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Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling- March 86

02 March 2018 - 09:43 PM

MACW @ The Civic Center Greenwood, NC

Special Live show 3-2-86 


Schiavone: Hello again everybody and welcome to a live edition of Mid Atlantic Championship wrestling. My partner David Crockett is in Louisiana as he attended the Crockett Cup tournament yesterday. First off, I want to congratulate the Midnight Express on winning the Crockett Cup, 1 million dollars and the NWA National tag team titles. David told me it was an outstanding night of action and said Bill Watts did an impeccable job with the event.


There's a big stir in the crowd as JJ Dillon leads out the four horsemen. They're all dressed up as Flair has the US title on his shoulder and the Andersons are wearing their NWA tag title belts.


JJ: The first thing you should of mentioned Schiavone was the historic night the horsemen had at Battle of the Belts. We don't take a back seat to anyone, got it! Ric Flair soundly defeated Magnum TA to win the US title. The Andersons beat up the Road Warriors to successfully defend their titles then finished the job yesterday at the Crockett Cup and Tully here finally gave Michael Hayes his comeuppance. The 4 Horsemen are riding high, now sit back and keep your mouth shut Schiavone because Ric Flair has a huge announcement.


Schiavone smiles, shrugs and nods.


Flair: Whoooo! The question everybody has is what's causing all this? I'll tell you, it's the 4 Horsemen brother. I mean just look at us, are we styl'n or what? Now that sore loser Magnum TA shot off his mouth and issued a challenge. 10 man tag match on March 11th at the Omni. Oh Magnum you should of just licked your wounds and headed to a safe haven. Right now is the moment everybody has been waiting for. Who will be the Horsemen's partner? Tully, Ole, Arn, I told you this man can ride with the Horsemen, let me tell you, not only can he party like a horsemen but this guy gets the job done in the ring horsemen style. You boys remember when I was in Puerto Rico? Ha Ha, let me introduce you to our partner, the one and only Chicky Starr!


Schiavone: Oh my, I cant believe it!


Chicky comes out in a suit and sunglasses and all smiles. Ric shakes his hand and hugs him then introduces him to JJ, Tully and the Andersons. They all shake hands, smile and pat Chicky on the back.


Ric: Wait a minute! Boys, do you know Chicky here has his own segment on TV? It's called the Sports Shop. Oh man lets make this historic. Chicky would you host a impromptu Sports Shop? Here and now?


Chicky: For an important moment like this and for important people like the 4 Horsemen, it would be my pleasure.


Flair: Whoo! Schiavone, take a hike!


Flair gives Chicky, Schiavone's mic.


Chicky: Gracias Ric, it is my pleasure to be standing here with an elite group such as the 4 Horsemen. It's great to meet all of you and I'm sure we will get to know each other a lot better when Ric takes us out on the town tonight. I want to say if any of you are ever in Puerto Rico, I will drop any guest I have and you can come on my show. Then later we will party like I know you all can.


They all laugh and nod.


Chicky: It will be my privilege to team with you and to beat up a dirty low life like that Magnum TA. You guys and me go so well together. The Andersons are fighting tag team champions just like my cousin Ron and I. Tully is great in ring worker just like me. Just like me, you guys like the fine clothes, the jewelry and all the money. And just like me, you guys like to have titles and take care of business in the ring. Ric, you made this all possible and I cant wait to team up with the 4 Horsemen. I don't care who that Magnum gets as his partners. They cannot stop all of this greatness. What do you guys think?


Tully: (smiling) I like you. Ric, you've outdone yourself. You couldn't of picked a better partner. I like the way you talk and the way you strut and the way you dress. You've got horsemen written all over you.


Ole: You're something else alright, if you can back up that talk then you're ok in my book.


Arn: You think like a horsemen and I can tell you're elite and confident. That's what being a horsemen is all about. Come March 11th it's gut check time and Magnum is severely lacking in that department. Chicky, you on the other hand seem to be full of guts. Welcome.


Chicky: Gracias amigos, I wont let you down, count on that. Ric, take us out.


Ric: Whoo! Magnum, you see this group? No matter who you get, it wont be nearly enough. Boys, Chicky, time to hit the bars and they're staying open all night for us. Whoooooo!


Commercial Break


Schiavone: That was something else. A bombshell announcement as Chicky Starr will team with the Horsemen. Now, listen to this, Magnum TA will announce his partners at the end of the program. Stay tuned for that. Lets go to the ring.


Tony St. Clair vs. Vic DeMarco


Tony looks sharp in his television debut as he back drops Vic then follows with a heel first drop kick. Tony gets up on the top rope. Vic staggers to his feet and Tony hits a cross body block for the pin! Tony acknowledges the cheers then heads to the podium.


Schiavone: Very impressive television debut for Tony St. Clair. Tony, let me officially welcome you to Mid Atlantic wrestling. You got the pin at Battle of the Belts but it seems that Billy Robinson still has some issues with you.


Tony: First of all, I'm so happy to have finally arrived to this great country. It's been a dream of mine for a long time and I'm looking forward to wrestling the great competition here in Mid Atlantic. Now I still don't know what Billy's issues are with me as I've always respected him. Now its come to a point where enough is enough and its time we settle this thing in the ring. I've requested a rematch and it was granted. We're not done yet Billy and you'll be seeing me again on March 11th at the Omni.


Schiavone: Ok there you have it, the rematch is set. Fans, back to the ring.


Spike Huber vs. Carl Hillman


Huber takes off his construction helmet and Charlotte O's tank top then gets down to business. Huber takes Carl over with a series of arm drags and dropkicks. Huber swings Carl to the ropes and hits the powerslam for the pin!


Commercial Break


Schiavone: Fans, with me right now is the Assassin along with his tag team, the Assassins.


Assassin: Tony Schiavone, the havoc has begun and people will soon see what this devastating team is all about. The future of wrestling is standing right here and they're going to the ring right now to show you just what I'm talking about.


Assassins w/The Assassin vs. Aaron Arbuckle and Lloyd London


The Assassins just manhandle their opponents with body slams, punches, chokes and stomps. Assassin 1 picks up Arbuckle in a bear hug then slams him back, head first on the turnbuckle. Assassin 1 tags in 2. Assassin 2 jumps off the top rope with a knee drop and gets the pin!


