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Io Shirai, HZK, & AZM vs. Kairi Hojo, Konami, & Hiromi Mimura (Stardom 5/6/17)

20 May 2017 - 11:23 AM

This is for Queen's Quest's Artists of Stardom Titles. This is yet another match in the line of smoothly worked QQ trios matches that have happened in the last few months. They control the match in the early going with some slick triple teams. The action is fairly quick throughout, even Mimura and AZM do a solid job working the finish. QQ cut off Mimura from the rest of her team and seemingly had the match won but Mimura gets surprise rollup on AZM to get the upset. ***1/2

Kairi Hojo vs. Toni Storm (Stardom 5/3/17)

13 May 2017 - 08:57 AM

Even though both women have titles at this time, this is a non-title match. The opening to this has some really good matwork as Hojo goes all shootstyle to try and counter Storm's British style. Things take a different turn in the middle of the match when Storm goes after Hojo with her butt attacks so Hojo decides to start working over her butt. This isn't a comedy spot, Hojo legitimately works over Storm's butt like it's her arm or back. It's weird. Still, if you get past that awkwardness, the rest of the match is really well worked. The nearfalls leading up to the draw are well worked but at fifteen minutes it is a bit short. ***1/2 

Kairi Hojo vs. HZK (Stardom 4/30/17)

07 May 2017 - 11:45 PM

This is a second round match of the Cinderella tournament. Another strong showing for HZK. Her offense isn't flashy but she's getting smarter at knowing how to use it and her heel persona effective. Hojo gives her a lot here as HZK controls most of the match and Hojo has to earn all of her comebacks. Even the draw finish makes HZK look good as she gets a bit to cocky leading her to hit finisher too late but still could have finished off Hojo. Another strong short match from this show. ***1/2

Io Shirai vs. Hana Kimura (Stardom 4/30/17)

06 May 2017 - 09:15 AM

Considering that this match was getting the most buzz before this show, it's surprising how little talk there has been about it since it was a damn good match. Fun spot at the start as Io almost eliminates Hana while she was posing. After that, this is pretty much a seven-ish minute display on why Io is so great right now. Hana more than holds up her end, which was impressive given she hasn't even worked for a full year yet. A great short match. ***3/4

Jungle Kyona vs. HZK (Stardom 4/30/17)

02 May 2017 - 03:09 AM

This is the opener of Stardom's Cinderella Tournament, which is a one night, single elimination tournament. Each match, excluding the final, has a ten minute time limit and you can also win by throwing your opponent over the top rope. This was a really scrappy sprint as these two have started a spirited feud over the last few shows. They go right after each other from the start, including doing some nice nearfalls to get over the over the top rule.  After that, it becomes a big rush of strike exchanges and bomb throwing. This definitely looks to be the rivalry to watch in the future for Stardom. ***3/4