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Jimmy Havoc vs Joey Janela (Progress Super Strong Style 16 - Deathmatch - 5/7/2018

16 May 2018 - 06:58 AM

Fuck me running. These two are fucking crazy people. I didn’t like this quite as much as their NYC match, but this was still a ton of fun. This felt a little more like they were moving form thing to thing. On the other hand, it also felt a good bit more brutal on the hole.  Janela wound up with a nasty cut down his back, I believe from the barb wire. Havoc did a fucking top rope double stomp on to tacks with no shoes on. Both men walloped each other with some chairs and pans and the like. This was a ton of fun and moved at quite the pace.  All the cringy moments where there and both men looked absolutely insane during different parts of the match, which was more or less what we were going for here. The funny thing is I felt like Janela was the star of their first match and he lost. I thought Havoc was the star here and he lost. That is really the sign of good wrestling in a way. Even though I felt this was a touch more aimless than NYC, they never lost the plot as they integrated death-match tropes and brutality They even did some fun callbacks to their other match, like a cinder block spot that looked like it probably fucked Janela’s shoulder up pretty bad.  This was just a lot of good stuff. ****


This doesn't really go into my rating of the match, but this segment as a whole was top notch wrestling. After a very good and wild match, Havoc cut one of the most believable and subtly visceral promos I have seen in a really long time on Jim Smallman. As that was coming to an end Will Ospreay came out and challenged Havoc to a match at Wembley in Sept. The challenge itself was pretty good and then Havoc does some psycho Flair bumps on fucking tacks. This really did set some anticipating for their match. Everything flowed seamlessly here. We got a really good/fun match, a great promo, and good set up for a future match... that is a quality wrestling segment.

Kassius Ohno vs Zack Sabre Jr (Progress Super Strong Style 16 Final - 5/7/2018)

16 May 2018 - 06:48 AM

Well, I can’t say I expected these two to be in the finals of this tournament.... NJPW contracted Sabre vs a WWE (NXT) contract Ohno in the finals of the biggest indy wrestling tournament in all of Europe, but here we are. The story of the tournament might have been Hero sort of slowly but surely getting his wheels back under him and improving in each round, looking a little more crisp and a little more ready to go.  Sabre was Sabre all weekend, defiant and in people’s faces, being a real prick about everything and beating everyone despite it.  Hero starts hard here and gets going early. Of course he is somewhat slowly broken down until Sabre can start to work the legs. Sabre actually works both legs, more chipping away at each, almost alternating which he worked on. He doesn’t go in for the kill on just one leg like you usually see. He, instead, works over both to just keep him week, especially in the thighs. I wish that was built up more in the commentary. Whenever i see someone work more than one body part I kind of like the logic of it, but it rarely gets talked up and if it gets mentioned it is almost in a questioning manner. It really came back in the pin when Sabre bridges back and Hero can’t use the power in his legs to kick out.  Both men work with a fair bit of urgency and you can see them almost hitting their 2016 stride with one another.  


Here is the thing and this is the thing that just kept bugging me a bit. I am very mixed on Sabre’s selective selling, those moments where he just ignores massive strikes to be cocky. In some places I think it makes sense. I reads perfectly to me with what he is trying to do. Him no selling some stuff at the end of the three day tournament on the other hand doesn’t resonate with  me. There is a place he takes a boot to the head and just gets up and attacks Hero. It isn’t really fighting spirit. It isn’t a momentary boost of adrenaline. He just stays up. That can work sometimes (against Walter in Progress and more so in PWG), but other times it feels like it lacks a clear rhyme or reason. Maybe I am just missing the point, but that is that caps this in the very very good range. This is still quality stuff built around one of the better indy feuds of the past decade. It had some low key emotion to it as well. ****1/4

Keith Lee vs Angelico (Progress Super Strong Style 16 - 5/6/2018)

16 May 2018 - 06:40 AM

I was sort of shocked at how good this was.  I have honestly not been a huge fan of Lee lately. It is just a preference and connection thing I think because what he is doing is working for him. I prefer when Lee truly works like a big monster. He did that here in a way that I think made him look bigger, but also made Angelico look bigger. Because Angelico is actually taller than Lee, this winds up feeling like a real clash of titans, larger than life kind of stuff and that is all due to how they build the match up as they go. Lee has to work hard to get those double chops in and once he does they don't over do it. Angelico really works his range when he is getting offense in. He hits a KO knee at one point that looked like hot death, really fine stuff. This was the first match to really over-deliver and surprise me in terms of its layout and construction of the entire tournament. **** 

David Starr vs Zack Sabre Jr. (WXW Shotgunn #353 - 5/9/2018)

15 May 2018 - 01:54 PM

Recorded: 4/22/2018


I just watched this after finishing SSS16, where I thought they had probably the match of the tournament. I wound up liking this a good bit better. While I thought it was fun and unique for them to build around the lariat of Starr in SSS16 you can see that it was part of the match here, but not the focus. I might even venture a guess that this match inspired the shift to the lariat later on. Regardless, this was a really tight back and forth match. Starr keeping up with Sabre on the ground and forcing Sabre to step back and strike before reengaging the grappling was a nice touch, really sets Sabre apart as a master tactician here. Starr sold the leg work really well and then it ultimately contributed to his downfall. They threw in a lot of unique counters and positions that worked well. There was almost no down time and both men worked with a lot of urgency and fire here. Thier slap exchanges weren't contrived and were really visceral.  Sabre's sort of cockiness is on display in some of the best ways possible.  This is somewhat of a little hidden gem here I think, stacks up with some of the best I have seen of the year.



Wrestlemania Weekend 2018

30 January 2018 - 12:18 PM

So I thought with news starting to come in on matches and cards I would just start a thread for discussion of all the weekends events. 


Who all is going? My wife and I are going. I am doing all the WWN stuff Friday (progress, Evolve, supershow, Janela), Progress on Sat. and mania on Sunday. I MAY splurge on second hand tickets for NXT depending on what else I am getting into sat, if I am alive after Friday, and what the card looks like.


Some Cool Stuff Already Announced.


EVOLVE 102 – Thursday, April 5th – 8pm – New Orleans, LA

Daisuke Sekimoto & Munenori Sawa vs. Timothy Thatcher & WALTER

AR Fox vs. Will Ospreay

EVOLVE 103 – Friday, April 6th – 4pm – New Orleans, LA

Matt Riddle vs. Daisuke Sekimoto

WALTER vs. Darby Allin

WWN Supershow – Friday, April 6th – 8pm – New Orleans, LA

Main Event #1 – WWN Championship Match (if Lee is still champion)
Keith Lee defends vs. Daisuke Sekimoto

Main Event #2 – EVOLVE Championship Match (if ZSJ is still champion)
Zack Sabre Jr. defends vs. Munenori Sawa

EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Match (if Catch Point are still champions)
Chris Dickinson & Jaka defend vs. WALTER & Timothy Thatcher


Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2 –Friday, April 6th – Midnight – New Orleans, LA


Joey Janela vs The Great Sasuke


Style Battle S1:Finale – Saturday, April 7th – 8pm – New Orleans, LA

Non-Tournament Match
WWN Champion Keith Lee vs. Nick Gage





Man... already some stuff to get excited about in there.


I am sure there are other shows that have announcements out already too.



Get at me here or shoot me a message if you are interested in meeting up at a show or maybe even knockin back a drink sometime that weekend.  I am so excited for this.