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Pirata Morgan vs MS-1 (CMLL 03/15/91, Hair Match)

12 June 2016 - 07:03 PM


I knew this had to have been taped, but I've never been able to find someone who has it. Luckily it was uploaded to Youtube today and now we actually have a one on one match from this brief period when Pirata was a tecnico.


28 May 2016 - 05:13 PM

I could watch Lizmark matches all day. I won't, I'll try to keep it to two per, but to me he's one of the most watchable wrestlers out there. Like all tecnicos he had his spots that he tried to use in all of his matches, but through some combination of likability and effort he never got boring. Well, I'm not too familiar with this millennium Lizmark, so actually that remains to be seen. Most of these will end up being from 1989-1994 simply because that hits the sweet spot of TV+push, but I'll try to pepper in stuff from before and after as well.


January 27 1994

Lizmark/Rey Misterio/Rey Misterio Jr. vs Jerry Estrada/La Parka/Espanto Jr.

What better way to kick off a look at Lizmark than a match featuring a brilliant performance from... Jerry Estrada? This was in Rey Sr's hometown of Tijuana, and he and Estrada matched up either to set something up for several months down the road or just because they thought it would be interesting here. Either way Estrada was beautiful. He didn't even do anything particularly awful to Misterio, it was just the contrast between how smug he was when he had things under control and how quickly he'd scuttle for safety at the mere hint of danger. I suppose that sounds like fairly generic praise, as to some extent every rudo is like that, but with Estrada it works so perfectly because his whole character is that he's a punk. Even when Rey Sr. was on the apron Estrada managed to be a dick, press slamming Jr. with one hand and turning to Uncle to talk some shit.


It all might have gone down as nothing more than some nice character stuff from Estrada, but the two nonprincipals on each team did an excellent job of working a match around the two important figures. Parka and Espanto were perfect goons, and they spent the first fall picking off Jr. and Lizmark every time they jumped in the ring and made a move for Estrada. AAA matches didn't always have that. A lot of times they'd have three separate but equal matchups even when only one of them mattered in the booking. Here Estrada was always the center of the action. It was interesting to watch Espanto Jr. just because how often do you get to see him away from Hijo del Santo? He worked it both on offense and defense, badmouthing Lizmark and later leaping back in shock when Rey Jr. sprang to his feet. Misterio Sr. also was very impressive. It doesn't seem like he gets much discussion as a worker, so I have no clue what his reputation is, but his selling in the crowd was terrific.


For the first two falls this was an outstanding Monterrey styled brawl and not even the bottom rope breaking could thwart the rhythm the workers had going, but they lost it with the third fall. The rudos had dominated the first 1.5 falls and the tecnicos made their comeback midway through the second. Instead of going home from there, they went with another rudo controlled fall in the third, which felt like taking the match back to places it had already been. They underscored that point by repeating spots from earlier in the match, and by the end the whole thing had ground to a stop with Lizmark tied to the ringpost and Estrada winning on a truly uncreative fake foul. On the Lizmark front, he was good but clearly the third man on his team. I liked it more when he was pissed off and trying to get to Estrada than when he was on offense, although he did stomp on Parka's foot and fling him into the crowd. Even with the disappointing ending this was still a quite good match overall.


February 28 1992

Lizmark/Octagon/Mascara Sagrada vs Pierroth Jr./Emilio Charles Jr./Jerry Estrada

Unremarkable match that was above average only because it had enough good workers in it to always be watchable. Like the last one they worked in two stretches of rudo dominance and two tecnico comebacks which made the whole thing seem longer than it was. Pierroth and Mascara Sagrada continued their rivalry and Pierroth even bled. They weren't building to anything, and Sagrada's assault didn't really merit a bladejob, so the blood just felt cheap. Lizmark and Estrada were good together and Emilio looked like he was just as good a matchup for Octagon as Fuerza. The best part of the match was when the rudos were getting their asses kicked and Pierroth gathered his troops on the outside. Apparently his battle plan was "Emilio, have one of them turn his back to us, and then Estrada, you jump him from behind." Not exactly a creative strategem, but it worked.