 3rd, 1985


(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)


The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and pulling down the strap leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.


WCFL and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial

Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome to the show lucha libre fans, we have a great hour of lucha libre for you this week.  I'm sure fans of our program will join me in welcoming back my friend and colleaugue, Hugo Savinovich.


Hugo: It's great to be back Rickin!  I've missed the action while I've been away!


Rickin: It certainly should be an action packed show this week, Hugo.  We have the young team of Huracan Castillo Jr. and  Miguelito Perez returning to action after a trip overseas.  NWA Caribbean champion Al Madril will

be in action as well.


Hugo: The Latin Lover?!?  WOW!  I've heard a lot about him and seen a little of him in my time away.  That should be a real treat!


Rickin: Based on his actions in the past, I'm not sure I agree Hugo.


Hugo: Of COURSE you wouldn't, Rickin.


Rickin: Moving along, we will also be seeing Dutch Mantell in action.  Los Infernales will be wrestling as well, let's hope they stay far away from Carlos Colon.  We'll be hearing from Chicky Starr in his Sports Shop, where he will be visited by a tag team called los Mercenarios.


Hugo: Chicky always has something interesting to say!


Rickin: Interesting is certainly one word for it.  I will be joined at the desk by Barrabas, who will be introducing us to his new client.  He has been keeping it really quiet, so it must be something big. 


Hugo: Barrabas isn't usually quiet about ANYTHING!


Rickin: This is true, Hugo.  Not sure what that means.  Victor Jovica will be out to address how Al Madril left him bloodied at the end of their last match.  Apparently he will be accompanied by Hercules Ayala.  Our main event tonight will be Super Medico 1 & 2 taking on Invader 1 and Invader 2 for the Caribbean tag team championship.  First up tonight, though, we have a young man making his debut in his home country.  His name is Ricky Santana and I think he will do well.  He is a very athletic young man.


Hugo: There is more to wrestling than being an athlete, Rickin!


Rickin: That is certainly true, we'll have to wait and see how he adapts to the world of lucha libre.  Let's see how he fares in his debut.


El Vikingo vs. Ricky Santana


Santana is clearly excited to make his debut in Puerto Rico and he comes out with a lot of energy.  Ricky shows off his agility with a few dropkicks early.  A few punches and chops in the corner and Vikingo is bounced off of the far turnbuckle into a back body drop.  Santana climbs up top and hits a flying cross body for the win.


Ricky Santana by pinfall in 4:27 with a top rope crossbody


Rickin: It looks to me like Ricky Santana has found a way to make his athleticism work in his favor. 


Hugo: Very exciting young man, yes!  As time goes on we'll see if he is willing to do whatever it takes to win.


Rickin: Hugo, I know where you are going with this and not everyone needs to stoop to the lows you often did to win.


Hugo: You do what you have to!  You'd know if you had ever stepped inside the ropes yourself!


Rickin: We're going to take a commercial break, fans.  When we come back I'll be talking to Victor Jovica and Hercules Ayala.


(Commercial Break) 0-6:30


Rickin is standing with a slightly unsteady Victor Jovica and concerned-looking Hercules Ayala.


Rickin: Victor, you look like you are still suffering some of the consequences of that beating you took from Al Madril. 


Jovica: Rickin, my neck has taken a long time to heal.  I have to thank Carlos Colon and Hercules Ayala for their support and help in my recovery.  I have a match in two weeks and I've really been pushing to get as close to 100% as possible before then.


Rickin: You don't seem too pleased with this state of affairs, Hercules Ayala.


Ayala: I'm not.  Carlos and I both think that Victor should be taking at least another two weeks to recover before getting back in the ring.


Jovica: I have been doing this a long time Hercules.  I know what i can and can't do, I'll be fine.


Ayala: We just don't want to see you get hurt again.


Jovica: If I wait too long, somebody else could have a shot at Madril before I get my vengeance!  It has to be this way.  Madril, what you did to me will not stand!  We are far from through.  I am looking at this match as a tune-up for you.  Once I get through with whoever they put across from me, I'm coming for you!  I don't care if it's a title match or not.  I'm going to leave you beaten and battered in the center of the ring with no doubt that I am the better man!