Schiavone: Impressive win for the Assassins. Speaking of impressive, my guest right now is Mid Atlantic Champ, Harley Race. Harley you successfully defended that title against Wahoo McDaniel at the Battle of the Belts but then you got involved in the NWA world title bout. Now, its been signed, you will face Rick Martel on March 11th at the Omni for the world title. It looks like you got what you wanted.


Harley: I'll get what I want on March 11th, Schiavone. Rick Martel has been ducking me for months but not any more. All I did at Battle of the Belts was send him a message. I know you got that message Martel. Harley Race was standing right there, looking down at you, letting you know I'm coming for you. You thought Terry Gordy was tough, just wait until March 11th at the Omni. You will see what tough is all about.


Schiavone: Ok strong words from Harley Race, fans when we come back Rocky Johnson takes on Bob Roop. These two have been going at it so it should be quite the fight.


Commercial Break


Rocky Johnson vs. Bob Roop


Roop charges Johnson before the bell rings but Johnson blocks his punches, shuffles his feet and hits Roop with a series of punches. Johnson body slams Roop, jumps up and hits a standing leg drop. Roop kicks out of the pin attempt. Roop takes control with an eye gouge and rake. Roop slams Johnson down then chokes him with his boot. The Ref tries to get Roop to break but Roop pushes him down. The bell rings and Roop is disqualified. Roop continues choking Johnson. Roop drops a knee then goes out and grabs a chair. Roop slides the chair into the ring, climbs in then picks up the chair but Johnson gets up and dropkicks the chair into Roop's face. Roop falls back against the ropes and Johnson follows with another drop kick, knocking Roop out of the ring! The crowd is going wild as Johnson holds up his fists.



Schiavone: Oh my that was a wild one and looks like their feud is far from over. Fans joining me right now is Rock Riddle and his Agency.


Riddle leads out Tom Prichard and the Fabulous Blondes.


Riddle: Tony, I'm out here to TCB baby. Take care of business. Now you saw that B level team, Nightmares didn't even make it out of the first round of the Crockett Cup. If my Blondes were in there, they would be a million dollars richer right now! We want the Nightmares and we want a title shot! Now the Doctor of Desire has something to say.


Tom: Thanks Rock, Terry Taylor, boy, you got a fluke win over me at Battle of the Belts. I had the match won until that dumb timekeeper messed everything up. I deserve another shot and everybody knows it. So here's the deal. You and me, March 11th at the Omni and if I don't win the TV title then I'll leave Mid Atlantic for good. I'm putting it all out there and all you have to do is put up that TV title. Are you man enough Taylor?


Riddle: The Agency wants answers Schiavone. You hear me? The Blondes want the Nightmares and Tom here wants Taylor. The Agency gets what we want.


Commercial Break


'Wildcat' Wendell Cooley vs. Tim Straw


Cooley swings Straw to the ropes and nails him with a back elbow then follows with an elbow drop. Paul Jones comes out and is scouting the match.  Cooley picks up Straw, hoists him over his shoulder then hits the Oklahoma Stampede for the pin. Jones looks impressed as Cooley stares down at him while the ref is raising his arm.


Johnny Rich w/Paul Jones vs. Steve Ramsey


Rich and Jones smile at Wendell Cooley and let him by as they head to the ring. Rich hits Ramsey with a running knee, Rich hops up on the 2nd turnbuckle, jumps off and lands a fist drop for the pin. The fans boo as they head to the podium.


Schiavone: Ok, solid win for your man Johnny Rich. Now, Mr. Jones it looks like Brett Sawyer and Hot Property have an alliance. I think maybe your man Johnny Rich and the Devil's Duo should be a little worried.


Rich: Hold on there Schiavone. Worried? Why? I've already beaten up that Sawyer and do you really think those two pretty boys are a match for the Devil's Duo?


Jones: That's right Johnny. The Devil's Duo are the toughest tag team in Mid Atlantic and they cant wait to mess up the faces of those two pretty boys. As for Sawyer, I guess he just loves getting whipped again and again by Johnny. He must love punishment.


Schiavone: Well I guess so because I've been informed that on March 11th, your man here will face Brett Sawyer in an anything goes Alley Fight.


Jones and Rich are livid.


Jones: Johnny Rich should be getting a title shot! He's already beaten Sawyer from one arena to the other. Ok Johnny, I guess on March 11th you will just have to finish the job once and for all.


Rich: I can guarantee you that Paul!


Schiavone: Fans, you wont want to miss that card at the Omni. In addition to everything you heard tonight, Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff takes on Bruiser Brody in a block buster match up. Also on the card Mil Mascaras takes on the Cobra. March 11th at the Omni, Be there! When we come back Pedro Morales clashes with David Sammartino.


Commercial Break


Pedro Morales vs. 'The Great One' David Sammartino


David spent most of the early moments running from Pedro. When Pedro finally caught him, he unleashed a flurry of punches. Pedro swings David to the ropes and punches him in the stomach which flips David over. Pedro continues to dominate as he back drops David then body slams him. David tries to run out of the ring but Pedro pushes him into the ropes and rolls him up but David carries the momentum and rolls Pedro over, grabs a handful of tights and gets the pin! The fans boo as David exits the ring and jumps up and down in excitement.


Commercial Break


Schiavone: Before he goes to the ring, my guest with me is the TV champion, Terry Taylor. Well, Terry you heard the challenge by Tom Prichard. Your TV title or he leaves Mid Atlantic.


Taylor: Tony, I told you I was going to be a fighting champion and answer all challenges. Tom, I beat you at battle of the belts and I'll beat you on March 11th at the Omni. Yes, I accept!


TV Champ Terry Taylor vs. Tim Straw


Taylor hits the jaw breaker on Straw then hoists him up and falls back with a vertical suplex. Taylor hits a knee drop from the 2nd turnbuckle and gets the pin! Taylor holds up his TV title to the cheering crowd. The Fabulous Blondes nail Taylor from behind then double body slam him. Tom Prichard climbs up on the top rope and hits Taylor with a diving splash! Riddle kicks Taylor then holds up Prichard's arm to the booing crowd.


Commercial Break


Schiavone: Ok fans, Terry Taylor was helped out by officials. Another cowardly act by Rock Riddle and his Agency. I'm sure Taylor would love to send Prichard packing. Fans, I want to show you a video of a man who will be making his Mid Atlantic television debut in the near future. Lets take a look at Austin Idol.


