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In Topic: Wrestling Project

Today, 10:24 PM

I've been meaning to get into World of Sport at some point and a project like this seems like a nice entryway. Ditto for diving into Puerto Rico or Lucha. How intensive would you envision this kind of thing being? A few matches a week? Would the idea be to have these mini projects going simultaneously or one at a time? Just a few questions as I think the idea is really promising and solid.

In Topic: Typhoon

Yesterday, 08:25 PM

Natural Disasters vs. Paul Perez and Phil Apollo (9/8/91)


Typhoon and Earthquake use their over the shoulder backbreaker to bearhug combo in this.  I'm finding, sadly, more and more cool Earthquake stuff in these while Typhoon throws these incredibly stationary back elbows.  Earthquake has an awesome belly to belly and then does a double bicep taunt.  He's the man.  Earthquake really gets a bulk of the offense in the middle here.  It's a shame that Typhoon has no real mean streak, at least at this point in the run. 


Natural Disasters vs. Joe Milano and Martin Roy (9/28/91)


Hawk is giving an unintelligible promo as the match begins.  Earthquake's red boots are snazzy and he viciously pounds on Milano's back.  God bless Roy Martin trying to start up a clap on the apron, like the fans were going to go for that.  Typhoon adds some oomph to his shoulder block and Milano pinball bumps for him.  These squashes are starting to become just a bit more vicious and defined and you can buy them as a huge threat to the LOD coming up.  Typhoon didn't see much time here but this had a definite edge to it.  Typhoon steps on Milano's torso as they exit the ring.

In Topic: Proposal for 2018: Match Review Trades

Yesterday, 10:00 AM

Laz, I saw you speak highly of EYFBO (I like them a ton too). So I chose a match between two other indy teams I really enjoy in a good setting. It is the Ugly Ducklings vs OI4K.


In Topic: The Dupps vs Russ & Charlie Haas (WWF 08/15/00)

13 January 2018 - 12:48 PM

Haas brothers showed some nice stuff.  The Dupps were not that inspiring when in control and there were some pretty rough moments of miscommunication in the end stretch.  It is interesting to see a pretty empty arena not reacting much when these guys are busting their ass.  These four got some time to let this breathe a little and it was a fine showcase, particularly for the Haas brothers. 



In Topic: CIMA, Sumo Fuji & Judo Suwa vs Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguch...

13 January 2018 - 12:37 PM

Oh I was super high on this.  Dragon Kid makes a good ragdoll and takes all kinds of team moves from Crazy Max and then the comeback is satisfying as a bunch of gang warfare moves go wrong for Crazy Max and allows the opportunity for a comeback.  Genki and Dragon Kid mainly reel off a bunch of entertaining offense pushing closer to the finishing run but Genki gets powerbombed by Fuji to turn the tide once more.  CIMA and Saito then go into an extended run of close nearfalls, giving Saito some really clever and credible near finishes without resorting to a bunch of moves to get there.  CIMA brilliantly rolls through another rollup and hits the Iconoclasm for a good nearfall.  They finally divide and conquer and get one more great false finish from Saito before Fuji puts him away for good.  This was really really good.