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NWA World Wrestling Council April 1986

06 April 2018 - 06:24 PM

Original Airdate April 4th 1986
(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)
The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.
NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial
Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.
Rickin: Welcome fans to another exciting week of WWC action.  I am joined by my friend and colleague, Hugo Savinovich.
Hugo: Tournament time!!  And we have a surprise return!!
Rickin: Tonight is the beginning of our light heavyweight title tournament.  We will have two tournament matches tonight.  First we will see the return of Dutch Mantel after the injury to his arm by los Mercenarios.
Hugo: I'm sure Dutch has revenge on his mind!
Rickin: I would imagine he does.  We will also see the team of Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher in action.  
Hugo: Did you know they lost the NWA 6-man titles last weekend?!?
Rickin: I did, but I didn't want to be the one to say it.  Barrabas is no fan of mine already and he will be in a foul mood when he stops by the desk after his team's match already.  Abdullah Tamba will be in singles action again tonight.
Hugo: He impressed again two weeks ago!  Little Abdullah is very graceful for such a large man!
Rickin: He certainly is.  Owen Hart will be joining Chicky Starr in his Sports Shop.
Hugo: I know you don't approve of Owen and Chicky being friends.
Rickin: Owen Hart is an impressionable young man and needs the right guidance.  I don't think Chicky Starr is the man to provide that guidance.
Hugo: I doubt he'll be going to see Invader 1 or Carlitos Colon!  They are friends of Ricky Santana.
Rickin: There is that.  Our first tournament match this week will be one half of the Rock and Roll RPMs, Tommy Lane, against the Japanese veteran Kuniaki Kobayashi.
Hugo: Kobayashi is very well rounded.  He is a capable martial artist as well as a mat wrestler.   He likes to use a fisherman's suplex or a bodyscissors sleeper to finish off his opponents.  And he is willing to do whatever it takes to win!  
Rickin: Something you were known for as well.  Ricky Santana will join me at the desk before going against the young American Chris Candido in the main event.  I'm told he uses a headbutt off the top rope as a finisher.
Hugo: It's hard to beat a man with that little regard for his own safety!  They tend to be very tough.
Rickin: I can see that being the case, yes.  The crowd is cheering and here comes Dutch Mantell.
Hugo: Given who it was that injured him, I can see him getting crowd support.
Rickin: I'm sure these fans would love to see Dutch opposed to los Mercenarios and Chicky Starr.
Hugo: Dutch is a very dangerous man!!  Even when he doesn't have revenge on his mind!
Rickin: One downside of los Mercenarios willingness to hurt other wrestlers for money has to be the amount of enemies they make.
Hugo: I'm sure Dutch wants to settle with whoever put the bounty out on him too!
Rickin: I imagine he does.  I'll be talking to him next week and it should give us an idea of what Dutch means to do now that he's back.
Hugo: He's not waiting for the bell!
Domingo Robles vs. Dutch Mantell
Mantell takes Robles apart early, but the veteran comedy jobber is able to get a few dirty tricks over on Dutch and start in on the injured left arm.  Dutch with an eye gouge, then runs Robles' face all the way down the top rope on one side of the ring.  Short clothesline by Dutch with no ill effect on the injured arm.  Gourdbuster gets Dtuch the 3 count.
Dutch Mantell by pinfall in 3:51 with a gourdbuster
Rickin: Big win in his return for Dutch Mantell.
Hugo: He showed that his arm was back to full strength!   That's a very important thing to do.
Rickin: It will still be a target for his opponents for a while.  When we come back we'll see Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher in action.  Don't go anywhere.
(Commercial Break) 0-8:30
Rickin: We're back and Barrabas is leading Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher to the ring.  
Hugo: Barrabas looks very unhappy!  Do you think his team blames him for their loss?!?
Rickin: It is likely that has come up in the last 4 days.  
Hugo: How did that sit with Bam Bam?!?
Rickin: Given that Bam Bam is not here, I can only imagine not well.
Hugo: He might be appearing in Japan today!  Or somewhere in the U.S.  I'm told Bam Bam is in demand all over the world!
Rickin:  That is possible.  I can't imagine the way those titles were lost improved the relationship between Barrabas and Bam Bam though.
Hugo: No, probably not...
Rickin: Referee Ricky Vargas is calling for the bell.
Mr. X & Y vs. Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher
Boyd uses his energetic brawling while the Crusher is more deliberate with his power offense.  Mr. Y is able to mount a short comeback before running into a big boot from the Crusher.  Crusher tags Boyd and holds Y for the three point clothesline from Boyd, who covers for three.
Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher by pinfall in 5:14 with an assisted three point clothesline
Rickin: Boyd and the Crusher needed that win going into the 19th agianst Castillo and Perez.
Hugo: They got the win against them last time!  I think Castillo and Perez need the momentum more.
Rickin: They got the win with the help of Barrabas.
Hugo: A win is a win!!
Rickin: Fair enough.  We'll be right back with Barrabas at the desk and Abdullah Tamba in action.
(Commercial Break) 8:30-14:45
Rickin: We are back, fans, and I am joined by Barrabas.  He is flanked by Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher.  Big win for your team going into Roberto Clemente Coliseum.
Barrabas: You think we need that win to beat two silver spoon wannabe wrestlers like Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez?  If they didn't have those names do you think we would even know who they are?
Rickin: I think they are developing into a very good tag team and both have shown growth as wrestlers as well.
Barrabas : Of course you do.  How many times have you brought up my team losing the NWA 6-Man Championships so far??
Rickin: We discussed it as you were on your way to the ring.  What would you have us talk about?
Barrabas: How much we embarassed those spoiled brats Castillo & Perez last time we faced them for one.  I bet Castillo's dad has a bonus in it for you if you can mention it neough times, doesn't he??
Rickin: I am paid the same regardless.  There is no attempt now, nor has there ever been, to undercut you.
Barrabas: Of course you won't talk about it!   I'm sure you've also been saying that Bam Bam is unhappy with me too!