Jovica storms off with Ayala in tow.


Rickin: Victor Jovica seems like he has one thing on his mind.


Hugo: I think Hercules Ayala may be right.  An injured neck is no joke and Madril will not hesitate to use that piledriver again!


Rickin: I agree with you on that count, Hugo.  Up next we have a couple of second generation wrestlers from right here in Puerto Rico.  The son of commissioner Pedro Castillo, Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez, with their manager Miguel Perez.


Hugo: There is no way at all this team lasts.  Miguel Perez will favor his son in the partnership and Castillo will get jealous!


Rickin: Is it necessary to always cause trouble?


Hugo: What?!?  It's the truth!


Rickin: Their opponents will be a pair of masked men, los Tejanos.  the fans are greeting Castillo and both members of the Perez family warmly.  Looks like we're ready for action.


Los Tejanos vs. Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez


The two second generation puerto Ricans show good teamwork throughout.  Castillo hits a nice dropkick to send one of los Tejanos stumbling backwards towards Perez.  Perez is quick to roll him up with el Coqui (standing victory roll) for the three.


Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez by pinfall in 5:08 with el Coqui


Rickin: We'll be back with Chicky's Sports Shop and Caribbean Heavyweight champion Al Madril in action.  Don't go anywhere, fans.

(Commercial Break) 6:30-13:30


Chicky Starr: Welcome to my Sports Shop!  Today my guests are a new team to Puerto Rico, los Mercenarios.  Already they sound like my kind of team!  Let's bring them out.


Los Mercenarios come out in green military fatigues and hats and exchange friendly greetings with Chicky Starr.


Chicky: I take it from your name that you two are...for hire, shall we say?


Mercenario 1: That's right Chicky.  Some men are here for titles, others to prove themselves.  But we are here to make money.  You need somebody hurt or out of the way, you talk to us.  It won't be cheap, but you will be happy with the results.


Chicky: Now by somebody, you mean...


Mercenario 1: Anyone.  If somebody had paid us enough, we'd be working on putting you in the hospital right now.


Chicky: WHAT?!?......(Chicky reaches for a baseball bat on the set)...Oh,  I'm told that the two of you have been doing this for a while now.


Mercenario 1: We spent some time in the United States and Mexico.  We are here because there is a price on somebody's head, and we mean to collect.


Chicky: And who is it you are after?


Mercenario 1: I can't tell you that.  When we decide to take them out, you'll know along with everyone else.


Chicky: As long as it's not me, you do what you need to do.  I do think we need to have a chat before you leave, though...that's it for another edition of Chicky's Sports Shop.


Chicky walks off with los Mercenarios, talking off microphone as they exit the shop.icky wal


Hugo: I think Carlos Colon will have to worry about a few more people sent after him by Chicky Starr soon!


Rickin: Chicky Starr has many enemies, but I don't disagree with your idea Hugo.  Up next is Dutch Mantell.  He has a long history here in Puerto Rico, one that I imagine you are much more supportive of than I am.


Hugo: Dirty Dutch is always a treat to watch!  He is a very tough man and knows how to handle himself in the ring!


Rickin: I won't dispute any of that, but you know as well as I do that the man hasn't seen a dirty trick he didn't start using soon after.


Hugo: You say that like it's a bad thing.


Rickin: Because it is a bad thing, Hugo.  Armandito Salgado will be his opponent today and it looks like the crowd is not very pleased to see Dutch Mantell.  The referee is calling for the bell and it's time for more lucha libre action.


Armandito Salgado vs. Dutch Mantell


Mantell uses the riding crop early to choke Salgado, which draws the ire of the crowd.  After a brief comeback by salgado, Dutch reverses a whip into a short clothesline and follows with a gourdbuster to get the 3.

Dutch Mantell by pinfall in 3:49 with a gourdbuster.

Hugo: WOW!  That was some kind of suplex he used!


Rickin: Very impressive, yes.  I fail to see the need for using the riding crop, however.


Hugo: Need?  It was there, why not?!?

Rickin: Fans, we need to take a short break.  When we come back we'll be talking to the Invaders before their big title match tonight.

(Commercial Break) 13:30 - 19:30

Rickin: We're back, fans and the NWA Caribbean champion, "The Latin Lover" Al Madril has joined us at the desk.