A video is shown of Austin Idol in ring clips to the song of 'Do you want to touch me' by Joan Jett.


Schiavone: Mid Atlantic is excited to have Austin Idol arriving soon. Fans when we come back we will hear from Magnum TA and I'm sure he has some big announcements.


Commercial Break


Schiavone: At this time please welcome out Magnum TA.


The fans roar as Magnum comes out limping a bit. He waves to the fans.


Schiavone: Magnum, great to have you and looks like your doing a lot better. I understand you just arrived and have some very big news concerning the big 10 man tag team match at the Omni.


Magnum: Tony, I'm feeling a lot better. I told all these people I wouldn't come out and cry about losing my US title and I wont. I would like to say that I gave 100% every time I stepped into the ring to defend that prestigious title. As for right now, I owe the 4 horsemen some serious payback for that parking lot attack and Tony, it looks like I'm going to get it. JJ Dillon, the worm that he is managed to get out of the match. Ric Flair thinks he put me in checkmate by going to Puerto Rico and picking up Chicky Starr. Well Flair, I have an ace up my sleeve. I just got off the phone with somebody who would love to be on my team. Matter of fact he would love to go at it with Chicky Starr because they go way back. The man teaming with me is connected right now on satellite, he is the Universal champion, Carlos Colon!


Colon: (via satellite with a big smile) When Magnum called me and told me Chicky Starr came to town and is teaming with the horsemen, I gave him a yes before he had to ask. Oh Chicky, it will be a lot of fun to fight you over in the States. Chicky, Flair, we have unfinished business.


Magnum: (smiling) You like that Chicky? If anyone's got your number it's Carlos Colon. You know something Tony, it turns out the horsemen have a lot of enemies. Which brings me to my next partners. Ole and Arn, you know them well. We got them on satellite, the UWF tag team champs, the Road Warriors!


Animal: Andersons! You cost us the Crockett Cup! Magnum has given us this golden opportunity for sweet revenge and we cant wait to beat up the so called most dominate group in wrestling! When your talking domination, you're talking about the Road Warriors! Tell them Hawk!


Hawk: Well! Andersons you pulled a good one on us last night but this fight has just begun! We're gonna break every bone in your bodies and just for kicks we're gonna break that pencil neck of Blanchard's and then we're gonna take Flair's head off with a clothesline! Domination is coming!


Schiavone: I cant believe this! Carlos Colon and the Road Warriors! Magnum who can possibly be your last partner.


Magnum: Glad you asked Tony. I needed somebody crazy and I mean really crazy. I called him first and he sent in these comments. Tony, my final partner is Terry Funk!


Terry: (pre recorded) Of course I'm gonna team with Magnum. He's given me the chance to get my hands on those egg sucking dogs, the Andersons. I also get to beat up that bleach blond, banana nose Ric Flair. You all might of left Texas alive but at the Omni, your all going to be put down!


Schiavone: Magnum, you have indeed put together an incredible team. March 11th will be a historic night indeed.


Magnum: I've assembled the best team possible. We're coming to fight and rest assured not one member of our opponents will be standing when its all said and done!


Schiavone: Fans we've got to go. What a match that's going to be. See you next week.



Omni, Atlanta GA- March 11th


NWA World Title Bout


Rick Martel © vs, Mid Atlantic Champ Harley Race


10 man tag team match


Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Ole and Arn Anderson, Chicky Starr w/JJ Dillon




Magnum TA, The Road Warriors, Carlos Colon, Terry Funk


Special Attraction Matches


'Mr.Wonderful' Paul Orndorff vs. Bruiser Brody


Mil Mascaras vs The Cobra


Alley Fight


Johnny Rich w/Paul Jones vs Brett Sawyer


TV Title, if Prichard loses he leaves Mid Atlantic


Terry Taylor © vs. Tom Prichard w/Rock Riddle


Tony St. Clair vs. Billy Robinson

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling- Feb 86

02 February 2018 - 10:51 PM

MACW @ WTBS Studios Recorded 1-30-86, Aired 2-1-86


Schiavone: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Mid Atlantic Championship, with me as always is David Crockett.


Crockett: Thank you Tony, boy do we have a great show lined up tonight. Our main event has been changed a bit, due to Mark Youngblood fulfilling some booking obligations up in Canada. It will be the Bolshevik Revolution and the Iron Sheik taking on Bob Backlund, Chris Youngblood and a mystery partner.


Schiavone: Should be interesting to see how that transpires. We will also be hearing from the United States Champion Magnum TA. But first fans, we want to show you footage from the Press Conference earlier this week.


Crockett: That's right Tony, my brother Jim put this historic press conference together to officially welcome one of UK's best, Tony St. Clair. Lets take you to it.


 Press Conference


Jim Crockett: After negotiating for over a year, the NWA, Crockett Promotions and Mid Atlantic are pleased to announce the official signing of the longest reigning British Heavyweight Champion in history. Please welcome Tony St. Clair.


Tony heads up to the podium, grabs a pen and signs the contract. Tony and Jim shake hands. Jim tells him the time is his.


Tony: Thank you very much Mr. Crockett. It has been a dream of mine to come here to the United States and wrestle the very best competition in the world.


A commotion starts in the crowd. Walking through the crowd is Billy Robinson! Billy heads up to the podium. Tony offers his hand but Billy slaps it away. Jim Crockett stands up.


Billy: This whole charade is making me sick! You give this man the red carpet treatment. You hype up his arrival for weeks! Then you give him his very own press conference. Why? Everybody knows that I'm the greatest wrestler to come out of the UK. So I sign with Mid Atlantic and what do I get? Not a dahm thing! Nothing!


Jim: Look Mr. Robinson, Crockett Promotions is extremely happy to have you here but this is Tony's time. Why don't we talk about this after the press conference.


Tony: Billy, You know I have the utmost respect for you. If you want to have a match with me, it would be my pleasure.


Billy: Pleasure, is the last word I would use to describe a match with me.


Billy decks Tony then grabs his head and slams it on the table. Jim tries to intervene but gets pushed aside by Billy. Billy grabs Tony and body slams him unto the table. Security runs up and holds Billy back.


Live in the Studio


Crockett: I know that Billy Robinson has been fined for his despicable actions and my brother is thinking about laying a suspension down on him. Tony was banged up bit but will be in action soon.


Schiavone: I found it hard to believe that a class act like Billy Robinson would do something so low. Fans, we will keep you posted. Right now lets go to the ring.