Rickin: Is he?
Barrabas: No!  I'll be in his corner on the 19th when he wins the Caribbean Heavyweight Title and I'll be in his corner when he takes on Invader 1 on TV in 2 weeks!  I want you to stop slandering me and spreading lies about my relationship with my clients!
Rickin: We in no way stated that-
Barrabas: This interview is over!  
Barrabas storms off with Boyd and the Crusher in tow.
Rickin: That could have gone better.
Hugo: You said it yourself, Barrabas was in a terrible mood.  
Rickin: I'm surprised he let me keep the microphone.  Chicky Starr is leading Abdullah Tamba to the ring.
Hugo: And the crowd is pelting both with garbage!
Rickin: Chicky Starr seems to have accepted this and looks like he enjoys it.
Hugo: If it happens long enough, you just get used to the idea.  You start to understand that the crowd will get angrier if you like it.
Rickin: Tamba seems to be ignoring anything thrown his way, focused on the ring.
Hugo: He's got a job to do!
Rickin: And he's been doing it well.  Last week it took him less than 3 minutes to defeat Frank Conners two weeks ago.
Hugo: Little Abdullah is very dangerous!  Almost as dangerous as the monster!  The machine!  The madman from the Sudan!
Rickin: To be in the conversation is....I hesitate to use the word impressive.
Hugo: Even if it is the right word!
Rickin: So it is.  It looks like we're ready to go, referee Tomas Marin has called for the bell.
Armandito Salgado vs. Abdullah Tamba
Tamba again steamrolls his opponent, giving him no offense save a few no-sold punches.  A splash from the top rope gets Tamba the three count.
Abdullah Tamba by pinfall in 2:43 with a top rope splash
Rickin: Abdullah Tamba is on a roll and doesn't look to be stopping soon.
Hugo: Chicky Starr has one of the dominant wrestlers in the WWC at his disposal.
Rickin: Yes, and I'm sure I'll disapprove of however he chooses to use that.  Up next we will see Owen Hart in the Sports Shop.
Hugo: Can't wait!
Rickin: And then our first match of the tournament, Tommy Lane against Kuniaki Kobayashi.  We'll be right back fans.
(Commercial Break) 14:45-21:30
Hugo: We're baaaaaack...and it's Sports Shop time!!
The intro for the Sports Shop plays and we cut to Victor with a microphone on the set.
Victor (wooden): It is my pleasure to introduce the hottest wrestler and manager in the World Wrestling Council.  Ladies and gentlemen, here is the most exciting, most charismatic, best dressed man in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr.
Chicky Starr walks on set in his athletic gear, tag title draped over his shoulder, and picks up the microphone on his chair before sitting down.
Chicky: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the most important 3 minutes on television!  I am Chicky Starr and this is my Sports Shop.  It seems all ofthe talk is about this tournament for the Light Heavyweight Championship.  I could have been in that tournament, but I already have a championship belt.  And to be fair, I could win that tournament hands down if it were not for the inclusion of my guest today.
Owen Hart walks on set, picks up the microphone on his chair and sits down after shaking Chicky's hand. 
Chicky: (English) I have been watching your progress as time goes on and I am very impressed.  You know what it takes to win a wrestling match and that is a rare thing!
Owen: I'm glad somebody noticed.  All I ever hear is how I'm doing it wrong.
Chicky: Take it from somebody who has made a career of doing it wrong.  It doesn't ever stop.  People like Rickin Sanchez and Ricky Santana will always have a problem with people like us.  Speaking of Ricky Santana, why did he need to be at ringside for your match last week?
Owen: That's a damn good question!  I don't recall stalking him.  Maybe all those losses to me have made him desperate to do whatever he can to hurt me.
Chicky: He can't seem to beat you in the ring.  Costing you a win in a title match seems like it's going a little far though.
Owen: Do you KNOW how big a win there would have been for me back home in Canada?!?  I will tell you this, Chicky, I do not forget when somebody does something like that to me.  Ricky Santana can expect payback sooner or later.
Chicky: You have to stand up for yourself, yes.  I've looked at this tournament and the only man I think you have to worry about is this Kobayashi.
Owen: I'm sure Rickin Sanchez would argue that Ricky Santana is a favorite.
Chicky: He likes his wrestlers to do things the "right" way.
Owen: So I noticed.  I wonder if he ever had to compete for a job.  Or find a way to stand out with 7 older brothers!
Chicky: Being overlooked can change your way of seeing things.  Don't go as far into that territory as Barrabas though.  The man tries so hard he guarantees his own failure.  Learn from that example.
Owen: I hadn't really been paying attention.  I really should now that you mention it.
Chicky: Everyone should.  That is it for another edition of Chicky's Sports Shop.  I'd like to thank Owen Hart for being my guest.
Owen: Thanks for having me!
Chicky: (Spanish) Now it's time for Ric Flair to to take us back to the boring part of the show.
Flair's sign-off plays as Owen and Chicky walk off the set talking.  Cut to the arena.
Rickin: That went about as expected.
Hugo: Everyone needs a sympathetic ear now and again.  Owen Hart included.
Rickin: And do you agree with any of what was said?
Hugo: There is a lot of pressure to win.  It can be hard to resist the temptation to take shortcuts when that kind of money and prestige is on the line.
Rickin: That's fair.  Tommy Lane of the Rock and Roll RPMs is on his way to the ring.
Hugo: He's got a big test tonight!  Not only is he used to tag team wrestling, but he's up against a very good wrestler in Kuniaki Kobayashi.
Rickin: It's going to be a tough match, but he's got this crowd behind him and that will give him a second wind down the stretch.
Hugo: I'm not sure that will be enough to counteract the skill and experience of Kobayashi!
Rickin: I don't pretend to know much about Kobayashi, but Lane has been impressive these last two months.  He's reached the ring and here comes Kobayashi.
Hugo: The fans don't seem to know how to react!
Rickin: It's their first time seeing Kobayashi.  I'd guess tonight's match will have a lot to do with their opinion of him going forward.
Hugo: I don't think they will like what they see..
Rickin: I defer to you on that.  You know much more about Kobayashi than I do.
Hugo: He has never been shy about using...
Rickin: Illegal tactics?
