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Ole/Arn Anderson vs Rock 'N' Roll Express (NWA TV 07/19/1986)

02 February 2018 - 10:35 AM

Ole/Arn Anderson vs Rock 'N' Roll Express (NWA World Championship Wrestling 07/19/1986)

Unsure on the exact date as that was the date on the disc. Could have been on Worldwide though.

I'm going through Will's tremendous 4 Horsemen set and got to the disc that this match was on. Talk about a hidden gem!! First of all the crowd are as loud and rabid as hell and the Express are over like rover.

It's a long TV match too and it doesn't drag. The Anderson's are just great at stooging for the Express but are equally as good at getting all the heat from the crowd when they're in control. It's an excellent heel/babyface tag team match with the Express playing great faces and the Anderson's doing their great shit by going after limbs and trying to destroy them. The crowd are just screaming all the way through this.

They had another match not long after on the Bash tour that wasn't as good as this. Of course they'd go onto have a classic cage match at Starrcade, but I thought this was a very good, classic formula tag match. Goes around 25 minutes too with commercials.

Couldn't find anything about it online so I upped it to YT;

Ole Anderson destroys A Jobber in the ring circa 85/86

17 January 2018 - 10:44 AM

So i was listening to the What happened when episode on the horsemen with Shiavone and he told the story of when Ole Anderson decided to shoot on a Jobber in the ring after he refused to sell for him.
The story is here
Just wondered if anyone can remember it and knows when/where/who.

The Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam (WWF Vengeance) (12/09/2001)

30 December 2017 - 07:21 AM

The Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam (WWF Vengeance 2001)
So yeah, this was FUCKING LEGIT FUN AS FUCK. It's a hardcore match for the hard-ore championship.
The build up video is great too showing Taker beating up J.R and cementing his heel turn.
HOLY FUCK~~~~~!!!!!!
I know this match was rather great and a hidden gem but lordy did I enjoy revisiting this one. Taker has just transformed into 'Big Evil' and this was his first PPV match in thst incarnation. They fight all around the arena, using all sorts of weapons and RVD hits several big spots including diving off of the balcony and generally flying all over the shop.
Fun as fuck and despite losing, I though it still come out making RVD look good in that he had his fair share of offense in tgis and more than contributed to making it the match it is. These two meshed well and Taker already fitted nicely into his new persona.
Love how it starts out with RVD trying to hit and run his way around Taker. He does a great whirl off the too rope and he gets some nearfalls as he takes it to Taker until Taker dumps him over the ropes with a big boot.
Then it's mainly a super ass brawl all over the arena with Taker in control punishing RVD, who uses all his flying and hard-core skills to time his hope spots and try and inflict damage on Taker. Forget wrestling, this is just a wonderful, fun brawl that is just fun to enjoy. Keeps the pace fast too throughout and is a total blast.
Probably still under appreciated to a lot of fans who have simply forgotten about it.

Sami Callihan vs Brodie Lee (Evolve 8) (05/20/2011)

30 December 2017 - 03:16 AM

Sami Callihan vs Brodie Lee (Evolve 8)
This starts out similar to the Finlay match when Callihan goes straight for Lee as soon as the bell sounds but is met with a thunderous heavy slap to the face.
Definetly felt that one already.
I like the main basis of the match and thst again Sami uses the working from underneath formula that suits him. He's just trying to survive early on here as every attempt at some offense is met with clubs by Lee.
Some heavy slaps from Lee in this and Callihan and Lee engage in a killer chop battle. Callihan brings some big kicks to bring Lee down but Lee comes back with a big boot. Always love a big boot.
Callihan flips out the referee when he asks Callihan if he wants to quit. More defiance here just like in the Finlay match. Sami goes through the ropes and it descends into a brawl on the outside. More heavy chops and Sami is dead.
You've just gotta get behind Sami here as that plucky but tough babyface as he keeps coming back at Lee.
Last stretch of the match consists of both of them hitting everything and both getting some nearfalls. Lee can't keep Callihan down for good as he keeps surviving and fighting back and he rolls up Lee for a close 2 count.
Lee hits a Liger Bomb for 2 here too.
Sami eventually gets his comeback and hits one hell of a stiff flying forearm. He eventually puts Lee in the Stretch Muffler and he ends up tapping out.
Really enjoyed this. In this and the Finlay match, Sami is great as the underdog babyface surviving best he could but bringing the tenacity and toughness needed to come back and take it both of them. He just won't stay down and no matter what they throw at him, he hangs on in there without a care. Another good, stiff match.

Demolition vs The Brainbusters (07/29/1989) (Saturday Night's Main Event) (2/3 Falls)

28 December 2017 - 12:04 PM

Two of my favorite teams. This is for the tag team championships.


Demo were always one of my favouite tag teams as a kid and i always get a big smile as soon as their music hits. Tully and Ax start things off and Tully sneaks a punch on Smash on the apron. He soon bails to the outside but Smash is there waiting for him, who picks him up and press slams him right back into the ring.


The Demos take it in turns to punch poor Tully, who's bumping is really great here. Ax is soon caught in the corner and Arn and Tully try double teaming him but he manages to fight out and it spills to the outside and this is now a mauling by the Demos and the brainbusters regroup with Heenan.


Arn is suddenly the legal man and he gets in control until Smash dumps him on his ass and the Demos remain on top until Tully quickly blind tags in and the busters finally look to get some sustained offense in.


Arn now in and SPINEBUSTER ~~~~!!!! gets a 2 count. Tully gets in to double team Smash until Smash dumps Arn on the top rope and gets the pin to take the first fall.


Back from a break and the Demos are still in control as Ax is working over Arn. Tully manages to tag in and he's straight on Smash by ramming his throat into the bottom rope and the busters start double teaming Ax. Excellent work here as cut the ring off and Arn keeps Ax close to Tully. Ax manages to tag Smash in though and he goes HAM on both Arn and Tully.


Heenan gets on the apron and takes quite a nasty bump when Smash rams his throat in the corner post. Didn't look nice for Bobby tbh. Demos work over Tully in the ring and Andre makes his way out.


They hit their finisher on Tully but can't get a pin as the ref waives them off and the second fall ends in a DQ. Busters get the second fall and now it's 1-1. Did the ref DQ them for the prolonged double team then here?


Back from an ad break and Ax again is in there with Tully, who takes a big flying bump over the top ropes. Ax and Arn trade blows until Arn gets an atomic drop into the corner and they both bump heads. Arn gets the tag to Tully but so does Ax to Smash, who throws Tully into the corner.


Andre throws Arn a chair, who wallops Smash over the back of the head and Arn covers Smash to win the match and to finally end Demolition's title reign.


This was ok. Constant action with very little down time, but with a DQ in the second fall and fuckery in the third, it was very chaotic. There wasn't really much time for a sustained FIP segment either and as soon as any the Busters tried to gain some control, the Demos cut them off before long. But Tully was usually the one in sole trouble at times. Still a fun match thanks to Tully and his bumping, stooging and selling everything. It was mainly a story of Demos using their power and the busters doing anything to survive and using ways to stay in there and use any advantage they could to get the win.