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Yesterday, 07:59 PM

Man, that card sure gave the fans their money's worth. Horner pulls off the upset and beats Gilbert for the TV title, that was a nice surprise. The Grapplers are back! Embry and Garvin get a strong win over the talented Southern Boys. Fun seeing Jacques defend his Canadian title in Texas. Oh man, first Dr. D and now Bad News is gone. They sure made the most of their time in Texas. Ron Garvin's win really sets him up as one of the toughest men in wrestling. The Funks helping Hart spells trouble for the Von Erich's, just ask Mike. Yea, I'm up for a Studd/Lawler rematch.

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Yesterday, 06:26 PM

Yea, I figured teaming him with Taylor against Smirnoff and Sheik would be a great way to get Duggan over quick. I've got something major planned for him next month.

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Yesterday, 04:04 PM

MACW @ The Coliseum, Richmond VA 3-16-86


Tony St. Clair vs. Pat Rose


Tony arrived today from Canada but there's no evidence of jet lag as he looks sharp in the ring tonight. Tony swings Pat to the ropes and hits him with a diving headbutt to the mid section then follows with a hanging suplex. Tony gets up on the top turnbuckles. Pat staggers up and Tony hits him with a flying body press off the top rope for the pin!


David Sammartino vs. Kelly Kiniski


Kelly has control as he body slams David then follows with an atomic drop that sends David through the ropes. After arguing with the fans David gets back into the ring and Kelly quickly cradles him 1..2..David barley kicks out. Upset, David rakes the eyes then body slams Kelly. David stomps away then backs up and hits a running jumped delayed knee drop. David finishes off Kelly with a Backbreaker Rack for the pin!


Soul Patrol vs. Fabulous Blondes w/Rock Riddle 


Good back and forth match with solid work by both teams. Blondes take control with a double elbow smash off the ropes to Sugar. Timbs body slams Sugar and follows with several knee drops. Crews comes in and drops an elbow off the 2nd rope and covers but Norvell breaks the count. Soul Patrol make a comeback with a double back drop on Crews, Timbs runs in and gets a double back drop. Norvell headbutts Crews and follows with an elbow drop and cover but Timbs breaks the count. All four men are in the ring fighting. The Ref is guiding Sugar back to the corner, Riddle gets on the apron and is yelling at Norvell. Norvell grabs Riddle but gets a flying knee to the back by Timbs. The Blondes hit a double facelock drop on Norvell, the Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3! The Blondes go to the outside and Riddle is jumping up and down hugging them. A few moments later, Sugar is helping Norvell up but Norvell pushes him and an argument follows. Cooler heads prevail as they end up walking out together.


The Cobra w/The Assassin vs. Nick Kiniski


Nick starts with some fire as he takes the Cobra off his feet with a couple hip tosses and drop kicks. Cobra takes control with a striking knee. The Cobra works Kiniski over then finishes him off with a Kneeling Reverse Piledriver for the pin! After the match, the Assassin gave some instructions to the Cobra. The Cobra stomped away on Nick, then got up on the top ropes and came down with a Senton!


Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff vs. Chick Donovan


A lot of people paid for a ticket to see Mr. Wonderful in action and he delivered. Paul hits a Vertical suplex then follows with a diving knee drop. The fans boo as David Sammartino comes to the ring. He tries to distract Paul but Paul decides to send David a message. Paul hits a forearm drop then picks up Donovan and puts him back with a German Suplex. Paul points down at David and signals for the piledriver. Paul hoists Donovan up and crashes him down with the piledriver! The Ref counts as Paul holds up his fingers and counts towards David. The fans cheer as Paul invites David into the ring. David thinks twice and walks away as the fans heckle him.


