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Yesterday, 09:48 AM

I never knew about pop groups like AKB48 till a few months ago. Reading about them, and seeing the similar fan demographics, made it clear what Stardom is trying to do.

In Topic: Current Joshi Talk

Yesterday, 01:26 AM

Stardom announced that they are introduce a new title at there show called the Future of Stardom. To compete for the title you have to be under the age of 20 or have less than two years of experience. I've seen some people dump on this, but honestly, this title immediately has more purpose than either the Artists, High Speed, or SWA titles. Hell, the way they've booked the Wonder of Stardom title the last while has made the SWA title redundant already. The Future of Stardom gives them a title that can have a meaningful mid-card role that can help along their younger or less experienced wrestlers.


Overall, I think it's clear that Tam Nakano is getting a big push and be positioned as the next Yuzupon. I would be really surprised if she didn't beat Io for the Wonder Stardom title and probably win either the Cinderella or 5* tournaments.  

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04 February 2018 - 11:01 PM

Breast implants?

In Topic: Io Shirai vs. HZK (Stardom, 12/24/2017)

30 January 2018 - 10:27 PM

This was the best match that these two have had all year. HZK had a strong performance showing a lot of pluck standing up to Io. I really liked how the match didn't rely on the typical 'vet gets over confident' transition and allowed HZK to find more competitive ways to get back on offense. Io's performance was a bit muted but that seemed intentional as to not outshine HZK. A solid, interesting match. ***3/4

In Topic: Misaki Ohata vs. Nagisa Nozaki (WAVE, 11/26/2017)

14 January 2018 - 06:20 AM

WAVE doesn't get much right with their booking but they sure did a fantastic job the previous two months getting over Nozaki's sleeper as an instant finisher. They really hammer that point home in the early going of this match as Nozaki is constantly going for the hold that Ohata gets so desperate to counter it that she just straight up grabs Nozaki by the throat to get out of it. Nozaki smartly uses the threat of the sleeper to keep working Ohata over while she is off balance. Ohata's only option to counter is to go at Nozaki hard when she has any opportunity that she has, causing her to take more risks while still leaving herself open to be countered with the sleeper. Very strong match based on competing strategies. ****1/4