Rocky Johnson vs. Tim Straw


Rocky shuffles his feet as he nails Straw with a series of punches. Rocky has the fans on their feet as he swings Straw to the ropes and hits him with a high drop kick. Johnson follows with a body slam then puts Straw in the Boston Crab for the victory!


Commercial Break


The Stud Stable (Ron and Rob Fuller with Jimmy Golden) are at the podium


Schiavone: Fans with me right now are the new United States Tag Team Champions, the Stud Stable. Congratulations gentlemen, I have to say, some unusual methods in winning the titles.  


Ron: Mr. Schiavone, the Fullers are business men and our contract was perfectly legal. Now, the contract states that any two members of the Stud Stable can defend these titles.


Rob: That's right brother. Look now, the Stud Stable are gonna be fight'n champions and we're going to prove that today.


Jimmy: You said it Rob. We whipped the Loser Patrol in Greensboro to win these and today out of the kindness of our hearts we're gonna give back. Tell them Ron.


Ron: Yes, well Mr. Schiavone, you know I don't wrestle on TV so tonight Rob and Jimmy will wrestle not 1 not 2 but 3 top ranking tag teams. And if any one of those top rank teams score a win then we will give them a US tag team title shot.


Schiavone: Ok fans, there you have it, the Stud Stable will be wrestling in 3 matches later on tonight and if a team wins then they will get a shot at the titles. Lets go to the ring for our next bout.


Brett Sawyer vs. Lou Simms


Bret takes Lou down with a series of standing drop kicks. Bret suplexes Lou back then climbs to the top rope. Bret jumps off and hits a flying leg drop for the pin! Bret heads over to the podium.


Crockett: Well Brett, you've had some problems with Johnny Rich recently. You even tried to get your hands on him in Greensboro but it didn't look like he wanted anything to do with you.


Sawyer: Johnny proved he's nothing but a coward. He jumps me a few weeks ago and busts my head open. I haven't forgotten that and I'm looking for some payback. If he wants to continue the Rich, Sawyer feud then buddy, anytime and anyplace!


Crockett: I think a war has started. Fans, back to the ring.


Kiniski Brothers vs. Clyde Putnam and Bill Richards


Kiniski's look sharp tonight with some quick tags and solid teamwork. Kelly hits Putnam with an inverted atomic drop and Nick hoists Putnam back with a belly to back suplex to get the pin!


Commercial Break


Schiavone: Fans with me right now is the United States Champion, Magnum TA. Magnum, you have been nothing short of a dominate champion. Now it's official. You will be defending your title against Ric Flair at the Battle of the Belts on Feb. 22nd.


Magnum: Well it's no secret that I've been going head to head with the Horsemen and it should be only fitting that Ric Flair is next.


The crowd makes some noise when Ric Flair walks out in one of his tailor made suits. Flair walks right up and gets in Magnum's face.


Flair: WHOOO! You know Schiavone, I took time out from tearing it up in Texas and flew here in my private jet to speak with the so called US champ face to face. Now listen up punk! You heard the announcement and your days are numbered. I just gave Mil Mascaras and the Funk brothers wrestling lessons they wont ever forget and pal, you're next!


Magnum smirks and looks down. Flair gives him a little slap to the face.


Flair: Look at me when I'm talking to you boy! Now I've held the gold and you all are wondering why I'm going for the silver. It's real simple. When I beat this punk for the US title, the NWA will have no choice but to give me my world title rematch.


Flair gives Magnum another slap.


Flair: You hear me boy!


Magnum socks Flair then starts ripping his suit off! Magnum is dragging Flair around as the fans are going crazy! Tully Blanchard and the Andersons run out and attack Magnum. They punch him down and hold his arms. Flair regroups and slaps Magnum. Then slaps him again.


Flair: The 4 Horsemen are as united as ever and your US title is mine!


Flair slaps him again then Tully and the Andersons take a few more shots then throw Magnum to the ground.


Commercial Break


Schiavone: Ok fans, Magnum was helped out of here. It looks like the 4 Horsemen are back to their old ways. I wouldn't want to be Ric Flair on the 22nd, that's for sure. Lets go to the ring.


Fabulous Blondes w/Rock Riddle vs. Gary Williams and Brad Kimber


The Blondes are looking confident coming off the post match beating they put on the Nightmares last week. Art Crews hits a few shoulder tackles then tags in Ken Timbs. Timbs works over Williams with some high knees then tags in Crews. They both drop Williams with a double front facelock drop for the pin! Riddle runs in and pushes the Ref away then raises his team's hands in victory. Riddle is smiling and yells "Where are the Nightmares?" Him and the Blondes laugh as the fans boo.


Crockett: A very confident agency but we'll see if that remains when the Nightmares return to action. Fans my guest at this time, Bob Roop. Bob, you get your TV title match against Terry Taylor next week.


Roop: Look you saw what happened in Greensboro. Taylor doesn't have the right temperament to be a champion. His temper was the reason he lost our match. You're looking at a wrestler who can control himself. A wrestler who knows exactly where he is in the ring.  Next week the title will finally be around the waist of a real wrestler and that's Bob Roop!


Crockett: Ok, television title match next week, Terry Taylor vs. Bob Roop. Back to the ring.


David Sammartino vs. Aaron Arbuckle


Sammartino slams Arbuckle down and chokes him with his boot. Sammartino picks Arbuckle up in a bearhug then rams him into the turnbuckles. Sammartino hoists Arbuckle up on his shoulders and drops him down with the back rack for the pin!


Schiavone: Good win tonight...


Sammartino: Quiet Schiavone! It was a great win and from now on you and everybody else will refer to me as the Great One David Sammartino. Just ask Pedro Morales how great I am. I put that old timer out to pasture in Greensboro and I'll do the same to anybody else who wants to try me!


Commercial Break


Bolsheviks and Iron Sheik vs. Bob Backlund, Chris Youngblood and Mystery Partner


Sheik and Revolution are at the podium.


Smirnoff: Get them out here! They don't have a partner, because nobody is brave enough to fight us!


Sheik: Iran number one, Bolshevik Revolution number one!


Von Raschke: And that's all the people need to know!


They head to the ring. Sheik is waving the Iranian flag around as the fans boo. Backlund and Youngblood come out and wait. Then Corporal Kirchner comes out!! He stands beside them, waving the American flag as the fans cheer.


