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In Topic: Southern Indie Thread

24 April 2017 - 06:59 AM

I really enjoyed the debut of Southern Underground Pro in Nashville, TN last night.  From a live perspective, I think the match of the night for me was probably Kerry Awful vs. Dom Garini vs. Curt Stallion.  At the end of the night, Stallion ended up taking the gold home as the first ever Bonestorm Champion.  The standout guys for me were The Carnies (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful), but I loved the hell out of a match between Dom Garini and a guy with a Yale gimmick (I hate I don't remember his name).  Anyways, fun stuff - looking forward to going back when they run again.  They say the show will be free online within a week or so, likely YouTube or dailymotion.

In Topic: The Road Warriors

19 April 2017 - 02:21 PM

Sleeze, do you remember the date of The Fabs vs. Road Warriors you watched?  I know it has been a while.  I think there are multiple matches out there, the one I most recently watched was (I believe to be) from 01/12/1985 with Lance Russell on commentary.  I think that the only version on YouTube is cut at 2:85, but I saw full version on the highspots network.  It may have been on the Memphis set, I just can't remember.  There is a 20 minute match that may have been the one you watched from 11/08/1984 on YouTube from Canada.  I enjoyed the one from Memphis, and thought The Road Warriors were bumping around quite a bit for the The Fabs.  It's unfortunate that the highspots network doesn't have the date listed (or that I saw anyway).  If you have the ability, you might want to check that one out.  I think it went around 15 minutes or so.  I thought it was really fun.

In Topic: The Revival vs #DIY vs Authors of Pain (WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando 04/01/12)

16 April 2017 - 08:42 AM

I agee. For me, this was the match of the weekend. Great storytelling as you said - with great action and selling. Lots of folks talked about the 10-man at WrestleCon, but for my money this blew that out of the water. So much so I wouldn't have compared them had it not been talked of in the same vein (or on the same level) by some.

In Topic: Nick Bockwinkel vs Billy Robinson (AJPW Real World Tag League 12/11/80)

09 April 2017 - 09:45 PM

God!!! That wasn't me! I've had to say that quite a few times. Maybe I need Loss to change my name. I had Flair at one. Meh, it's really no big deal... but, I think that guy had similar initials or last name... :). The Big Bad Booty Daddy unfortunately didn't make the cut for me :)

In Topic: Where the Big Boys Play #90: Slamboree 1993

05 April 2017 - 12:43 PM

Yeah, that's awesome!