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In Topic: El Satanico vs Lizmark 07/14/98

17 March 2017 - 09:34 AM

When I last watched this match, I thought Lizmark looked pretty washed up, but his fundamentals and title match experience allowed him to hold up his end. Satanico I thought looked as good as ever and gave a strong performance, which is saying something given that I'd long since lost interest in watching him.


The other reason this match was amazing is that I'm more convinced than ever that Lizmark fucking sucks. He just cannot have consistently good performances against Satanico who is probably the easiest guy in the history of wrestling to have a good match with other than maybe Flair or Funk. Lizmark has a tendency to dominate their matches and this wasn't really any different in that regard only his mat work looked particularly sloppy and loose in this. The first fall was not good and I get the impression Satanico realized that because he turned his shit up in the 2nd fall and used Lizmark's desire to slap on a hold and sit in it to bust out this classic selling of the chinlock.


These two have had a lot of singles matches with each other over the years and you'd assume they would be a classic tecnico vs rudo matchup. They hit it out of the park once in I want to say 1993, but all their other matches I've found to be fairly disappointing in one way or another. This is definitely worth watching and is a great example of someone (Satanico) having a terrific individual performance in a match that wasn't all that great.



Sometimes I wonder if Satanico boosters are the biggest reason I got so sick of the man. Lizmark had multiple matches with La Parka and Jerry Estrada, and the average match in those series was better than the average match in the Satanico series. I agree that he took too much of the Satanico fights, but most of his matches don't go like that. Using just the Satanico matches as an indictment on his overall ability is classic tunnel vision. I also question the logic of using "performance vs Satanico" as any sort of barometer. Satanico vs anyone is always going to be a Satanico match, and Satanico matches are the kind where even if he helps "anyone" have a good match the guy isn't going to actually look better in it.


But that's how it is with Satanico. Bad matches are always the other guy's fault, any good performance (doesn't even have to be a good match) confirms the great man's ability, and in the end Satanico is still a strong contender for number one all time. Here we have Satanico carrying a sucky guy who didn't actually suck to a decent match. Doesn't really sound like the stuff of alltime greats, as you'd think they should find a way to get the most out of a weak opponent rather than just working around him, but then those guys don't make those incredible Satanico faces in every single fucking match.

In Topic: Rhyming Match-ups.

15 February 2017 - 12:18 AM

Cactus Jack vs Hardcore Hak

Eddy Guerrero vs Villano Tercero

Hansen and Brody vs (Charly) Manson and Lodi

Maxx Payne and Damien Kane vs Steven Dane and Lenny Lane

Tank Abbott vs Baby Rabbit

Insane Clown Posse vs Ted DiBiase

Doink the Clown vs Bad News Brown

William Regal vs Starship Eagle (an ECW match at Barely Legal)

Mile Zrno vs Disco Inferno

Edge and Christian vs Men on a Mission


Commentary would be handled by Stevie Ray and Mike Tenay.

In Topic: The greatest match of all time

31 January 2017 - 05:17 PM

I like Angel Azteca vs Dandy more than Sangre Chicana vs MS-1. Some of that is just preferring championship style wrestling to a brawl, but I also think that in this case the title match was simply more interesting. Chicana vs MS-1 was not really that different from hundreds of other hair vs hair matches in terms of how it progressed. It's just that the wrestlers and the crowd were incredible. Angel Azteca and Dandy tried to wrestle a match that was not just better than but also different from the standard good title fight. AA vs Dandy also doesn't have anything as objectively poor as those MS-1 punches that he winged right over Chicana's head, although I'm not really a stickler for "good stiff strikes."


As a bit of an aside, I thought that the refereeing in both matches was very good.

In Topic: Why does puro get so much love? Why does lucha get so dismissed?

27 December 2016 - 08:06 PM

But that's the sort of thing I'd hope Lucha fans would be more invested in. Less who is or isn't into lucha and more debate on what are the great matches and why.

Like I have Casas vs Mocha from 94 (*I think*) 4.75. I'm much more interested in the conversation about if that really is a near-classic than in the conversation about whether lucha is any good or the topic of this thread.

I'm sorry, but who are you trying to kid with this? Everything you've said in this thread goes against the idea that you just want to learn and talk about the matches. If you didn't want a conversation about whether the style is any good then you shouldn't have started the conversation by saying that the style isn't any good.


On the other hand, this entire post has the sincerity and timing of Fuerza Guerrera reluctantly entering the ring with his hand outstretched, looking for nothing but a handshake, so kudos on your homage to one of the greats.

In Topic: RIP Mocho Cota

26 December 2016 - 05:52 PM

Incredible charisma + Incredible skill.

Yeah, I agree with this, and to me the skill tied his character together. It made him into almost an evil genius rather than just a trash talker.


Does anyone know anything about Cota's listed maestro, Reveles Lopez? It looks like he was not a big name among trainers, which would mean that Cota got as far as he did without a boost from any kind of pedigree.