Kirchner, Backlund and Youngblood charge the ring and all 6 men brawl. The Ref lets them go for awhile. Finally the Ref gets control. The match goes back and forth with all the men getting their moments. Kirchner is wailing away on Von Raschke when Smirnoff runs in which causes chaos. Backlund and the Sheik end up on the outside brawling. Kirchner goes down. The Bolshevik Revolution double team Chris Youngblood in the corner. They're stomping away on Youngblood. Kirchner comes from behind and rolls up Von Raschke 1..2..3! The match is over but the fight is still going on. Smirnoff runs over and clotheslines Kirchner. The Bolshevik Revolution double team Kirchner. Backlund and Sheik are still fighting on the outside. Youngblood wobbles up and helps Kirchner. The brawl continues.


Commercial Break


Crockett: Wow that was a real barn burner! That fight is far from over and Corporal Kirchner picking up right where things left off. Ok fans its time for the Stud Stable challenge.


Match 1


Stud Stable w/Ron Fuller vs. Carl Hillman and Vic DeMarco


The Stud Stable make short work of their opponents and finish them off with a double body slam! Fuller and Golden each hold up one finger.


Match 2


Stud Stable w/Ron Fuller vs. Nate Brown and Zach Goodly


The fans boo as they see what's going on here. Fuller puts Brown down with an armbar then tags Golden. Golden jumps off the top rope and drops a knee on Goodly then wrenches the arm and gets the submission victory. Ron hops in the ring and shakes Rob and Jimmy's hands as the fans boo.


Match 3


Stud Stable w/Ron Fuller vs. The Unknowns


The Stud Stable are laughing uncontrollable as two men in masks, pants and long sleeve shirts enter the ring. Ron pats Rob and Jimmy on the back as they're still laughing uncontrollably. The bell rings. Rob pats Jimmy on the back and says he'll take care of this. Rob turns around and is hit by a double kick. The Unknowns pick Rob up and suplex him back then hop up and give Jimmy a double fist that knocks him off the apron. The Unknowns jump up and crash down on Rob with a double head butt. The Ref counts 1..2..3! The fans jump out of their seats! The Unknowns get a US tag team title shot! The Unknowns jump up then take off their masks. It's the Soul Patrol!!!! Ron Fuller is on the outside throwing his cowboy hat down.


Crockett: I cant believe it! The Soul Patrol now get a title match! Incredible! Fans we're out of time! See you next week!



Battle of the Belts- Feb. 22nd


US Title Bout


Magnum TA © vs. Ric Flair w/JJ Dillon


NWA World Tag Team Title Match


The Andersons © w/JJ Dilllon  vs. UWF Champs The Road Warriors w/Paul Ellering


Mid Atlantic Championship Bout


Harley Race © vs. Wahoo McDaniel


Stan Hansen vs. Antonio Inoki


Tully Blanchard w/JJ Dillon vs. Michael Hayes w/Buddy Roberts








Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Jan. 86

06 January 2018 - 01:40 AM

MACW @ WTBS Studio aired 1-4-86


The show opens with Magnum TA with the US title on his shoulder and a bandage on his forehead.


Magnum: Well as everybody can see, I'm still feeling the affects from Starrcade, but one thing is real clear and that is I'm still the United States Champion. Magnum TA is coming back with a vengeance and I'm ready to take on any and all comers who the NWA puts in front of me. Starrcade finished off a great year for me and there's a lot more to come in 1986.


Live in the Studio


Schiavone: Hello again everybody and welcome to another edition of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. With me as always is David Crockett. David, we have a great show lined up today.


Crockett: Yes we do Tony. Mid Atlantic champ, Harley Race will be in action as well as Television champ Terry Taylor, who will defend his title against Iron Mike Sharpe. And making his Mid Atlantic debut will be David Sammartino.


Schiavone: Also, we will see a true wrestling great, as Bob Backlund will be in the squared circle. Also in action will be a team already seceded in the US Tag Team tournament, Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar, the Soul Patrol. Another team in action will be the brother duo of Kelly and Nick Kiniski.


Crockett: Speaking of the US tag team tournament, we want to show the fans some footage from this past week at the Scope Arena in Norfolk and what transpired there. Let's take a look.


Footage from Scope Arena


Corporal Kirchner finishes Terry Gibbs off with a Fallaway Slam. He grabs the American Flag and marches around the ring, waving it high to the cheering crowd. As he's focused on the crowd, he's attacked from behind by Alexis Smirnoff and Baron Von Raschke (Bolshevik Revolution). They punch and stomp him down to the ground. Baron kicks away on Kirchner's leg then holds it as Smirnoff climbs up on the top turnbuckle and crashes down with a knee drop to the leg. He repeats this again. The fans are booing and throwing trash in the ring.


Back in the Studio


Crockett: Ok fans you just saw that despicable act by the Bolshevik Revolution. They were set to face off against Corporal Kirchner and Mark Youngblood in the first round of the US tag team tournament. With me now is Mark Youngblood. Mark, I know you have something to say.


Mark: That's right David. Those cowards injured my partner and put him out of action for awhile. Now they might think this bought them a bye in the first round but think again. I talked it over with Kirchner and also the NWA board of directors. They told me I can find a suitable partner for the tournament. Well, I found one and here he is, my brother Chris Youngblood.


Chris walks out and shakes his brother's hand.


Mark: We are the Renegade Warriors and not only do we have Corporal Kirchner's back but we're going to beat those two cowards and we're going all the way to the titles!


Crockett: Ok, there you have it fans, the Renegade Warriors have made their intentions known. Let's go to the ring.


Mid Atlantic Champ Harley Race vs. Tim Straw


Harley just picks apart Straw the entire match. Hanging suplex followed by a piledriver for the pin. Harley holds up his title and gives the 'Number One' sign to the camera. Harley heads over to the podium.


Schiavone: Impressive win tonight Harley.


Race: I know it was Mr. Schiavone, but let me get down to business. Ricky Martel, I told you I'm gunning for you and the world title. It's time you answered my challenge and stop ducking me. Now, as far as this here Mid Atlantic title goes, any wrestler who dares can put their name on the dotted line. But I can tell you this,  there's not a man here in Mid Atlantic who can take this from me.


The fans cheer as Rocky Johnson comes out.


Johnson: I told everybody last week that I was going to make a splash here in Mid Atlantic. So I'll tell you what Harley, I'll take you up on your challenge. You just tell me where to sign buddy!


