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In Topic: FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION... A Podcast series discussing the nominations for th...

Yesterday, 08:05 AM

Nice!  I'll be submitting after listening to this and watching Clash on Sunday.  This has been a fun project.

In Topic: Austin Aries vs. CM Punk - ROH Death Before Dishonor III

13 December 2017 - 01:28 PM

I get pretty burned out on kicking out of finishers, but there is something about that one count that I absolutely love.  It sucks me right back into the moment every time.  Anyways, super match - unforgettable moment.  Just awesome.

In Topic: Chris Hero vs AJ Styles (ROH 03/22/14)

08 December 2017 - 08:47 AM

I loved the story of how many more hard hits from Hero can AJ absorb.  I agree, this is a great match!  Hero's big offense looks devastating!  AJ is excellent with his selling and bumping, and Hero shows his great ability to think quick on his feet.  As mentioned, the "hit and run" offense from AJ is top notch too.  Loved this one. 

In Topic: Low Ki vs American Dragon vs Christopher Daniels (ROH Era of Honor Begins 02/...

07 December 2017 - 08:54 AM

I really enjoyed this match.  As pointed out, I really liked how there weren't long periods of someone resting outside the ring.  I also like the All Japan influence I saw with the Misawa neck chops, the overall stiffness, and the Kawada kicks from Bryan.  Overall, I thought this was really fun.  It's a pretty fast paced match, but I think they accomplished what they were going for and then some.  I think the historical significance it played for the company adds to the aura of it.  I may not be as high as everyone here on it overall, but I do think it was great. 

In Topic: ThROH The Years: A ROH retrospective podcast

06 December 2017 - 10:01 PM

Coming in late to this, but Ive always wanted to take a deeper dive into ROH. Ive seen a lot of the hyped matches over the years, but gonna attempt this chronologically best I can based on your match recommendations. Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode! Ill catch up.