Hugo: I was going to say whatever dirty trick he could think of, but that works.  He is one of the arch-rivals of the great Japanese champion Tiger Mask.
Rickin: That is a name I have heard.  It looks like ring announcer Eliud Gonzalez is finished with his announcements.  We're ready for action.
Tommy Lane vs. Kuniaki Kobayashi
Lane has the advantage early, prompting Kobayashi going to the eyes to set up his martial arts kicks.  Lane fires back with punches and the match goes back and forth with Kobayashi cheating to regain the advantage each time Lane fires up.  Lane finally has enough and hits a low blow from his knees (big cheers), then hits a big jumping leg drop for a 2 count.  He goes for a powerbomb and Kobayashi rolls through for a sunset flip nearfall.  Lane gets a nearfall off of a side suplex, then barely kicks out of a rollup attempt by Kobayashi (who has his feet on the ropes).  A big spinkick by Kobayashi and he's looking for the fisherman's suplex, but Lane counters before Kobayashi can grab the leg.  Lane gets Kobayashi up for his own suplex, but Kobayashi floats over and locks in the bodyscissors sleeper.  Lane refuses to give up, struggling for the ropes, but passes out.  Kobayashi advances in the tournament.  He leaves the ring, celebrating to boos as referee Ricky Vargas tries to revive Lane.
Kuniaki Kobayashi by submission in 12:17 with a bodyscissors sleeper (Lane passed out)
Rickin: Tommy Lane with a good showing, but the experience and skill of Kobayashi did come through.  After a lot of cheating.
Hugo: A win is a win!!  He advances!  Lane showed me more than I thought he would.
Rickin: He probably should have tapped out when he knew he couldn't make the ropes.
Hugo: We all know that when we go in the ring.  Sometimes it's hard to let your pride go.
Rickin: Up next I will be talking to Ricky Santana before our main event.  Stay tuned to see if Ricky Santana can advance in the tournament.
(Commercial Break) 21:30-39:00
Rickin: We're back with Ricky Santana joining me.  We both saw the comments by Owen Hart earlier in the show. 
Santana: He can say whatever he wants, Owen Hart tried to cheat a man out of his title.  I wasn't going to stand by and watch it happen.
Rickin: We both know that Owen Hart will try to interfere with your chances in the tournament as payback.
Santana: That's the way it goes.  He comes to Puerto Rico claiming to be this gret technical wrestler, but I've seen him cut corners, attack before the bell and cheat his way to winning more than I've seen clean victories.  He's going to do whatever he's going to do.  I have to concentrate on what I need to do to win.
Rickin: Tonight you face the American rookie Chris Candido.  It's not often you go in with an experience advantage.
Santana: That doesn't mean I get to take him lightly.  He's won a lot of matches in Canada and the U.S. with his diving headbutt.
Rickin: So you don't feel your experience advantage will give you an edge?
Santana: It might.  Then again, I pushed Dutch Mantell farther than naynoe thought I would.  And he has almost a decade of experience on me.  But he never took me lightly and there is a lesson there.  If you don't go in focused on what you need to do it's going to work against you, regardless of experience.
Rickin: It sounds like you are learning the right lessons.  Thank you for stopping by the desk Ricky.
Santana: Thanks for your time Rickin.
Santana heads to the ring s the fans cheer him on.
Rickin: I know you don't often agree with what Ricky Santana has to say, Hugo.  What did you think?
Hugo: He's not wrong.  You can't underestimate a man going into a match or you will find yourself losing very quickly!
Rickin: Something not all wrestlers learn early in their careers.
Hugo: Al Madril made that mistake not too long ago.  Now he has a broken leg!
Rickin: I don't think that is at stake here, but Santana could find himself out of the tournament if he doesn't take Candido seriously.
Hugo: High enough stakes!
Rickin: Yes, for a young man like Santana, a chance at a title belt is very important.  Now Santana is in the ring and here comes Chris Candido.
Hugo: He's engaging the crowd!
Rickin: It's good to see young wrestlers who understand how important it is to have the crowd on their side.
Hugo: Even if the crowd will be with Santana?!?
Rickin: The crowd can support both wrestlers, but I do agree that Santana will be the crowd favorite here.
Hugo: Will we see Owen?!?
Rickin: I hope not.  The crowd seems to at least not be getting on Candido.
Hugo: They will if he beats Santana!!
Rickin: I imagine if he wins cleanly he will gain some fans here today.  Both wrestlers are now in the ring and Santana is offering a handshake.  There it is and referee Victor Quinonez has called for the bell.
Chris Candido vs. Ricky Santana
Things go back and forth on the mat early after a few basic wrestling sequences.  Candido gets a few two counts on rollups, then Santana.  Both men get a little heated after some hard chops by Santana and they exchange chops with no advantage gained.  A slam by Candido and he whips Santana hard into the corner.  Santana pushes Candido off on the superplex attempt, but the attempted flying crossbody is rolled through for a nearfall by Candido.  Santana tries the fisherman's suplex, but Candido reverses.  He climbs up top for the diving headbutt, but Santana moves out of the way at the last instant.  This time the Santana flying crossbody connects as Candido staggers to his feet, and Santana gets the three.  Santana helps Candido to his feet and raises his arm to the crowd.
Ricky Santana by pinfall in 11:19 with a top rope crossbody
Rickin: Big win for Ricky Santana, but Chris Candido came very close.
Hugo: Good match for both!!
Rickin: I'm sure Candido would have liked the win, but that diving headbutt is a double edged sword.
Hugo: You hit your head very hard either way, if it doesn't hit the other man it definitely works against you!
Rickin: So Kuniaki Kobayashi and Ricky Santana will meet in two weeks to determine one half of the finals matchup.  Be sure to tune in next week for the remainder of the first round matches.  We will Be showing you the entire announced card for April 19th as we leave.
Main Event - Abdullah the Butcher w/Chicky Starr vs. Carlitos Colon © for the Universal Heavyweight Championship
Los Invaders (1 & 3) vs. Los Primos Starr © for the Caribbean Tag Team Championships
Bam Bam w/Barrabas vs. Hercules Ayala © for the Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Los Super Medicos vs. Los Mercenarios
Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez vs. Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher w/Barrabas
Gama Singh vs. TNT
Light Heavyweight Tournament Finals

