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Low Ki vs Xavier (ICW 06/30/2001, Ladder Match)

01 February 2018 - 07:20 PM

This was wild.  The ladder spots hold up big time even in the current landscape and Xavier especially just takes a hellacious beating here.  Low Ki draping him upside down from the ladder and laying into him with kicks was brutal. The suplex onto the ladder between the guardrail and apron looked like it killed Xavier's shoulder and back.  These guys were incredibly crisp with everything too and, though it's filled with great spots, it has enough to keep it held together.


Xavier really looks like a total pro and provides a good counter to Ki early on, using cheap shots and different tricks to keep turning the tide.  Later, though, as it escalates, he proves he can totally hang athletically hitting his crazy rope-assisted moonsault to the floor and powerbombing Ki over the ladder. 


It's just a crazy contest and Ki is clearly going to be undeniable even if they do work a cheap finish and restart into the outcome.  A very dangerous Ki Crusher from the top of the ladder nearly ends in disaster and Ki grabs the belt to win an awesome match.



Andre the Giant vs Kamala (WWF 10/21/84)

04 January 2018 - 07:17 PM

So this was a really awesome Andre performance, first and foremost.  The amount of sympathy that he garners while making Kamala look like a dangerous killer is astonishing.  Here you have this giant of a man that the crowd loves and he takes Kamala's chops and bites and stumbles and staggers around the ring, carrying himself like some brittle big target that's being beaten down.  There is a part in the match where Kamala goes for the door to escape and Andre uses all his strength to go after him and stop him, selling the entire time, slumping into the ropes after he's made the save.


Kamala is always fun to watch and his wildness adds to the match.  What he lacks in physicality is made up for in his presentation and the moments where he resorts to biting and slapping his belly and getting confused by the rules kind of enhance the element of danger.  We also get some really fun Andre hip attacks and he comes off the top rope with a sitting splash for a really emphatic ending.  This was a lot of fun, and a really good example of Andre working as a sympathetic underdog to great effect.

Frankie Kazarian & Keiji Sakoda vs Eric Matlock & Devon Willis (IWC Socal 08/11...

29 December 2017 - 10:21 PM

This was a very very enjoyable sprint tag from IWC Socal.  I don't know what became of them but Matlock and Willis are an exciting team and look really polished as a unit, finishing the match with a sort of proto-Shatter Machine.  Both guys kept up their end of the bargain while Kazarian flawlessly busted out some great springboard spots and really looked like a big-leaguer in the making.  Sakoda was probably the least impressive in this but he didn't stick out terribly.  This match feels like a step up from IWC Socal's previous offerings and also a much better look at Kazarian.




28 December 2017 - 05:25 PM

Projects motivate me and I've been looking to take somebody totally random and do a deep dive on them to find. . . something.  Mostly, just to give me something to pursue and I think it'll be fun.  Typhoon popped into my mind as he so often does and so here comes a retrospective on the run of Typhoon in the WWF.


Natural Disasters vs. Bill Sampson and Bob Abbott (6/29/91)


This is on Superstars and it's right after Typhoon turned on the Bushwhackers and eschewed the Tugboat identity.   Vince and Piper spend a lot of time recounting why Typhoon felt disrespected and call back to him getting thrown out of the Rumble by Hogan.  I remember none of this.


As for the match there is hardly anything here except Earthquake throwing an ugly knee to the gut and Typhoon dropping a nice hearty elbow to the chest. 


Natural Disasters vs. Matthew Burns and Scott Carlson (7/7/91)


From Wrestling Challenge.  This is a tad bit meatier and more enjoyable than their TV debut.  Typhoon hits two nice splashes in the corner and disdainfully steps over one of the scrubs on his way to tag in Earthquake.  It should be noted that Earthquake hits some sweet leaping toe kicks in the corner.  We get a Bushwhackers insert promo during the match.  Typhoon's splash to set up the Earthquake splash looked really good.  Not a great squash or anything but not bad.


Natural Disasters vs. Bobby Jones and Larry Ludden (7/21/91)


Nothing of note here as they build to a Summerslam match against Bushwhackers.  Typhoon gets to shrug off some dropkicks before hitting his big splash in the corner but Earthquake pretty easily upstages him in this.  Much better at using his agility and far better presence too.  I do love the double team finish with Typhoon finishing things off with his typhoon splash this time.


Looking forward to this.

Ricky Reyes vs Sun Warrior (IWC Socal 08/04/00)

09 December 2017 - 10:54 PM

This is apparently the main event of this show.  There are some tentative moments in here but Reyes looks pretty good taking Sun Warrior's stuff.  Sun Warrior is kind of gangly and not very graceful flying around so it's nice that Reyes keeps this pretty coherent.  Reyes doesn't really show a ton and doesn't have a very compelling offensive arsenal here but this was okay.