Race: Johnson, you're not in my league but if you want a shot then fine by me. I would love to give a muscle head like you a wrestling lesson.


Schiavone: Ok it looks like Harley Race has found a challenger.


Race: Trust me Mr. Schiavone, he wont be much of a challenge.


Johnson: Just keep talk'n Harley, just keep talk'n.


Commercial Break


Soul Patrol (Norvell Austin/Sweet Brown Sugar) vs. Lou Simms and Roger Murphy


The Soul Patrol have the fans standing as they work over their opponents with a series of double hip tosses and double back body drops. Sweet Brown Sugar swings Murphy to the ropes, leapfrogs over him then nails him with a drop kick. Murphy tags in Simms. Sugar executes a beautiful flying head scissors. Austin comes in and works over Simms with body slams and knee lifts. Austin tags in Sugar, they swing off the ropes, jump up and land a double diving head butt on for the victory!


Crockett: Wow! The Soul Patrol sure look ready for the US Tag Team Tournament. Fans, as you heard last week our main event for tonight was suppose to be the Missing Link taking on Tom Brandi. We got word from an anonymous source that Tom Brandi will not be here tonight.


Paul Jones and the Missing Link come out. Link is pacing like a madman while holding the back of his head.


Jones: Well it seems that common sense got the best of one Tom Brandi. Well the Missing Link wants to unleash some pain and hurt somebody. He's scheduled for a match and he's going to get one. The powers that be have until our match time to find an opponent. I hope I made myself clear!


Crockett: I guess we'll see what happens. Well fans....


A man with feathered back blond hair and sunglasses walks out.


Crockett: Well, this is a surprise. Ladies and gentleman, Rock Riddle.


Riddle: I want everybody to shut their mouths and pay attention because Rock Riddle has something important to say. Now everybody knows that I am the number one agent in Hollywood baby. That's a bona fide fact Jack! But Rock Riddle needs more and that's why Rock Riddle is here. You see, my Agency is all about making stars and that's exactly what I intend on doing here in Mid Atlantic. I'm going to bring some much needed glitz and glamor to this dreadful area. So without further adieu, let me introduce to you, the first client of the Agency, the Doctor of Desire Tom Prichard!


Prichard comes out waving his hair.


Prichard: The Doctor is in the house baby! Take a good look people because right now in Mid Atlantic Wrestling, a star is born!


Riddle: (laughing) He tells it like it is. The Doctor will have singles gold in no time. Now, the Agency doesn't stop there, no sir. The Agency wants some tag team gold as well. So let me introduce to you, already signed in for the US tag team tournament, thanks to my high dollar lawyer, the future United States tag team champions, Ken Timbs and Art Crews, the Fabulous Blondes!


Timbs and Crews walk out in glitter robes and all smiles. They shake hands with Prichard and Riddle.


Riddle: Get ready Mid Atlantic because the Agency is here!


Commercial Break


TV Title Match


Terry Taylor © vs. Iron Mike Sharpe


Taylor works over Sharpe in the beginning with some arm drags and arm bars. Sharpe makes a comeback and gets in some good offense. He clubs Taylor and body slams him a couple times. He misses with an elbow drop and Taylor comes alive. Taylor hits a jaw breaker then picks up Sharpe, swings him to the ropes and connects with a flying five arm smash for the 1..2..3!


Taylor holds up the TV title and smiles as the crowd cheers him on.


Schiavone: Successful title defense for the television champ, Terry Taylor. Fans please welcome my guest at this time, Bob Roop. Bob welcome back to Mid Atlantic championship wrestling.


Roop: Thank you very much Tony. Everybody here knows my credentials. One person in particular had better know my credentials and I'm talking about the so called television champ, Terry Taylor. You know, he came out here last week and gave a real emotional interview and I'm sure it brought tears to a lot of people's eyes. Not mine! He talked about how he's going to win on talent and ability. Well let me tell you something boy, I've forgotten more about wrestling then you'll ever know. It sickens me that a boy like him is walking around with a title. Well, I'm going to change things. That belt needs to be around the waist of a real wrestler. So Taylor, I'm calling you out boy. I want a match for that title, anywhere, anytime.


Roop walks off.


Schiavone: Well it didn't take Bob Roop long to make his intentions known. I'm sure Terry Taylor will have an answer for him. Fans, when we come back, Bob Backlund will be in action.


Commercial Break


Bob Backlund vs. Larry O'Meara


Backlund puts on a wrestling clinic. He takes down O'Meara with a series of amateur moves. He also shows off his strength with some hard body slams and suplexes. Bob finishes him off with the Atomic Drop.


The Ref raises Bob's arm in victory as Bob smiles and jumps up and down. Bob then heads over to talk with David Crockett.


Crockett: Bob, it's great to have you here in Mid Atlantic. You look in phenomenal shape.


Bob: Thank you David, I appreciate that. You know, I told myself I needed a change in scenery, I needed to regroup and refocus. Well my batteries are charged and I'm ready for action.


The fans boo loud as the Iron Sheik storms out waving the Iranian Flag.


Sheik: Mr. Bob Backlund, so called All American wrestling champion. You are nothing but a weak American! You are not better than da Sheik! I will prove to everybody dat Iran are the better wrestlers! I will beat you down and put you in da camel clutch and you will beg for mercy! You are weak just like dat Corporal Kirchner.


Bob: It's one thing to insult me but do not insult this country. You want a match with me? Fine, we'll just see who the weak one is.


The Sheik moves forward.


Crockett: Hold on gentlemen, settle this in the ring.


Sheik: After I get done with this weak American, Bob Backlund, he will never be in wrestling ring again.


Backlund moves forward but officials come out to get in between them.


Commercial Break


Nick and Kelly Kiniski vs. Steven Rooney and Bill Richards


The Kiniski brothers look sharp tonight as they work over their opponents. Kelly uses his power as Nick balances things out with some speedy offense. The finish comes when Kelly hits Richards with an inverted atomic drop, then Nick follows with a belly to back suplex for the pin!


Schiavone: Good win for the Kiniski brothers. Fans, I've been told that next week the Kiniski brothers will take on the Devil's Duo with the winning team getting the 8th and final spot in the US tag tournament. After that match we will show you the brackets of the tournament and where the first round matches will be taking place. Fans when we come back, David Sammartino makes his Mid Atlantic debut.


