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In Topic: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada (NJPW Dominion 06/16/12)

19 August 2017 - 03:14 AM

Okada is really started to hold his own when he's grappling with Tanahashi and he looks smug as hell about it. Both guys work their respective formulas on each other, Tana going for the legs with Dragon Screws and Okada softening Tana's neck with cravate holds and his gorgeous yet devastating dropkicks.


I love when the guys tee off with forearms, especially when Tanahashi's on the defensive. They play back to this moment during the very last moments of the finishing stretch with Tanahashi collapsing and this sells the exhaustion of both men exceptionally well. Speaking of the finishing stretch, it's utterly brilliant. The momentum swings feel organic and natural, Okada cuts him off with big move that focuses on the neck and Tana regains control by hitting a dragon screw or basement dropkick. Okada finally is put away with the High Fly Flow much to the fan's approval.


This is the first match between these two that felt like an epic. The atmosphere and emotion is off the charts and it's becoming crystal clear at this point that these guys have something very special.



In Topic: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada (NJPW 01/31)

19 August 2017 - 03:03 AM

Is this on NJ World?


No idea. Got this from a torrent pack on XWT. The match is on Youtube though.


In Topic: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada (NJPW The New Beginning 02/12/12)

19 August 2017 - 02:46 AM

This is already 5 years old? Christ, time flies.


Okada is a long way away from the Rainmaker that we all know and love today, he's still green and doesn't carry himself like a star, but there's buckets of potential with him. Tanahashi is the vet who dominates all the opening matwork and Okada only gaining control by capitalizing on Tanahashi's mistakes.  Okada's selling of his leg was good, even if his facials weren't his best.


The dynamic and booking between these two is superb. Okada throws everything at Tana after hitting the Tombstone on the outside. He busts of a Heavy Rain and DDT in a quick succession before finally picking up the win the Rainmaker. This didn't look like a fluke win yet it didn't feel completely decisive. Okada might got the better of Tana this night, but he's still not quite his equal, leaving the door wide open for a rematch. 



In Topic: Yoshihiro Takayama paralyzed

08 August 2017 - 01:59 PM

Ah man, I'm a big fan of Takayama. Hope he's able to make a complete recovery.

In Topic: Entrance Music

08 August 2017 - 01:51 PM

Misawa and Kobashi had some cracking theme songs. Had them on my mp3 player when I first got into puroresu, it just gets me pumped up.