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Doink, Fishman, Fuerza Guerrera vs El Fantasma, Rey Misterio Sr., Solar I, WWO, Tijuana...

28 March 2018 - 08:24 PM

Matt sent me this as part of the match trade.


Match opens up with Fuerza Guerrera and Solar trading overly cooperative lucha style matwork and I instantly hate it. But I push through. Then midway through the second fall all hell breaks loose and this match suddenly peaks my interest. Doink viciously boots Rey Sr in the face ala Inoki vs Great Antonio and its on. Rudo Doink is a sight to behold as he stomps the life out of Solar. The match spills to the outside with all 6 guys brawling all over the place and Borne bumping like a mad man. There is some of blood in this, not an excessive amount, just the amount you would expect from Tijuana. The third fall descends into complete chaos with bleeding technicos, mask pulling, low blows, fake low blows, etc. This was probably the best Borne performance I've seen outside of his run in the Rat Pack.   

MOTY Thread

24 December 2017 - 11:56 PM

Here's my list (as much a favorite match list as a best of list) as it stands right now

1-  Kazuchika Okada vs Katsuyori Shibata

2- Rush vs LA Park

3- Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

4- Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns

5- Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega 1

6- Low Ki vs Sami Callihan

7- Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega 2

8- Twin Towers vs Strong BJ 1/2

9-  Hiromu Takahashi vs Dragon Lee 2/11

10 - Dr Wagner Jr vs Psycho Clown Mask vs Mask

Tour of the USSR

26 November 2017 - 04:55 PM

It is the spring of 1989. The Cold War has signifigantly thawed. Two years earlier Billy Joel had done a series of mega concerts exposing the Soviet people to Western music. Inoki had already ran a small show with a skelton crew in the USSR. This show featured NJPW mid carders against members of the Red Bull Army which was composed of Soviet amateur wrestlers and judokas who had been trained in pro wrestling by Inoki himself. But Inoki realizes its time for something bigger- a mega tour, stadium shows in several cities, with major stars, and world titles on the line. Each show will feature a major title defended in the main event.  Inoki will also fight a series of Mixed Styles fights against some pretty bad ass guys. The goal of this tour is to open up the USSR as a viable territory for wrestern style professional wrestling. 


Champions featured on the shows -


NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami

Triple Crown Champion Genichiro Tenryu

IWGP Tag Champions Riki Choshu and Masa Saito



Prominent General Badasses Inoki will face in a Mixed Styles fight-


Kickboxing/ Karate World Champion Andy Hug

Former Soviet Bronze Medalist Olympic Super Heavyweight Boxer Aleksandr Miroshnichenko

Former Dutch Silver Medalist Judoka Willie Wilhelm, who a year earlier lost a mixed styles match to Meada

Two Time Sambo Russian Champion Volk Han

3 time World Bronze Medalist in Greco Roman Wrestling Evgeny Artyukhin



A Soviet IWGP Title will also be established on the tour.


Each show will basically follow the same format


Main Event- Title Match 

Semi Main- Mixed Styles Match

Semi Main- Tag Match which sets up the next night's title match

Mid Card match building setting up the next nights semi main event

Mid Card Match featuring Russians trained by Inoki vs American wrestlers

Mid Card Match featuring Russians trained by Inoki vs Japanese wrestlers

Prelim Junior match

Prelim  Match featuring Russians trained by Inoki




How have your tastes in wrestling changed?

01 October 2017 - 10:56 PM

So how has your personal taste in wrestling changed? As we get older it seems our taste or interests in everything sort of grows up as well. How has this affected the wrestling you watch, the way you watch it, and the styles, promotions or workers you prefer?

Who is the greatest booker ever?

23 September 2017 - 05:00 PM

We have a worst booker ever thread that has been going strong for 5 years of Vince Russo hate. I thought we should have a greatest booker ever thread. I'll start off by throwing out some of by favs - Baba, Watts, and Heyman.