Rip Rogers & Buddy Rose vs Ron Starr & Adrian Adonis (Portland TV, 6/30/79)

18 March 2018 - 12:43 PM

First fall was all shine and Rogers seems like a guy who got how to shine up a babyface early on.  Rose tries to act like he was the guy in the ring at the end of fall 1 but nobody is buying the act.  Second fall was mostly Adonis working FIP (and doing a really good job of building sympathy) with a hot tag to Starr.  Heels keep up the cheating and double teaming to get the fall.  Third fall breaks down after a bit and Rogers tosses a chair into the ring that Starr ends up using.  Sandy Barr becomes the center of attention with the resulting DQ and argument.


I have always liked the announcer for Portland wrestling, he may not know the move names, but the guy gets over what is happening with the best of them.  I don't even mind when he talks about football.  Rogers is definitely in over his head here but he has a ton of energy and seems to follow the lead of everybody else well.  Starr is already good, but he gets more snug with his striking somewhere in the next 7 years.  His selling and bumping are already really good.  And he comes up with some sequences that I have not seen in matches after this one.  Adonis is really energetic and plays a solid FIP.  His offense is one of the highlights of the match.  When you see Adonis before he got really overweight he comes off as a really great worker and a star.  Buddy Rose was great in the role I feel like he was born to play, the cowardly, yet deadly heel. He'll rip you apart any way he can, but shows so much unwillingness to fight fair or do much at all when his opponent can actually hit back it's hard to not hate him (in a kayfabe sense).  Really good tag and a look at 4 guys I think highly of at different stages of their career.

