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Koki Kitahara vs. JR Carson (Kitao Pro 6/14/1994)

11 September 2017 - 06:45 PM

This was too bizarre for me not to love. Carson wrestles like a prototypical 1990s american heavyweight, doing worked kickstomps and shoulder blocks. There's a section where he just stands there and lets Kitahara kicks him for a while, and then kinda brushes it off. Finish sees Kitahara hit a brutal knee followed by a Reverse WAR Special which looks more like a forgotten nasty shoulder/neck lock from on old instructional than what you'd expect a Reverse WAR Special to look (a dumb double underhook), after which he swears at Carson and they both act as it had been a shoot. Magnificently weird. **3/4

Akio Kobayashi vs. Nobukazu Hirai (Kitao Pro 6/14/1994)

11 September 2017 - 06:30 PM

Fun little wrestler vs karateka match. Kobayashi didn't particularly impress here but Hirai looked amazing, really carried the match with his selling (which made Kobayashi's offence seem three times better than it did) and timing of comebacks and takedowns, as well as neat suplexes. ***

Hechicero vs Satoshi Kojima (Lucha Memes 9/3/2017)

11 September 2017 - 04:22 PM

I didn't have any expectations coming into this but it was such a weird match-up I just had to watch it. I'm sure everyone remembers the well known story of Kobashi coming into ROH expecting nobody to know him and being ready to play a generic stereotypical heel-that's kinda what happened with Kojima here. Some of his offence really did look more suited for lucha than traditional jwres-some of it due to the lack of stiffness, some of due to how cartoony his mannerisms were. Kojima did manage to get heat for whatever that's worth, but watching him cosplay Dr.Wagner Jr. in playing to the crowd more than doing anything wasn't interesting. Structurally the match wasn't much-Kojima's control segments consisted of doing stomps, yelling and occasionally doing a move, Hechicero would get on offence and do a couple of cool moves before a generic transition into more Kojima stuff, and this match really was a stark reminder of how bad a lot of Kojima's stuff looks. Weak chops, generic stomps, lazy attempts of legwork, weak lariats, he may have the weakest rolling elbow of all time.....I mean it's not like he's bad or there haven't been instances where he's worked through it but he's not exactly a guy whose lazier performances you'd crave for. I'm way bigger on Hechicero's pain by the numbers stuff but he was not in a mood for a carry job. **1/2

Hechicero vs Titan (CMLL 8/29/2017)

30 August 2017 - 04:39 PM

Really cool lightning match noteworthy for Hechicero clowning Titan. It all starts with Titan going for his headstand spot where Hechicero just shoves him off and kicks him in the arm, which starts a very good armwork segment where Hechicero got a chance to use some really cool offence, in particular he did a kneedrop using the guardrail on the ramp that came out of the blue. Titan got to get his dives in and they looked good, but really you want to see this for Titan going for one his flip-flops and Hechicero just leveling him with a chest slap. Not being to able to lock an armbar properly is more than I expected from Titan's selling, which was otherwise limited to holding his injured arm inbetween spots. ***1/4

2000 MOTY Yes/No Thread

22 August 2017 - 02:00 PM

Your newest addition to the PWO2K project!


The format:



wrestler 1 vs wrestler 2 (promotion/show name (depending on whether a promotion has its own category) date in american style (year is redundant)



wrestler 1 is the higher ranked one before the match, don't let your subconsciousness take over and make you post the winner of the match first

wrestler 2 is consequently the lower ranked one


The criteria:

You have your own ratings, whether they be in stars, numbers, percentages, chopsticks, descriptions or whatever. Maybe you don't give out ratings at all, it hardly matters. The MOTY thread is supposed to be filled with great matches, or the closest thing we can get to them. Doing a "best of year x voting" is something I always keep in mind with these. I'm not making any promises it'll come to fruition, but with a well done list and formatted list is something you can use as a good source, add on to and use for this purpose even years later. These lists can contain various numbers of matches, whether it be 10 or 100, but I'd say one with 20-30 hits the sweet spot of where you have enough to provide variety and have some discoveries make it without going overboard  and making the list too broad and letting matches that don't leave an average viewer with the impression of greatness. As I said in the first MOTY thread made (for 2016) it's recommended you vote yes on more matches than that, since you are going to naturally be considering more than just the number given out for your list. If you give yes to just 15 matches, you couldn't make a list, and if you couldn't that means you don't understand the criteria. Same thing if you give a yes to 65 matches-it's cool that you like wrestling so much, but please be considerate of the criteria and seriously think about whether that match would seriously have a chance at making your list.