Hacksaw Duggan and Terry Taylor vs. The Caspian Empire (Sheik and Smirnoff)


The fans boo as Sheik and Smirnoff taunt them from the ring. The boos turn to a cheering roar as Duggan and Taylor hit the ring. Duggan and Taylor hammer away and clean house. Sheik and Smirnoff are livid and run back in the ring only to get pummeled back out. They charge back into the ring again, Taylor hits Smirnoff with a forearm blast that sends him to the outside and Duggan clotheslines Sheik over the top rope. After Duggan and Taylor get in a lot of offense, Sheik and Smirnoff finally get control. Sheik hits Taylor with a gutwrench suplex then tags in Smirnoff, who crashes down on Taylor with a knee drop from the 2nd rope. The Caspian Empire work over Taylor with double teaming. The crowd comes unglued when Taylor makes the hot tag to Duggan. Duggan plows over Sheik with a running shoulder tackle, Smirnoff runs in and Duggan takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Duggan picks up Smirnoff and slams him down. Duggan pounds away on Sheik, then backs up into a 3 point stance. Sheik staggers up as Duggan charges and blasts him with the clothesline! Smirnoff runs over but Taylor nails him with a flying 5 Arm! Duggan covers Sheik 1..2..3!!!


Mid Atlantic Title Bout


Harley Race © vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka


Good hard hitting match up. A few minutes in, Harley headbutts Snuka but just about knocks himself out. Snuka grabs Harley and puts him down with a jumping headbutt. Snuka follows with a jumping knee drop and cover but Harley kicks out. Snuka scoop slams Race, follows with a backbreaker and cover but still cant put Harley away. Harley gets control with a flying high knee followed by a belly to belly suplex and cover but Snuka kicks out. Race hoists Snuka up for vertical suplex, holds him there and falls back. Harley executes a swinging neckbreaker and cover 1..2..Snuka barely kicks out. Harley is frustrated. Harley swings Snuka to the ropes, misses a clothesline attempt and Snuka comes back with a flying body press 1..2..Harley kicks out as the fans thought they had a new champ. Snuka hits Race with some knife edge chops, then grabs Race by his head, jumps up and nails Race with a jumping headbutt. The fans roar as Snuka climbs to the top rope, all of the sudden he's pushed off the top rope by Blackjack Mulligan!!! The fans are in shock as the Ref signals for the DQ. The bell is ringing as Mulligan goes in and stomps away on Snuka. Mulligan body slams Snuka and stomps on his head then goes down and clamps on the Claw! Mulligan is squeezing away as the bell continues to ring. Harley looks on then calmly rolls out of the ring. Mulligan keeps the claw on until other wrestlers from the back come out to stop this. Mulligan raises his black glove in the air as the fans boo.


NWA World Tag Team Title Bout


The Andersons © w/JJ Dillon vs. Hot Property (Travis and Savoldi)


Hot Property gets a chance of a lifetime tonight and the fans are 100% behind them. The Andersons don't look to worried. The Andersons spend the early moments working Hot Property over and straight up out wrestling them. JJ is smiling as he goes up on the apron and towels off Arn's forehead. An arrogant slap by Arn on Travis is the spark Hot Property needed. They take control with solid tag team work. Travis swings Arn to the ropes and hip tosses him as Savoldi runs in with a drop kick. Ole comes in and gets a double forearm blast. Hot Property stay in control as they give Ole a double arm bar twist, that flips Ole over then they follow with a double elbow drop. Savoldi covers 1..2..Ole kicks out. Savoldi swings Ole to the turnbuckles and charges in then flips Ole back with a Monkey Flip. Ole gets back dropped to his corner and he tags in Arn. Arn runs in and Savoldi hip tosses him over and tags in Travis. Travis swings Arn to the ropes and hits a side slam. Travis covers but Ole runs in for the save. Savoldi runs in and drop kicks Ole back into his corner. Hot Property swings Arn to the ropes then hit their finisher, the double Hot Shot!! The fans are going crazy! Travis covers 1..2..No, JJ grabs the Ref's foot. The Ref gets up and is arguing with JJ. Hot Property are both yelling at JJ. Arn barley rolls over and tags in Ole. Ole nails Travis from behind with a flying knee to his arm. Ole takes advantage and works over the arm of Travis. Ole puts Travis's arm behind his back and slams him down with a hammer lock body slam. Ole wrenches Travis's arm and tags in Arn. Ole holds out the arm as Arn jumps off the top rope with a knee to the arm. Arn wrenches on Travis's arm, Savoldi tries to run in but Ole hammers him with a forearm blast, rakes the eyes and throws him out of the ring. Arn continues to wrench the arm, the Ref signals for the bell as Travis submits. The Andersons retain the titles! JJ runs in with the belts. The Andersons hold them high to the booing crowd. Later on as Savoldi was helping Travis to the back, Hot Property received a cheering ovation from the crowd.