Madril: Is that Hugo Savinovich back there?  Everyone told me I should talk to him when I got to Puerto Rico.

Hugo (in the background): They know me everywhere Rickin!  I'm a big fan Al, talk later!

Madril: You know it Hugo.  Might have to wait though, there are more than a few young ladies in the audience that I need to get to know better.

Rickin: We're not here to talk about what you do after the show, Mr. Madril.  We are here to talk about what you did to Victor Jovica.

Madril: I guess the almighty Rickin Sanchez is in charge now, is he?  I'll talk about what I want to talk about!  Or maybe I'd be better off talking to Hugo.

Rickin: Sir, we have an hour to do the show.  I was told you had comments to make towards Victor Jovica and that is why you were given this time.

Madril: Sir sounds better, let's keep it that way!  Jovica comes out here STILL a little punch drunk from the beating I gave him and he hasn't learned his lesson?  That's fine, I can do it again.  And again if I have to, just like I plan to do...

Rickin: Mr. Madril, that is not necessary and I will ask again..

Madril: I thought we agreed on sir!  And again, and again...however many times it takes before Jovica realizes that he's outclassed in every way possible.  If I'm not mistaken, I need to put the hurt on somebody before I find tonight's lucky lady.

Hugo: (shouted) In the ring already!

Rickin: Al Madril is off to the ring and the fans seem a little worked up at him after that interview.

Hugo: I don't remember him asking for any of their trash!

Rickin: I don't recall asking for your input during the interview.

Hugo: You don't know how to talk to those kind of people.

Rickin: You know, you may be right about that, Hugo.  Madril is sliding into the ring and it looks like we're ready to start.

Isaac Rosario vs. NWA Caribbean Champion Al Madril (non-title)

Madril has an easy time with Rosario, cutting off any comebacks by going to the eyes despite having a clear advantage.  Madril hits a piledriver for the 3 count and looks to be setting up for another after knocking the referee down.  Victor Jovica (Hercules Ayala not far behind) comes running to the ring with a chair and barely misses a HUGE swing at Madril's head with it.  Madril runs away towards the back, turning around to taunt Jovica until he gets close and repeating all the way to the wrestler entrance.  Ayala is trying to talk Jovica down the entire time after catching him.


Al Madril by pinfall in 4:17 with a piledriver


Hugo: WOW!  Victor Jovica is on a MISSION!

Rickin: I can't blame him after what was done to him.

Hugo: I can definitely get behind revenge!

Rickin: (Shaking his head)  We've got more to come, fans.  Los Infernales are up next and we'll be visited by Barrabas with his new client.  We'll be right back.

(Commercial Break) 19:30 - 26:30

Hugo: Welcome back lucha libre fans!  The World Wrestling Council is BACK!!

Rickin: Yes it is, and the same as ever if that last match is any indication.

Hugo: WHY would you want it to change?!?

Rickin: It does keep you on your toes, doesn't it?  We have three masked men, los Matadores in the ring right now.  Out come los Infernales.

Hugo: Look at el Satanico go, he is inviting the crowd to throw things at him!

Rickin: You would find that impressive, Hugo.

Hugo: It takes a real man to stand up to these people like that!

Rickin: I don't entirely disagree, oddly enough.  The three Mexican stars are in the ring and we're ready to go.

Mr. X, Y & Z vs. Los Infernales

Los Infernales are deliberate and brutal in their wrestling style.  Triple teams and switches behind the referee's back give them an advantage over Mr. X for some time.  Satanico runs Mr. Z's eyes over the ropes and procedes to pummel him into oblivion before locking on el Nudo de Satanico for the submission win.


Los Infernales by submission in 5:53 with el Nudo de Satanico


Rickin: There is a win for los Infernales, but I have to wonder given their behavior if they might not be the target of los Mercenarios.

Hugo: I...you may be right there Rickin!  Who would dare put a bounty on those 3?!?

Rickin: I am guessing they have plenty of enemies.

Hugo: Successful people often do.

Rickin: That is one way of putting it.  Barrabas is approaching the desk with a....mountain of a man.

Hugo: WOW!  Barrabas is definitely not playing around!