NWA World Wrestling Council March 1986

07 March 2018 - 09:02 PM

Original Airdate 3/7/86
(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)
The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.
NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial
Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.
Rickin: Welcome to another great week of World Wrestling Council television fans.  I am joined as alwas by the one and only Hugo Savinovich.
Hugo: Geat to be here Rickin!!  What a show we have tonight!
Rickin: Indeed we do.  We will see Ricky Santana and Invader 3 in singles action.
Hugo: There has been a tournament announced for a new belt, the NWA WWC Light Heavyweight Championship.  Both are sure to be involved and favorites to win!
Rickin: That tournament will include some international flavor as well, as we will be seeing participants from the United States and Japan in addition to the light heavyweights we already have in the WWC.
Hugo: And we have a loaded light heavyweight division!  
Rickin: We certainly have some talented wrestlers under 230 pounds.  Santana, Owen Hart, Huracan Castillo Jr., Tommy Lane of the Rock and Roll RPMs, Gama Singh and Invader 3 all fall into that category.
Hugo: And Chicky Starr!!
Rickin: He does qualify, but I think Chicky has his hands full with the Carribean Tag Team Titles right now.  Invader 2 would have been among the names listed, but he is injured and may not heal in time to make the tourney.  
Hugo: Chicky's name hasn't been mentioned in connection to the tourney, so you're probably right...
Rickin: Tonight we will also see los Super Medicos in tag team action.
Hugo: And los Pastores!
Rickin: Not sure what to think of that just yet.  After last week they have to be considered very dangerous.
Hugo: Yes!  I imagine Invader 1, Hercules Ayala and Carlitos will be ready to save Invader 3 should they attack!
Rickin: One hopes so.  I will be talking to Invader 3 before his match as well as los Super Medicos.  Los Mercenarios will pay their second visit to Chicky's Sports Shop.
Hugo: I'm sure Chicky is happy with them!
Rickin: Yes, they were instrumental to Ron and Chicky Starr winning their belts.  We will hear from Carlitos Colon before he and Hercules Ayala try to wrest the Carribean Tag Team Titles from los Primos Starr,
Hugo: HUGE main event!!
Rickin: And reason for me to....agree with Chicky Starr.  He has the right idea about defending the titles on television despite the fans not being kind.
Hugo: I'm glad you're coming around on Chicky!
Rickin: I wouldn't go that far.  RIcky Santana is up first tonight andhe's getting a great reaction from this crowd.
Hugo: They really have adopted him as one of their own!
Rickin: He has tried to do things the right way.  I can see him reaching a breaking point soon with Owen Hart's underhanded tactics.
Hugo: It's going to happen sooner or later...
Rickin: And Owen Hart will surely have some accusatory or hurt remarks on the subject.  
Hugo: Not all attacks are physical!!
Rickin: A hard lesson to learn.  Santana is in the ring and Ricky Vargas is calling for the bell.
Frank Conners vs. Ricky Santana
Santana uses his babyface technical offense to control the match.  Conners tries a vertical suplex, but Santana goes over the top and lands on his feet.  A German suplex by Santana gets the 3 count.
Ricky Santana by pinfall in 4:33 with a German suplex
Rickin: Ricky Santana with a very good countermove for the win.  Shades of Owen Hart in that suplex.
Hugo: Ricky Santana has learned how to attack without being physical too!
Rickin: Indeed, he is maturing very quickly.  He will be somebody to watch in the tournament.  Up next we will har from Invader 3 before his match.  Don't go anywhere fans.
(Commercial Break) 0-9:00
Rickin: Welcome back fans.  I am pleased to be speaking with the strongfavorite in the upcoming light heavyweight tournament, Invader 3.
Invader 3: Thank you for that Rickin.  It's not the first thing on my mind right now though.  My friend, Invader 2, was recently injured at the hands of Ron and Chicky Starr.  He is recovering quickly and thanks the fans for their support.  Myself, Hercules Ayala and Carlitos Colon are all very angry about this, but Invader 1 has taken it very personally.  In fact, he has gone to the WWC commission and demanded a match with the Starrs, title or not, on April 19th in Roberto Clemente Stadium.
Rickin: It seems you might have problems with los Pastores enough to make that a mistake.
Invader 3: It does.  But we couldn't just sit back and let los Pastores injure other wrestlers for no reason.  That is something we will never be able to ignore.
Rickin: Do you worry about los Pastores being in the building tonight?
Invader 3: Of course.  I have backup close at hand though, we know how they operate.  As for the light heavyweight tournament, I am looking forward to competing against some of the best light heavyweights in the world.  We have a few of them right here in the WWC.  I hope to face Ricky Santana, he's been a lot of fun to train with and watch.
Rickin: Who would you consider a favorite in the tournament?
Invader 3: RIcky and Owen Hart come to mind.  Hart is very skilled, he just needs to learn how to respond to close matches without taking shortcuts.  Against somebody like Chicky Starr you have to make sure to beat him to the punch, but Ricky will wrestle a man clean all the way through a match, win or lose.
Rickin: Something we both wish Owen Hart would learn.
Invader 3: Gama Singh is also a threat, he's a veteran with a lot of experience.  And he's been just as low down and dirty as Chicky Starr ever got, so he knows all of the tricks.  Huracan Castillo Jr. is an up and coming guy with a lot of energy and he is second generation. You have to be careful of the international wrestlers too.  You never know what you will be facing with them.  I'd say it's a wide open tournament.
Rickin: Thank you for your time, sir.  It's always a pleasure talking with you.  
Invader 3: Same to you Rickin.
Invader 3 heads to the ring to the cheers of the crowd.
Rickin: What did you think of his analysis of the tournament Hugo?
Hugo: I agree with most of it.  I don't think Castillo or Lane will do as well in a singles environment when they have been in so many tags of late.  The international wrestlers are always dangerous as he said.
Rickin: Do you think Invader 3 is a favorite?
Hugo: He's the most skilled light heavyweight wrestler in Puerto Rico.  But I'd say owen Hart and Ricky Santana are closing the gap.  Gama Singh is definitely a threat.
Rickin: I like that Invader 3 is as humble as he is.  There are those that would proclaim themselves the champions due to the rest ofthe field being beneath them.
Hugo: I know who you are talking about and you are right.  But I don't think Chicky would be wrong either!!  There is no shame in being confident!!
RIckin: I would call it cocky and overconfident.  Ring announcer Eliud Gonzalez has finished the ring introductions and there is the bell.
Domingo Robles vs. Invader 3
Invader 3 shows off his punches, matwork and a vertical suplex in the early going.  Robles with his usual comedy stooging.  A Robles eye rake puts him in charge, but Invader catches him with a dropkick that sends Robles outside.  Bullet tope by Invader 3 to a huge pop.  He rolls Robles back in and hits the cannonball for the 3 count.
