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When did they make the leap?

22 March 2018 - 10:07 PM

I was watching a match from early 1995 AAA recently and was thinking to myself, "Damn, Eddy looks better here than I ever remember him being when teaming with Love Machine." And it got me wondering if that was when he first became a great worker, and also if there was anyone out there you could pinpoint the moment or match when it happened for.


So yeah. The moment when you thought X went from good to great (or, if you'd prefer, from bad to good, or whatever).

Felino vs Mascara Magica (CMLL 05/21/96)

13 February 2018 - 05:53 PM

This was a pleasant surprise, as I'd actually listed this match in a thread about videos you hope surface some day. It's nice when your hopes get answered but even better when what you hoped for more than lives up to your expectations for it. El Felino and Mascara Magica got over thirty minutes at Arena Coliseo to have a great match. That was it--no clipping, no rushing, and the promotion actually gave them a bit of controversy to help the match feel bigger. It was one of those title fights where they actually set out to hurt each other. The holds in the first fall were tough and hard fought, in addition to being technically very good, but it was afterwards that they turned things up. Fans of working a body part even got the kind of payoff they love when Mascara tried to catch Felino in the same hold he'd won the first fall with and couldn't lock it in because of the damage inflicted on his arm. Eventually Mascara wiped out Felino with a somersault tope and just barely made it in the ring before the ref got to twenty, but he got counted out on the most technical of technicalities: he didn't get his foot back in under the rope. It was a brilliant screwjob. Mascara threw a tantrum (and continued to complain even after the match had ended and it was well past the point of being inappropriate), and the commissioner decided to settle things with a fourth fall. This brought out the big Felino spots that I'd been dreading--they're a lot like what you hear about Kurt Angle's big spots--but after twenty plus minutes of intense technical wrestling, they were tolerable and maybe even kind of good as the finale to a contest like this one.


The Youtube description calls this the best performance of Mascara Magica's career, and I have no dispute with that (although I do think he's pretty underrated), but this is the most I've ever liked Felino, too. Usually he annoys me, but he was great as the veteran of the match. He was better than usual working holds and he seemed so poised. Even the cheating, which often feels like cheap heat when in a title match or coming from Felino, felt like desperate moves that he had to sneak in. Top five match for 1996 CMLL, in my opinion.

La Fiera vs Sangre Chicana (CMLL 07/02/93)

09 August 2017 - 10:55 PM

This was one of those matches that had a lot of good moments which didn't really fit together. I can see people liking a lot of them, but at the end of the day you have an apuestas match in which things started off almost gentlemanly, Sangre Chicana threw away a fall for no real reason, and Fiera won with a fluky and botched rollup while not looking like a conquering hero. Even in the prematch video package, included to make this feel like a bigtime event, something felt off, as you could see that it wasn't even Chicana who turned on Fiera first. And the bottle shot made no sense. It was a cool image and everything, but it's not like Fiera had been making a comeback or done anything to piss Chicana off. Why wantonly pick a moment in the second fall to take all that anger out on him? I guess you could argue that it fit with Chicana taking random breaks from the fighting to talk to members of the audience, but it's still the weakest way possible for a tecnico to even things up. On a positive note, Fiera's selling really was outstanding, and I liked how committed they were to those ribs. I'd have preferred wild violence to working over a body part, but if you decide to go the latter route then at least make it mean something. Less than the sum of its parts match.

La Fiera vs Black Magic (CMLL 04/17/92)

01 August 2017 - 11:11 PM

Just two weeks after his failed title challenge Fiera found himself in another one on one. He cut a promo about continuing Blue Panther's mission of ridding Mexico of its foreigners while flocked by some giddy rudo fans, and then he spent the first fall putting on a rudo masterpiece. He kicked Black Magic's ass all over the ring and treated him like the newcomer he was, and made rudo referee Gato Montini his half-witting accomplice. The clothesline with the chain was pure brilliance, and as a token of appreciation he clapped right in Montini's face afterward, just to let the ref know how much of a sucker he'd been. Everything in the ring was under Fiera's control. After the fall he wore the biggest, smuggest grin on his face while even getting some Me-xi-co chants. And then by the end of the match he was threatening to kick Montini, the man he'd figured was in his back pocket, right in the face, and screaming about how it was all bullshit, that a man of only physique could never defeat someone who truly understands the sport. By this point the crowd was chanting for Magic, much to Fiera's shock, and he pretty much sealed the deal when he backed out of a postmatch fight just like Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13. His contemptuous look back towards the ring would have made the Hitman proud, too. So by the end of the match Fiera hadn't just put over Magic, he'd given him the crowd and told a twenty minute story of his own unraveling. The actual wrestling wasn't that interesting but for performance and meeting the booking's goal this was excellent.

Emilio Charles Jr. vs La Fiera (CMLL 04/01/94)

30 July 2017 - 10:16 PM

Fierathon 2017 continues with this mano a mano from both guys' postprime. Emilio came out to a CMLLized version of Pelo Suelto that was pretty cool. One of the comments on Youtube says that he sang it, but I don't know about that. It didn't sound like his voice. Fiera wore a jacket that just said "WRESTLING" on the back and had Van Halen entrance music, so I think the early advantage went to Emilio. He did a really good job beating the hell out of Fiera, one of the better one on one performances I can recall from him actually, and Fiera again bumped and sold as well as you could expect. It really does impress me how a guy who I think of as SUCH a nasty rudo can be so sympathetic. But then again that's wrestling. This was also a match in which he got violent for his comeback, although I could have done without the Randy Savage arm twirls. The finishing stretch seemed abbreviated and I thought Fiera won the second fall a bit too easily, but what really stopped this from being anything special was that it's 2017 and I can look it up and see that they had a hair vs hair in two weeks, so what does it matter who wins this one? Still a good match and a good Fiera performance, no small feat in 1994 CMLL.