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Great shows! Loved the return of Ken Patera and seeing him team up with his old partner Blackwell. A Patera/Slaughter feud will be a lot of fun. The Varsity Club keep on rolling. How long will Pillman stay in? I could see Steamboat mentoring him. Larry Z and Saito looked really aggressive. Man I love that pair. Orndorff escapes again with the title. I'm sure Kabuki is going to be looking for some payback on Adams.


14 January 2018 - 07:03 PM

In the immortal words of Jim Ross "Aww Bah Gawd what a great show"! Really appreciate the hard work and detail you put in to describing the King of the Mountain battle royal. What a brawl that was. Glad to see Butch Reed with a strong performance. The Luger/Warrior partnership was fun. Looks like Rich is getting back in the good graces of the fans. Duggan and Williams really went at it. Great finish with Nikita winning and setting up a heated feud with Luger and the Russians. Wow the Road Warriors win the titles in dominating fashion! Lawler retains but gets a beat down by the Nation. Lawler and friends vs. The Nation should be an intense program. Great show!

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14 January 2018 - 05:37 PM

MACW @ Richmond, VA- Coliseum 1-12-86


Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. Iron Mike Sharpe


Sharpe does a good job of getting the crowd riled up as he constantly yells at them. Brett starts the match with a series of arm drag take overs. Sharpe takes control with an eye gouge and body slam. Sharpe works him over a bit before Brett mounts a great comeback. Brett hits him with a couple standing drop kicks, body slams him, then goes up to the top rope and finishes him off with a flying leg drop!


Bob Roop vs. Nick Kiniski


Kiniski shows off some athleticism by taking Roop over with a couple hip tosses and follows with a nice drop kick.  Kiniski also shows some strength by scoop slamming Roop.  Kiniski's luck runs out when he swings Roop into the turnbuckles and charges in, Roop moves and Kiniski slams shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Roop picks up Kiniski by his arm and pulls it over his shoulder (lifting Kiniski off his feet) then rams him shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Roop hits the Shoulder Breaker for the pin!


1st Round Match-US Tag Team Tournament


Stud Stable (Ron and Rob Fuller) vs. Hot Property (Billy Travis and Joe Savoldi)


The crowd was really into this match as Hot Property uses their speed and quickness against the big Fullers. The Fullers made the mistake of taking their opponents to lightly. Hot property makes quick tags and keep things in their favor. Hot Property put a double arm bar on Rob, twist and flip him over then follow with a double elbow drop. Ron runs in and Hot Property double hip toss him, Ron gets up and charges but is met with a double back elbow smash. Hot Property has the crowd going while the Ref is regaining control. The Fullers eventually take control and work the arm of Savoldi. Rob puts Savoldi in a hammerlock then body slams him. Rob tags in Ron, who drops several knees on Savoldi's arm. Ron swings Savoldi to the ropes, misses a clothesline attempt, Savoldi comes back with a drop kick, rolls over and tags in Travis. Travis cleans house with hip tosses and drop kicks. Ron tags in Rob. Travis side slams Rob and covers. Ron breaks the count, Savoldi runs in and drop kicks Ron. All four men are fighting. The Ref guides Savoldi to his corner. Ron clotheslines Travis from behind. Rob rolls over and covers. The Ref turns around and counts 1..2..3! The Stud Stable advances in the tournament.


Non Title Match


NWA TV Champ Terry Taylor vs. 'The Doctor of Desire' Tom Prichard w/Rock Riddle


Fast moving match here as Taylor and Prichard engage in some good chain wrestling. Prichard takes control when he nails Taylor with a super kick! He follows with a suplex and cover but Taylor kicks out. A high point comes when Prichard clamps on the sleeper. Taylor gets out of it quick with several elbow shots to the mid section. Taylor takes control with a Jaw Breaker. Taylor suplexes Prichard over and covers, Prichard kicks out. Riddle distracts the Ref while Taylor picks up Prichard and swings him to the ropes, the Ref turns around and gets run over by Prichard. Taylor once again swings Prichard to the ropes and hits him with the flying five arm! Taylor covers but the Ref is lying on the ground. Riddle gets up on the apron and is yelling at Taylor. Taylor heads over to Riddle. Bob Roop charges the ring and nails Taylor from behind. Roop picks up Taylor and hits the Shoulder Breaker. Roop exits the ring. Riddle is yelling at Prichard to cover him. Prichard rolls over and covers. Riddle runs in and drags the ref over. The Ref slowly counts 1..2..3!


NWA Tag Team Champion Ole Anderson vs. Pedro Morales


A pretty fun match between the veterans. The match quickly turns into a brawl as Ole uses some illegal tactics. Ole follows with a series of knees, body slams and lots of choking. Pedro has enough and gets fired up. Pedro comes back with a flurry of punches. Pedro swings Ole to the ropes and a punch to the stomach flips Ole over. Pedro hits a couple body slams. Ole wobbles up and Pedro hits him with a running knee lift. Ole staggers back and rolls under the ropes on the apron. Ole is reaching for something in his tights. Pedro walks over and grabs Ole's head. Ole takes a big swing and misses. Pedro hoists Ole up for a back suplex. On the way back, Ole hits Pedro on top of his head with the foreign object. They crash down with Ole on top. The ref counts 1..2..3!


1st Round Match- US Tag Team Tournament


Nightmares (Danny Davis and Ken Wayne) vs. Fabulous Blondes (Ken Timbs and Art Crews) w/Rock Riddle


The Blondes are taunting the Nightmares right off the bat. Riddle is berating the Nightmares about something. The Nightmares run over and knock Riddle down. The crowd explodes. The Blondes charge the Nightmares. All four men are brawling as the bell rings. The Ref can't get control. They keep fighting. They all end up on the outside. The Ref has no choice but to finally start the count. They keep fighting. The Ref counts to 10 and rings the bell. The fight continues as both teams are brawling all the way to the back! Both teams eliminated from the tournament. The Stud Stable receives a bye into the finals.


Bob Backlund vs. The Iron Sheik


This one is a grueling match as these guys take each other to the limit. Sheik gets control at the 15 minute mark as he applies the Abdominal Stretch. Backlund is fighting it as the fans cheer him on. Backlund starts to rock then swings Sheik over with a hip toss. Sheik gets up and hits Backlund with a throat thrust then follows with a gut wrench suplex. Sheik covers but Backlund kicks out. Sheik continues his assault. He swings Backlund to the ropes and bends down for a back drop but Backlund kicks Sheik. Backlund regroups and fires up. He blasts away on Sheik with forearm smashes. He suplexes Sheik back and follows with a knee drop and cover 1..2..Sheik kicks out. Backlund picks Sheik up, Sheik rakes the eyes, spins around and grabs Backlund by the waist and back suplexes him. The Ref counts 1..2..(Backlund raises his shoulder) 3! Sheik stands up and raises his arms. The Ref reaches down and raises Backlund's arm as the crowd roars. Sheik is irate! Sheik continues to yell at the ref then goes over and takes a swing at Backlund, Backlund ducks and executes an Atomic Drop, sending Sheik through the ropes! The crowd roars as Backlund jumps up and down.

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14 January 2018 - 02:55 PM

Two fun shows. It's going to be fun watching the Steiners rise. Love the Kevin Von Erich/Eddie Gilbert title match. I could just picture the heat Gilbert would get in that match. Funks vs. Fantastics would of given me my money's worth. Looks like Idol has the upper hand on Mantell right now. Ron Garvin is looking real good as Texas champ.

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13 January 2018 - 11:50 PM

Yea the Bolshevik Revolution aren't going to let this slide :angry: