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In Topic: HZK vs. Io Shirai (Stardom, 6/11/2017)

Yesterday, 03:29 PM

I thought this was really good. The dynamic was a bit different because this was more of #1 vs. #2 of a group rather than vet vs. youngster. Io shows HZK respect while still making sure to not create any doubt as to the pecking order of Queen's Quest. Nothing epic with the story here but in a way that's what makes this match enjoyable. ***1/2

In Topic: Current Joshi Talk

Yesterday, 03:14 PM

So, Io Shirai lost to ROH's Mandy Leon via submission.


Some people are upset but it sets up a major storyline for the tournament and establishes some unpredictability early on in the tournament. For the long term, Jungle Kyona losing to Toni Storm was a worse decision.


I hope Kris Wolf gets a WWE tryout for putting over Robbie Brookside's daughter.

In Topic: Current Joshi Talk

07 August 2017 - 08:55 AM

The lineup for Stardom's 5*GP:


Red Stars Block:
Mayu Iwatani
Yoko Bito
Hiromi Mimura
Hana Kimura
Xia Brookside
Kris Wolf
Blue Stars Block:
Io Shirai
Jungle Kyona
Tora or Nakano*
Toni Storm
Kay Lee Ray
Mandy Leon
* Natsuko Tora and Tam Nakano will have a qualifying match on August 13.
While the Red Block will have good matches, I don't get why you would put the current champ in the same block as four of the women who have had title shots against her in the last two months. Viper vs. each Oedo Tai member should fun, as well as Oedo Tai facing off with each other, but other than that they are just recycling matchups they just did.
Even if you took Io out, the Blue Block looks really fun. You have the younger stars of Stardom (Kyona, HZK, Konami) and two of Stardom's best foreigners (Storm, KLR,) that alone creates a lot of interesting matchups. Putting Io in mix makes it even better. The only negative is that it makes it very unlikely that either Kyona or HZK get the push that both need to help establish them higher up the card.


In Topic: Chihiro Hashimoto vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto (Sendai Girls, 6/10/2017)

07 August 2017 - 08:04 AM

Hiroyo's performance was smart tactically, if unspectacular. She learned that your best chance to beat Chihiro is to keep her from getting a snowball effect going because if that happens, good luck trying to stop her. Her attack on the neck ended up saving her at the finish, which was also a nice way to protect Chihiro as she was still able to get a nearfall off of it despite not being able to hold the bridge. It was a nice change of pace from the typical hard hitting, power move filled matches you get with these type of wrestlers. ***3/4

In Topic: The Mae Young Classic

01 August 2017 - 01:36 AM

Uh oh...


So, by my count, this is Sane's third concussion in less than two years.