Invader 3 by pinfall in 4:08 with a cannonball (top rope somersault senton)
Hugo: What a great match for Invader 3!!
Rickin: He did it all there.  We are in for a -
Hugo: Pastores!!  And they are after Invader 3 with that flagpole!!
RIckin: They are targeting his ribs and being quick about it as they see Ayala, Invader 1 and Colon coming.
Hugo: Is the damage done?!?  
Rickin: Invader 3 looks hurt.  I'm not sure how badly.  We'll have to wait and find out.  Up next we'll see los Mercenarios in Chicky's Sports Shop and los Pastores in tag team action.  Lets hope they are done beating people up with the flagpole for the night.
(Commercial Break) 9:30-17:00
Hugo: Weeee're baaaack!  AND it's time for Chicky's Sports Shop!!
The intro for the Sports Shop plays and we cut to the set.  Cue Victor.
Victor (wooden): It is my pleasure to introduce the hottest wrestler and manager in the World Wrestling Council.  Ladies and gentlemen, here is the most exciting, most charismatic, best dressed man in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr.
Chicky walks in wearing his athletic gear capped off with one of the Caribbean Tag Team Championships around his waist and sits down, not at all smiling.
Chicky: The WWC showed some footage last week that I was going to address this week.  I've got my lawyers working on the problem as I sit here talking and the WWC can expect to hear from them sooner rather than later.
Chicky pauses to collect himself.
Chicky: Bruiser Brody has been officially released from my service because the man, if you can call a man that barks as he stampedes around a man, is uncontrollable.  He can't win a championship if he can't stay anywhere near a damned ring.  When Abdullah the Butcher seems like a genius next to you, what does that say?
Chicky shakes his head and nods to himself.  He starts to smile as he continues.
Chicky: Now on to the good news.  Most of you at home know that los Mercenarios were, let's say, financially motivated to make things a little easier for Ronnie and myself.  Sure we could have won the tournament without them, and we certainly managed in the finals, but as my friend Hugo Savinovich always says, "every advantage counts!"
Chicky grins into the camera.
Chicky:  As such, the two men now walking into the Shop are now far more well off than they were a month ago.  If you want to spend it all at once there wil be more coming!
Los Mercenarios sit down and Merc 1 picks up a microphone.
Merc 1: So you liked our work then?
Chicky: I have this!  (Points at the belt)  I think that speaks for itself.  I also learned that I need to surround myself with allies if I want to keep all of my bones intact.
Merc 1: Or have your allies break bones first.
Chicky: You see?  I LOVE the way you think!  So much that I am willing to bring you on full-time as....associates in the Starr Corporation.  Because I do not run an army, I run a business.
Merc 1: If the pay is right.
Chicky: We can discuss that after the show.  I'd like to think that we can reach a deal, based on our earlier negotiations.
Merc 1: Yes, your offer was generous enough the first time.  Just know two things.  First, to keep us on full time costs more.  And second, if we get contracts on wrestlers you haven't told us not to attack we will take them.
Chicky: I can agree with that.  On to some personal business.  The WWC has told me that Invader 1 is already demanding a shot at the tag titles.  To that I say, you haven't earned anything!  BUT!  Not only are my cousin and I fighting champions, but we liked leaving you a bloody mess so much we are going to do it again on April 19th!  You have your match.
Merc 1: If you need something done about that sooner, we can discuss price.
Chicky: We can, yes.  It's time for the Nature Boy Ric Flair to take us out.
The recording of Flair's sign off plays as Chicky Starr and los Mercenarios exit the set.  Cut back to the arena.
Hugo: Our first match for Roberto Clemente!!
Rickin: And a big one, if it happens.  It seems los Mercenarios have found themselves permanent employment.
Hugo: Almost!  Chicky will have to pay them first!
Rickin: They served him well for the tournament.  I imagine he will.
Hugo: Chicky doesn't like to throw money away!  We'll see!
Rickin: I suppose we will.  I don't know what to expect as we see los Pastores come out.
Hugo: Hopefully los Tejanos know better than to interrupt their flag salute!
Rickin: If they were in the building last week I doubt they will do anything but watch.
Hugo: Do you think that will make any difference?!?
Rickin: No idea.  I've never understood what motivated los Pastores.
Hugo: Maybe they just like chaos and do everything they can to create it?
Rickin: That's as close as I have ever come to any real idea myself.
Hugo: Here they go with the flag!  I think they do this to make their opponents mad.
Rickin: That seems about right.
Hugo: It certainly makes the crowd angry!
Rickin: I imagine the earlier attack on Invader 3 helps there.
Hugo: It would.   Los Pastores are done quickly and rush the ring to attack los Tejanos!
Rickin: Referee Tomas Marin has called for the bell.
Los Tejanos vs. Los Pastores
Los Pastores are dominant, but get DQed for using the flag pole.  Ayala, Invader 1 and Colon run htem off with chairs.
Los Tejanos win by DQ in 2:58 when los Pastores begin using the flagpole.
Rickin: More of the same.
Hugo: I hope los Pastores are not in the building for the main event or it won't last long!
Rickin: It would gaurantee Ron and Chicky Starr hanging on to their belts.
Hugo: I don't think Chicky wants los Pastores anywhere near after what happened with Bruiser Brody!
Rickin: That's...probably true.  We'll be back after these messages with los Super Medicos at the desk before their match.  
(Commercial Break) 17:00-24:00
Rickin: We're back fans.  We have received word again that los Pastores have been removed from the building.   Los Super Medicos have made their way to the desk.  You two had a tough loss to los Primos Starr with Super Medico 2 injured at the hands of the Starrs as well.
Medico 1: Super Medico 2 was due to retire very soon anyway, but he's been a good partner for a long time.  I hate seeing him go out like this and the Starrs will pay!
Rickin: Los Invaders have already signed a contract to battle los Primos Starr on April 19th.  We'll have to see how badly injured Invader 3 is before we know whether or not that match takes place.
Medico 1: I have this feeling that if Invader 3 is even close to recovered he will be there.  Invader 2 was injured by the Starrs as well.  In the meantime I will be tagging with Super Medico 3.  We will be sharpening up our teamwork for when we getthe opportunity to get our revenge on the Starrs.
RIckin: It takes time to build tag team chemistry and make the teamwork smoother.
Medico 1: It does.  Super Medico 3 and I have teamed before.  Twelve men have teamed with me as a Super Medico before and there is some level of comfort with al of them.  For a team like the Starrs, Super Medico 3 and I will need to be on the same page all match.  We will be spending some time preparing for that match, whether it comes in April or later.
Rickin: I wish you luck in that endeavor.
Medico 1: Thank you Rickin, but it will take dedication, hard work and repetition to get that done.  We have no shortage of any of those things.  