Commercial Break


David Sammartino vs. Clyde Putnam


David looks good in his debut and shows off some offensive power. He hits Clyde with a delayed knee drop then follows with a twisting elbow drop. Sammartino backs up. Clyde staggers to his feet, then Sammartino finishes him off with a three point stance clothesline!


David raises his arms and smiles at the fans. He then heads over to the podium.


David is still smiling.


Crockett: It's an honor to have a second generation star here in Mid Atlantic, and I'm talking about the son of the legendary Bruno Sammartino, David.


David's smile goes away and a look of disguised comes across his face.


Sammartino: I knew it! I've had enough! You know, I came here to Mid Atlantic for a fresh start and make a name for me, David. And what's the first thing you do? You mention my father's name. My name is David Sammartino! And I'm telling you right now, do not ever mention my father's name again! Got it! I mine as well have come in here wearing a mask. No wait, on second thought, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to do more with the Sammartino name then my father ever did. I'm going to show you David Crockett and everybody here that I'll become the true living legend.


Sammartino storms off leaving a puzzled David Crockett behind.


Commercial Break


Schiavone: Well fans before we get to our main event I want to tell you that the NWA world tag team champions, The Andersons will be in action next week. I've also been informed to tell you that Ric Flair is currently main eventing in Japan right now. Ok well the Missing Link is pacing around the ring and Paul Jones is on his way over.


Jones: Well, the Missing Link is waiting! Trust me, an opponent better come out or there will be some big trouble. Link could take his aggression out on you Schiavone!


Schiavone: Well, I certainly hope not.


Jones: Then get somebody out here! Now!


The fans roar as Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka comes out!


Paul Jones is having a fit.


Jones: No way! Not him! I didn't mean him!


Schiavone: Hey you issued the challenge and it looks like Jimmy Snuka has accepted. Unbelievable!


Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka vs. Missing Link


The bell rings and Link ambushes Snuka. Jones disappears to the back. Link starts hitting Snuka. Snuka starts to make a comeback. They start brawling. Snuka starts to get the upper hand. He grabs Link by his head, jumps up and head butts Link. Link staggers. Snuka repeats this and Link wobbles back and through the ropes. The crowd is on fire as Jimmy flashes the 'I love you sign' to them. The crowd screams as Paul Jones leads Kamala to the ring and attacks Snuka from behind! Kamala chops Snuka down. Link gets back in the ring and starts stomping Snuka. Link body slams Snuka. Kamala backs up then comes forward and crashes down with a big splash! Kamala backs up again and crashes down with another splash! Kamala is going to do this again but Spike Huber runs in and starts pounding away on Missing Link. Huber swings him to the ropes and drop kicks him out of the ring. Jones waves his arms to Kamala. Huber is standing there with clench fists. Jones laughs it off and escorts Kamala out. Huber attends to Snuka as the show ends.


NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Dec. 85

09 December 2017 - 11:02 PM

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV @WTBS Studios aired 12-7-85


Tony Schiavone: Hello everybody and welcome to Mid Atlantic championship wrestling, with me is David Crockett. Well David, Starrcade is around the corner and we have a huge announcement to kick off the show.


David Crockett: Yes we do. Fans as you know Starrcade will be held in two cities, Quebec and Greensboro. Ric Flair and Rick Martel will headline Quebec in a unification title match. In Greensboro, the main event will be Magnum TA defending the United States title against Tully Blanchard inside a steel cage.


Schiavone: A lot of bad blood there. Fans, let's take you to some pre recorded comments from both Magnum and Tully.


Pre Recorded Comments


Magnum: Tully Blanchard, two things you do best is attack from behind and run. Well guess what? There will be no place to run and you'll have no choice but to face me head on. Because at Starrcade it's you and me inside the steel cage. I couldn't of asked for a better match and I can guarantee you this, I'm going to beat you down in that cage and I'm walking out with this United States title. That's a promise!


Tully: Magnum TA, boy you better get ready for the beating of your life. Not only am I the better wrestler but I'm going to show you that I'm the better fighter. After I get done with you in the cage, that US title is going where it belongs, around my waist. The belt needs to be around the waist of a class act and a boy like you doesn't qualify.


Back in the Studio


Crockett: That should be quite a fight as those two collide in the cage at Starrcade. Fans lets go to the ring as Terry Taylor makes his television debut.


Terry Taylor vs. Italian Stallion


Stallion gets in some offense but Taylor ends up putting on a wrestling clinic. He works over Stallion with some knee drops then puts him up and back with a hanging suplex. Taylor works on the arm then finishes him off with the elevated chicken wing.


Commercial Break


Schiavone: Fans with me right now are the number one contenders to the NWA world tag team titles, Ole and Arn Anderson. Well gentlemen, you defiantly earned your title match at Starrcade.


Arn: Schiavone, Starrcade will be a glorious night for the four horsemen. Ric Flair is going to walk out of Quebec, the unified champion. Tully Blanchard is going to beat Magnum senseless and walk out with the US title and we're going to put those freak monsters down and walk out with the NWA tag team titles. In 1986, the 4 Horsemen are going to run and rule the NWA.


Ole: You're looking at the Minnesota wrecking crew and I think we proved what a wrecking crew we are as we ran over the competition in the tournament. As for the Creatchman goons, I'm not going to yell and scream, I'm just going to tell you how it is. We're coming to Starrcade to win the NWA titles, plain and simple. We're going to hurt you and show you what tag team wrestling is all about. Then the NWA will be represented by a true tag team and not a couple of freaks.


The Andersons hold up 4 fingers and walk out.


Schiavone: Ok there you have it. Fans in the near future we will crown new US tag team champions. Lets go to the ring as I'm sure this team will want a shot at those titles.


Moondogs vs. Dusty Wolfe/Ray Apollo


The Moondogs take turns mauling their opponents with body slams, choke holds and pummeling. The end comes when Spot hits Wolfe with a backbreaker, holds him there as Rex comes off the 2nd turnbuckle with an elbow drop for the pin.


Commercial Break


Ray Stevens vs. Tiger Chung Lee


Tiger Chung Lee is standing in the ring but Gary Hart is nowhere to be found. The bell rings and Lee attacks Stevens from behind. Lee controls the early part of the match with some karate thrusts. Stevens gets fired up and comes back with a flurry of fists. Stevens body slams Lee, then gets up on the 2nd turnbuckle and crashes down with the Bombs Away and gets the pin.