Rickin: Barrabas, this is certainly a surprise, I -

The big American (6'4", 370 lbs.) snatches the microphone away from Rickin and hands it to Barrabas.

Barrabas: Ladies and gentlemen.  I use that term loosely.  Let me introduce you to a man known simply as Bam Bam.  He is 1.93 meters tall and weighs 180 kg.  When this man gets into a wrestling ring, he does not leave men standing in his wake.  He simply runs them over.  You will all find this out for yourselves next week.

Barrabas pauses for the crowd to digest what he has said.

And that is only the beginning.  This man can perform athletic feats that are the hallmark of smaller men.  I will leave the extent of that for you to witness, because your small minds cannot comprehend it yet.  You talk about big men and Puerto Rico and the name Abdullah the Butcher comes to mind.  I would put Bam Bam in a ring with Abdullah right now and know that he can stand toe-to-toe with him.  You give me a year and this young man will be able to BEAT Abdullah the Butcher.  Some of you don't believe me, i can see it.  But mark my words, you will. 

Barrabas again pauses for effect.

And don't think your precious Carlos Colon is safe either.  Once it has been proven that this man can defeat Abdullah the Butcher, Carlos Colon will be next.

Barrabas throws the microphone at Rickin and walks away, Bam Bam glaring menacingly at the announce table before following.

Rickin: Not sure what you would call that.

Hugo: Other than WOW! you mean?

Rickin: I was thinking more along the lines of scary.  How much of what Barrabas said do you beleive?

Hugo: Given the size of that man, I don't doubt most of it!

Rickin: And if he is as athletic as mentioned, things could get ugly for whoever Barrabas sends the big man after.  We've got our main event coming up and it's a good one.  Don't go anywhere, fans.

(Commercial Break) 26:30 - 35:00

Rickin: We are back and los Super Medicos are already on their way to the ring.  The crowd is happy to see them, Hugo.

Hugo: I hope that is enough for them.  I don't see them beating Invader 1 & 2 tonight!

Rickin: They are a very good tag team, Hugo.  They have as good a chance as anyone.

Hugo: I don't doubt they are good, but from what I know about them it's just not going to happen.

Rickin: I know where you are going with this, Hugo.  Here come Invader 1 and Invader 2.  This is the loudest I've heard the crowd all night.

Hugo: They love their Invaders.

Rickin: You had a few problems with Invader 1 during your career.

Hugo: Which I appreciate you not talking any more about.

Rickin: Okay, Hugo.  Invader 1 doesn't always wear the mask, but tonight he is.  Looks like it's time to go.

Los Super Medicos vs. Los Invaders © for the NWA Caribbean Tag Team Championship

The Invaders gain control after a short feeling out period.  Super Medico 2 turns the tide for his team on Invader 2, with both teams keeping it clean.  Things get even again for a while.  Invader 1 gets a big pop when he gets the sleeper on Super Medico 1 after a short struggle.  Before Medico can tap out, los Infernales and Chicky Starr hit the ring and start attacking everyone.

Match thrown out due to outside interference 13:26

Rickin: Medico 1 is down and out after a Chicky Starr chop to the throat.

Hugo: Double team on Medico 2 by MS-1 and Pirata Morgan, he's out of the ring!  It looks like what they wanted was los Invaders.  And they have them!

Rickin: They are definitely starting to give them a good working over, Hugo.

Hugo: YES!  Wait, why are the fans cheering?!?

Rickin: It's Carlos Colon.  And...Invader 3 is back.

Hugo: WHAT?!?  They can't even the odds that much!

Colon and Invader 3 hit the ring like a house afire, Colon beelining for Chicky.  Colon sends Chicky sprawling out of the ring after a headbutt and turns to Satanico.  invader 3 uppercuts MS-1 to knock him down as Invader 1 fires up on Pirata Morgan.  A bloody Invader 2 through the mask slams Chicky on the floor. Satanico is reeling but grabs a chair and smacks Colon in the head with it.  Colon is down and bleeding.  MS-1 is trading punches with Invader 3.

Hugo: WOW! What a brawl!

Rickin: We're out of time, fans.  We'll see you next week when hopefully this situation gets addressed by somebody.