Los Super Medicos head to the ring to cheers from the crowd, stopping to greet some fans along the way.
Rickin: A tough task ahead for los Super Medicos.
Hugo: Yes!  Teams need time to gel, even if they have teamed some before.  Super Medico 3 won't be in the same places or use the same moves as Super Medico 2.
Rickin: As Super Medico 1 mentioned, they should be able to get used to one another over time.
Hugo: That is really what it takes!  After you have tagged with a man enough you know how they wrestle.  You know where they need you to be and how to best complement them.  It's what separates great tag teams from good ones.  It is also the difference between a tag team and two stars who are teaming together.
Rickin: It is also why some wrestlers struggle in a singles environment.
Hugo: Yes.  When you are used to a man covering your weak spots or saving you from an opponent, it can be difficult to finish out matches in singles competition.
Rickin: There is the bell, we are ready to start.
Mr. X & Y vs. Super Medico 1 & 3
Medicos work together well enough, but spend a bit more times than they ought to in the ring without tagging.  Mr. X takes advantage on 3, but is cut off by a backdrop.  Medico 3 tags in Medico 1, who scoops 3 up and slams him down on top of X for the 3.
Super Medicos by pinfall in 5:49 with a slam/senton combination
Rickin: Not as smooth as 1 and 2, but it worked.
Hugo: They need work before they are ready for los Primos Starr!
Rickin: They said as much before the match, but I agree.  Luckily they have time.  Up next we'll hear from Carlitos Colon before our big main event.  
Hugo: I don't think Ayala and Colon can take the titles from Ron and Chicky!  They are not enough of a team!!
Rickin: I don't think you want to miss what's coming up fans.  We'll be right back.
(Commercial Break) 24:00-33:00
Rickin: Welcome back fans.  None other than Carlitos Colon has joined me at the desk.  We have seen a lot in the last few weeks, we know what is foremost on your mind though.
Colon: Ron and Chicky Starr crossed a line!  What they did to Invader 2 is unacceptable!
Rickin: If you listen to Chicky Starr, what Hercules Ayala did to Al Madril is the catalyst for that happening.
Colon: Hercules Ayala breaking Al Madril's leg was due to Madril's endless taunting after putting Victor Jovica out of the WWC for the last few months.  You may have noticed that Hercules took that whole situation very personally.
Rickin: And it appears that Chicky Starr took Madril's leg being broken just as personally.
Colon: That might be true.  He also might just be using it as an excuse to do something he intended to do anyway.  Either way, it doesn't end there!  Tonight Hercules Ayala and I will make sure Ron and Chicky Starr don't keep the Caribbean Tag Championships any longer.
Rickin: If the Sports Shop is any indication, Chicky Starr seems to be getting ready for a fight.
Colon: He has always been smart.  He knows we are coming for him and he's going to be ready for us.  But that won't stop us from avenging our fallen brother!  Los Pastores have something to answer for as well.
Rickin: It's never good to fight too many enemies at once and you seem to have no shortage these days.  In addition to Chicky Starr's corporation and los Pastores, it's likely Bam Bam will want the Universal Championship sooner rather than later.
Colon: And I'll be ready to take him on.  He has proved himself to be a very tough man in addition to his size and strength.  And if Bruiser Brody comes back without Chicky Starr as his manager I will deal with that too!
Rickin: Brody was out of control in Guaynabo.  Not difficult to believe given that it was Bruiser Brody.
Colon: Not at all.  He is difficult enough to fight when he stays within the confines of the wrestling ring.  It's another story when he's rampaging around ringside.  But I will continue to fight whatever fight I need to for all of these fans!  It's like I told Ric Flair.  This belt (points to the Universal Championship) is a symbol of hope for the Puerto Rican people!  I defend it with pride knowing that!  Not for me, but for all of these people!
Colon raises the belt above his head and begins to work his way through the adoring crowd back to the aisle where Invader 1 and Hercules Ayala wait.
Rickin: Carlitos seems like he is pretty emotional about Invader 2's injury.
Hugo: Both he and Invader 1 probably think they could have done more.
Rickin: That is very likely.  It is something Chicky Starr will try to manipulate.
Hugo: Don't forget that Hercules Ayala and Carlitos are not regular tag partners.  That will work against them as well!
Rickin: Both are accomplished singles wrestlers and hold titles.  That might be enough to tip the scales in their favor.
Hugo: Sometimes it works out like that.   Most times the more experienced team will win.
Rickin: Both are no strangers to the odds being stacked against them.  Ayala and Colon have reached the ring, and the crowd lets us know that Ron and Chicky Starr are on their way to the ring.  And Al Madril 
Hugo: Chicky seems to be enjoying showing off his belt to the crowd!
Rickin: I think we all knew he would.  Chicky has always wanted the adoration of the crowd.
Hugo: It's starting to look like he'll take the opposite as well...
Rickin: He is starting to look more like a man who thrives on the crowd hating him.  Perhaps winning the tag titles with his cousin has given him a confidence boost.
Hugo: I never saw Chicky as the type to need a confidence boost!
Rickin: The idea is not the most pleasant.  Madril is in a very pleasant mood given his condition.
Hugo: It's hard to bring Al down!  Ron and Chicky are handing him the belts.  I am starting to wonder if he's not here to-
Rickin: Referee Victor Qunionez has called for the bell and we're off.
Hercules Ayala & Carlitos Colon vs. Los Primos Starr © for the NWA WWC Caribbean Tag Team Championships
Ayala and Colon are on fire early, bouncing both Starrs around the ring.  Colon gets too close to the Starrs corner after being baited by Chicky and is the victim of double teams by the Starrs.  Colon is bloodied by Ron outside the ring using the ringpost.   Chicky cuts off a comeback attempt by Colon with a blatant low blow from his knees.  Colon with a reverse kick to the groin to Chicky but he can't make the tag as Ron cuts him off.  A jumping headbutt knocks Ron down but Colon is to dazed to make the tag right away.  He barely makes the tag as Chicky takes a tag from Ron and Ayala comes in hot.  He bounces off the ropes and takes a brutal shot from Madril with the crutch at ringside.  Ron hits the ring and DDTs Ayala before laying into Colon with right hands.  Colon fires back, but can't get over to break up Chicky's cover on Ayala.  The Starrs win the match by pinfall.
Los Primos Starr by pinfall in 16:24 with a brainbuster DDT
Hugo: What a match!  And I KNEW it!!  Al was here for revenge!
Rickin: The Starrs are shielding him from a very angry Invader 1 and Carlitos Colon.
Hugo: Al better make a break for it!  Well as much as he can because there is a brawl about to start!
RIckin: It looks like los Mercenarios have come out to protect Madril as the fight breaks out between the Starrs, Invader 1 and Colon.  And Ayala is coming to in the ring.  We have to go fans.  Be sure to tune in next week.