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Yesterday, 01:18 AM

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling News


Sources say Ric Flair is extremely unhappy with NWA President Bob Geigel and has been very vocal about it. Flair is upset at the fact that he has yet to get a rematch for the NWA World title. He told the Crockett's he would accept the US title on the condition this would guarantee him a World Title match. The Crockett's insisted he would get a title shot. Geigel however told Flair he would have to wait in line as the champ is booked solid. Flair feels this is the ultimate act of disrespect. He also feels the Crockett's aren't supporting him the way they should. On top of this, Flair, Tully and Arn are still having money issues with the Crockett's. They're tired of outsiders coming in and making more money for the big cards. Tully is very unhappy with his position with the company. He feels that every since he lost the US title at Starrcade, he hasn't been used properly. It was reported that he told David Crockett that Lutte did more with him on one TV show than the Crockett's have done with him in 3 months. There is also friction within the 4 Horsemen as the NWA wants the Andersons to drop the tag titles soon. Ole feels the reason is because of the constant "whining" from Flair, Tully and Arn regarding the pay offs. He told Arn, word has gotten around to other promoters in the NWA and this worried them and they feel they should have a more emotionally stable team representing the NWA. Arn has said he's very happy and fortunate to be a champion but agrees with Flair and Tully about the pay offs. He feels the Mid Atlantic roster can pack the houses and take home more money rather than pay big money to the outsiders. Arn thinks this is solely between them and the Crockett's and not about the NWA. Ole disagrees as he says it all ties in.  


Look for some roster changes as Ron Fuller, Bob Roop and Brett Sawyer are heading out and Tiger Jeet Singh, Blackjack Mulligan and Jimmy Valiant are coming in. The Crockett's brought Sawyer in strictly for a program with Johnny Rich. The Crockett's were very pleased and grateful to Sawyer as they feel he did a great job getting Johnny over. And of course the Crockett's are happy to have former Mid Atlantic favorites, Mulligan and Valiant back with them. They're also excited to have an international star like Singh arriving. Look for Singh to have a high profile match at the big Spring Spectacular show in April. Also abruptly leaving are the Nightmares. The Nightmares were unhappy with their positioning and wanted to turn heel but the Crockett's told them there was just no room on the heel side. To fill the Nightmares void, the Crockett's are bringing in the team of Polynesian Power, Tui Selinga and Super Samoan Sakalia. The plan is for Jimmy Snuka to give them a rub and announce their arrival on an upcoming TV show. Look for Mark Youngblood to get a singles push. The Crockett's want Chris Youngblood to gain some more experience by touring other territories. They feel this will benefit both Youngblood's.


As mentioned, MACW's next super card will be on April 19th at the Baltimore Civic Center. Stan Hansen, Mil Mascaras, and Antonio Inoki are coming in. Rick Martel will defend the NWA World Title. Also on the card will be Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, The Andersons, Hacksaw Duggan, Harley Race, Paul Orndorff, Tom Prichard, Austin Idol, the Stud Stable and more. It should be a great night as MACW returns to Baltimore. It should be noted that this card was a major topic between the Crockett's and Horsemen as a lot of outside talent is being brought in. In the end the Horsemen accused the Crockett's of not having enough faith in their roster which the Crockett's vehemently denied.  

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17 March 2018 - 09:42 PM

Glad you mentioned the Backlund/Robinson match. I really want to put these two in a program and tested the waters with the match in Norfolk.