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In Topic: Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns (WWE TLC 12/13/2015 - WWE Title)

16 November 2017 - 07:26 AM

Randomly watched this because I missed it at the time. This made me remember why I hate smark crowds. Two of the best, most consistent workers in the company beat the living shit out of each other in a big gimmick match and sections of the crowd are trying to get themselves over chanting for Cena, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, NXT etc. That they hate Reigns is well known and the arguments are played out but what exactly is the reason for smarks hating Sheamus? And imagine being the tragic dork who chants ECW at a table spot in 2015.


Anyway, I digress. This was an awesome wrestling match. Fought like a real nasty street fight rather than with loads of climbing attempts, I love how viciously both men throw strikes. I also love how Reigns ragdolls when he's beaten down. Some nasty, nasty bumps here - particularly a Samoan drop through a ladder, a White Noise through a table and Sheamus just being pelted into a pile of stacked furniture on the ramp. The superman punch spot at the end was awesome too. Reigns should have won after that instead of the interference BS. When they were actually teasing finishes at the end, the kids at ringside were super into it. Can they just make up the crowds please? I wish Reigns worked in a different era because he has put in some incredible babyface working performances, poor booking aside. The work deserves a better crowd. 



In Topic: WWE - November 12 - November 18

15 November 2017 - 12:32 PM

I thought he was a great second for Carmella and could have been repackaged to fulfil a similar role elsewhere but year plus run in WWE is more than he likely ever expected so fair play.

In Topic: The Usos

15 November 2017 - 12:18 PM

The Usos vs American Alpha - Smackdown, 21/3/2017


American Alpha are not over at all. They're defending the tag titles here. Commentary mention that Jason Jordan just got married that weekend. Wonder how his wife feels about being Kurt Angle's daughter in-law. Crowd chant for the Usos, even though they're the heels here. Story is that AA out-wrestle the Usos, but they have brawling and experience on their side. AA dominate early, countering Uso attempts at taking control and then Gable works some arm holds. Double drop kicks by Alpha clear the ring before ads.


Back with Usos working a chinlock on Gable. I hate how WWE TV matches transition control during the adverts. Ok a replay shows they got control with a stun gun over the ropes on Gable. Would have been nice to see that in the flow of the action. The crowd are actually somewhat into AA's attempt to escape the hold. The Uso's love the spot where the heels blind tag, one of them gets sent out of the ring and ends up in position to pull the hot tag guy off the apron at the crucial moment. They're masters at organising positioning sequences like that. Bizarre spot where Gable gets cleaned out with a clothesline on the floor and they tease a count-out. Why wouldn't the Usos throw him back in when they can't win the belts on count-out? Why wouldn't Gable just lie there? 


Gable is hung in a tree of woe, but dodges a shoulder charge and gets the hot tag. Crowd is into it well enough but not super hot. Jordan throws great belly-to-belly's and shoulder charges though. He should be way over as a fiery babyface. Angle slam for a near fall, surely accidental foreshadowing. Usos get out of an attempt at that Steiner Doomsday Device flying bulldog, super kick the babyfaces and land the big splash on Gable for a close near fall. Crowd awakened by that. Jordan breaks up one half of a double splash, Gable hits a belly-tob-belly off the top on the other side and then AA hit the flying bulldog. The other Uso pulls Jordan off the cover at the last second but gets suplexed on the floor. Jordan is wiped out on the apron and The Worst Chant Ever breaks out. Gable moonsault off the top cleans out one Uso on the floor, but the other picks him up and flings him into the crowd. Jordan tackles him against the barriacde and rolls him back in, but the other Uso crotches him on the ropes as he's following in and a superkick wins the titles.


Fun match. It was harmed somewhat by AA not being that over but the Usos always manage to heat up even an apathetic crowd with excellent finishing runs. The senseless countout spot in the middle harms this, as does the fact that the ending was a bit flat compared to the moves they were hitting before. Still, a fun match that makes me wish that AA had been more over and that these teams would have got a 20-25 minute slot on PPV a la the New Day programme later in the year.



In Topic: The Usos

15 November 2017 - 11:15 AM

Going to randomly revisit this in the coming days because I think there's an argument to be made that The Usos are the WWE wrestlers of the year

In Topic: WWE - November 12 - November 18

14 November 2017 - 09:23 PM

In fairness, WWE are a lot better for continuity these days. Far from perfect, but at least they try.