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In Topic: Ricochet vs Hiromu Takahashi (NJPW Best of the Super Jrs 05/21/17)

23 May 2017 - 02:30 PM

The single cam hurt this match a bit, but I thought it was still very good. I liked the beginning of their Toyonokuni match more, but here the overall package was muuuuch tighter than it was there. Awesome stuff. ***1/2

In Topic: Will Ospreay vs Ricochet (NJPW Best of Super Jrs 05/18/17)

22 May 2017 - 02:16 AM

This was so much better than their singles matches from 2016. Here it actually felt like they wanted to win this wrestling match instead of just showing how athletic & creative they are w/ their flippy stuff. Both guys showed good intensity & were great in their control segments. The big counters & sequences all felt natural. Had they trimmed the match length down a bit this could've been ****+ for me. Still borderline great though. ***3/4

In Topic: Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne (WWE NXT Takeover: Chicago 5/20/17)

21 May 2017 - 02:08 AM

I liked the back & forth technical wrestling during the early stages of the match. Dunne on top was awesome as long as it lasted. Bate is really good working from underneath. They quickly went into the 'epic' mode though - busting out big bomb after big bomb after big bomb; I definitely enjoyed it, but I would've liked to see them work the built to that section of the match a bit better. The Airplane Spin spot was tremendous. Definitely my favorite of the whole match. ***1/2

In Topic: Christopher Daniels vs. American Dragon (ROH Round Robin Challenge 03/30/02)

19 May 2017 - 09:43 AM

I have never seen this one before, and wow. This blew me away. Might be the best performance I have ever seen from Christopher Daniels - his work over Dragon's neck throughout the whole thing was simply outstanding. I loved all of Bryan's comebacks too & his selling was very solid; him not being able to do the Cattle Mutilation because of the damage Daniels had done to his neck was awesome. Amazing match. ****1/2

In Topic: Low Ki vs American Dragon vs Christopher Daniels (ROH Era of Honor Begins 02/...

19 May 2017 - 08:20 AM

I really agree w/ everything CHVRCHES wrote about this. Just an excellent match. ****1/2