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In Topic: Holidays PWO Appreciation Thread

27 December 2017 - 03:20 AM

By far the best wrestling board on the Internet. 


Pretty much this. Nothing even comes close. The depth of discussion and sheer diversity of styles/promotions covered from every era and region is not something you are going to get anywhere else.


It's not without its flaws (certain people being needlessly unpleasant, some elitist attitudes) but the good easily overwhelms the negatives.

In Topic: Looking for MDA suggestions

27 December 2017 - 03:19 AM

The MDA is an absolute goldmine. Blaming it for a lack of macro analysis makes no sense. Something like that can be achieved through collaborative big picture projects. 

In Topic: Most Underrated Wrestlers Of All Time

27 December 2017 - 02:56 AM


Tamon Honda - A weird pick since he works the kind of style I usually like but think he is underwhelming more often than not and the praise is hyperbolic. 

What matches have you been watching? Seeing him as a fired up rookie selling his ass off has been one of my favorite things about the recent explosion in AJPW footage. The Kawada match especially is some great stuff.




I was thinking about the Kobashi and Akiyama GHC title matches. He was decent in the former and mediocre in the latter but people were saying he outworked both of them which I strongly disagree with. Additionally, the highly pimped Saito match from 2003 was really disappointing. He was just kind of there in some of the NOAH tags and trios I watched. 


With regards to most overrated and most underrated I got Shawn Michaels, Naoya Ogawa and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Shawn is obviously the undisputed GOAT or everything wrong with US wrestling/not good enough for a Top 500 list. Naoya Ogawa is either an awful worker who ruined Hashimoto or an amazing badass shooter. Tanahashi is the best wrestler of the generation or beyond terrible. Angle and Takada are great picks as well. 


I agree with the Lou Thesz pick for underrated. Huge influence/star obviously but maybe the best of the Golden Age guys. 


Some more most underrated picks


Yuji Nagata - Has his flaws but has racked up a pretty impressive career with some very strong performances.

Yoshihisa Yamamoto - Outstanding on the mat

Koji Kanemoto - Not the best seller but overall he has had a fantastic career with good/great matches against a variety of people over a pretty long period of time. Good babyface, great heel.

Franz Van Buyten - I guess footage is an issue but he impressed the hell out of me when I checked out some of the Germany stuff. Great seller, all time great babyface. 

El Samurai - Gets overshadowed by Liger and Ohtani (as he should) but he more than held up his end in those all time classic matches. 


Some more most overrated picks


Riki Choshu - Still a fan but I've soured on him over the years. All his best matches are against absolute superworkers. Choshu brings his intensity and strong selling but it's pretty obvious those guys are basically carrying him because in constructing singles matches against others, he is very, very limited. Very good tag/multi-man wrestler though. 

Low Ki - Even though I'm a big fan of stiffness in wrestling, Ki is exhibit A for why just because you work stiff doesn't mean you're a good worker. Very dull to watch, lack of charisma, disappointing matches unless it's against Bryan. 

LA Park - Hurts me to say this but his brawls are too formulaic and that's why none of them really standout. 

Dusty Rhodes - I really like the bionic elbow. That's about it though.

Takeshi Ono - The hybrid BattlARTS style is one of my favorites but, similar to Tamon Honda, I feel a lot of praise directed towards him is hyperbolic. Great offense but very limited in other facets. 

In Topic: Most Underrated Wrestlers Of All Time

20 December 2017 - 12:38 AM

Most Underrated


Mariko Yoshida - Her 1999-01 run as good as anyone's in history. 

Azumi Hyuga - Great ace, versatile, excellent seller, great matches during Joshi's dead period. 

Megumi Kudo - Along with Foley and Onita, the best ever at working the hardcore style. 

Clive Myers - Best British guy outside the usual suspects. Great technician + personality. 

Yoji Anjoh - Same argument as Myers but for shoot style. 




Most "most underrated" actually become "overrated" with time and pendulum & "underrated" accumulation effect. If I hear yet another time that Brad Armstrong or Hulk Hogan are underrated, I might throw up.


On the other hand, I'd say that, for instance, Hulk Hogan was a better worker than Ric Flair at some point in their career (WCW 1999 is what I'm thinking about). Or that Brad Armstrong, as solid as he was, never put it together like Tito Santana did in the same kind of very basic 80's babyface work, which is why Tito had quite a bit of terrific matches and Armstrong a whole lot of solid yet unengaging stuff.






I think this is spot on. And since we are on that subject


Most Overrated


Ron Garvin

Blue Panther - I've done a 180 on Panther. Used to think he was one of the Lucha greats but looking back I have found a lot of his matches disappointing. 

CM Punk - Good worker, charismatic but no where near as good as his peers. Lack of high end stuff outside of the Joe Series and the Brock match. 

Stan Hansen 

Tamon Honda - A weird pick since he works the kind of style I usually like but think he is underwhelming more often than not and the praise is hyperbolic. 

Ted DiBiase - Pretty versatile and dependable but more a solid hand than a great worker. 

Keiji Mutoh - Wildly inconsistent

Andre the Giant - I can understand the appeal since he was something unique but in terms of actual good/great matches, he has very little going on. 

Harley Race - Mind numbingly boring

Hulk Hogan - I won't deny the energy and charisma during his prime but as a worker, he was not very good. Best matches were against Bockwinkel, Fujinami, Tenryu and one guess who was doing the heavy lifting in those matches. Alluding to the point El-P was making, just because someone is "incorrectly" labelled as terrible, doesn't suddenly make them good or great when you try and rectify that perception. The pendulum effect describes it perfectly. 

Steve Williams - Misawa got a great match out of him in 94 but I find him pretty dull in most other settings. Worst Kobashi opponent ever by a huge margin. 

John Cena - Still like him quite a lot, great ace. But his big match formula + many matches do not age well at all, inconsistent, lack of high end stuff. 

Dustin Rhodes - Really liked him in 91-94 but he has gaping holes in his career + inconsistencies + lack of high end stuff. 

In Topic: Dave Meltzer stuff

17 December 2017 - 06:25 PM

Dave is back on his what I like is factually great and if you dont like it youre stupid bullshit again. Someone get him off Twitter.


To be fair, people on the board do that as well.