Tarzan Goto/Masashi Aoyagi/Azteca vs. Kai En Tai Indy World 7/22/98

01 March 2018 - 11:19 PM

This is for the Secret Santo project from Jetlag.  Link is below.



Togo ambushes Goto during entrances and it seems like these guys either have a feud or Goto is just pissed off by this.  Early on it is established that KDX have to use teamwork to overcome the fact they are severely outgunned by Goto, on even terms with Aoyagi and a little above Azteca.  This point is driven home by Goto no-selling everything thrown at him for the first 10+minutes of the match.  And destroying two members of KDX, but mostly Dick Togo.  He is entertaining in the way he does it though.  He makes Togo a chair necklace to bust him open, completely destroys a fan's umbrella and borrows the ref's belt.  Togo is great at being the face/heel (can't tell which in peril).  Aoyagi and Azeca get in on things, but this match is all about Goto wanting to murder Togo.  Goto takes things too far for Aoyagi when he grabs and breaks a beer bottle to stab Togo with.  KDX pounce on this opportunity to put Azteca away with a Togo top rope senton.  Goto no-sells most of Aoyagi's post-match offense as well.


Fun match with maybe a little too much no-selling by Goto.  Seems like he'd be far enough above KDX that it makes sense and I'm not sure I want Goto to be putting a lot of time into selling anyway.  KDX and Aoyagi play their roles well.  Azteca seems like he's around to do some lucha spots and eat the fall.  

Kenta Kobashi vs Johnny Ace 6/3/95 AJPW

23 February 2018 - 01:55 PM

JIP with a struggle over an apron suplex.  Ace hits a rope-assisted Ace crusher while dropping off the apron that looks brutal.  Kobashi can't seem to make anything stick for a while afterwards despite the usual 150% effort, and this sequence seems really well done.  Ace gets caught during this part while going up for a moonsault.  Kobashi is able to interrupt but Ace kicks him a few times and goes back on offense.  Ace hits the moonsault but doesn't get 3.  Kobashi takes over and hits a series of finisher level moves that he can't follow up on fast enough to make them a finish.  It's a good sequence but Kobashi working from underneath is way better than Ace working from underneath.  I liked Ace interrupting Kobashi's first moonsault attempt and using the taped , injured leg to drive it home a lot.  It's down to one minute left and Kobashi is still on top, but can't keep much moving forward without having to sell the leg.  Kobashi hits the moonsault with a little bit to spare, does he get the 3 or is it a draw?


Really good way to finish a match with these two.  I have some quibbles with Ace's corner lariats and knees.  But they told a really good story for what there was (9 minutes).  Wouldn't mind seeing the full match at all.