Crockett: Big win for Ray Stevens. With me right now is the current Mid-Atlantic champion, Pete Dougherty. Pete you've been on quite the roll here. What's next for you?


Dougherty: David Crockett, I think I've proven to everybody that the Duke of Dorchester is the greatest Mid Atlantic champion off all time. I'm out here to make the biggest announcement concerning Starrcade. I'm here to issue an open challenge to defend my title at Starrcade against any wrestler brave enough to get into the ring with me.


Crockett: Are you sure you want to do that?


Dougherty: Do I look like a man who's unsure? The Duke of Dorchester fears no man and at Starrcade I will cement my legacy as the greatest Mid Atlantic champion off all time!


Crockett: Wow, ok, at Starrcade, Pete Dougherty will have an open Mid Atlantic title match. Unbelievable. Fans when we come back we're going to show you the footage from Montreal and then hear from the NWA Champ himself, Ric Flair.


Commercial Break


Schiavone: Fans, please welcome out the NWA world champion, Ric Flair.


Flair: Whooooo! Oh Tony Schiavone, it's so hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way. I'm talk'n about yours truly, the Natcha boy!


Schiavone: Ok well just stay here as we show the fans what transpired in Montreal.


Footage from Montreal


The footage starts where Matt Borne uses a taser on Rick Martel. Flair puts Martel in the figure four as Borne pummels away on Martel. Bruno Sammartino and officials break it up. Flair goes under the timekeepers table and pulls out a bag then hands it to Borne.


Back in the Studio


Schiavone: Very questionable actions from a world champion. However I think you should get your money back because from what I understand you just added fuel to a fired up Rick Martel. I mean what are you doing placing a bounty on his head anyways?


Flair: Schiavone, it's all a part of the business we're in and if Ricky Martel has a lot of enemies who want to take him out for a little cash, well then that's his problem. Hey if he can't take it then maybe he doesn't deserve to be a world champion, let alone be in this business. Now listen up little Ricky. At Starrcade you're getting into the ring with the most premier dominant athlete in wrestling today and the bottom line is, you just don't measure up kid.


Schiavone: Ok. I've got to ask, the other 3 horsemen will be in Greensboro while you're in Quebec. How's that going to affect things?


Flair: This is how its going to go. I'm going to beat little Ricky in his home country. Then I'm going to hold both belts up high in front of his home crowd. Next I'm going to fly back to the States and meet up with the US champ, Tully Blanchard and the tag champs, the Andersons. Then we're going to party all night long, horsemen style. WHOOOOOO!


Schiavone: Well, I think he might be taking the WCCW champion, Rick Martel a little to lightly. We'll see what happens at Starrcade as Flair and Martel battle to unify the titles. I know I'm excited that on that night a true NWA unified champion will be crowned. Lets go to the ring for another team that I'm sure wants to be US tag team champions.


The Irwins vs. Pete Sanchez/Terry Gibbs


The Irwins have no problem with their opponents tonight as they plow through them. Bill stomps away on Sanchez then body slams him down. He tags in Scott. The end comes when the Irwins swing Sanchez to the ropes and nail him with a double clothesline for the easy pin.


Commercial Break


Crockett: Before we go to the ring for our TV title main event, I want to tell you fans that next week we will show you a special Piper's Pit that happened in WCCW. Let me tell you, it's a must see. Ok fans lets go to the ring.


TV Title Bout


Sam Houston © vs. Rene Goulet


Houston starts off hot with a series of arm drag take downs. Goulet gets frustrated and rakes the eyes then follows with some kicks and choke holds. Houston gets back the momentum and starts firing away on Goulet with some forearm smashes. Houston swings Goulet hard into the turnbuckles. Houston clamps on a headlock then drops Goulet with a running bulldog and pin to retain his TV title.


Schiavone: Solid win for the television champion. I want to bring Sam Houston over here for a word. Sam congratulations on your victory.


Houston: Well thank you Tony, you know ever since I won this here title I've been gaining more and more confidence.


There's a commotion in the crowd as Terry Taylor walks over to the podium.


Taylor: You know, I made my debut here tonight and I have to ask, why doesn't a wrestling star like myself get an interview? I don't know what's going on but I guess I'll just have to take this time and say what I want to say.


Schiavone: Hold on a sec Terry Taylor, this is television champion Sam Houston's time.


Taylor: I'm glad you mentioned that Schiavone. I mean what kind of a champion is this kid? Just look at him. I mean look at me, I look like a wrestling champion.


Houston: I'll tell you what Mr. Taylor, if you want to find out what kind of champion I am, we can get it on next week, here in the studio.


Taylor: That's what I like, a kid with guts.


Taylor gently slaps Houston on the face a couple times. Houston pushes Taylor's hand away then slaps him hard.


Houston: I'll see you next week Mr. Taylor.


Schiavone: (Smiling as he's looking at Taylor holding his cheek) Ok fans next week it will be Sam Houston defending his TV title against Terry Taylor. We'll be right back.


Commercial Break


Crockett: Before we go, I want to remind the fans that at Starrcade, Greensboro will host the annual two ring battle royal. Wrestlers from all over the NWA are coming to Greensboro to compete in the prestigious Starrcade battle royal. This should be the biggest battle royal in the history of the National Wrestling Alliance. Names will be announced next week. Also don't forget next week we will show you footage from the wild Piper's Pit in Texas and then we'll have comments from the Hot Rod himself. All I can say is Starrcade is heating up and you wont want to miss it. Fans we'll see you next week.







Flair vs Muta at SuperBrawl 91?

13 May 2017 - 10:43 PM

Hey everybody I've been on an early 90s WCW kick and just watched SuperBrawl 91. Tatsumi Fujinami is a legend in Japan and him versus Ric Flair in Japan was a huge money maker. However I don't think a lot of fans in the states were to familiar with him. I know they had the pay per view in Japan that set the SuperBrawl main event up but I just don't think there was enough time to really build Fujinami up to the WCW fans. I was thinking they should of put The Great Muta in this spot, challenging Flair for the title. Muta was already over in the states and also had more seasoning since his last WCW run. I think Muta would of generated more excitement and been a fresh opponent for Flair at the new pay per view. As always I love hearing opinions so what do you think? Also feel free to rebook the entire card as I love reading fantasy booking as well :)