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In Topic: Koji Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka vs Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa (...

Today, 12:50 PM

This had some pretty great moments, especially from Ohtani and his interactions with Kanemoto but I thought Takaiwa probably sold the stiffness better than anyone and Minoru got in a few good licks, as well. Ohtani punching Kanemoto in the corner and the ref not doing shit about it was pretty funny, and then him just laying into Koji with the hard slaps. And then later, taunting Kanemoto on the apron as he hits a couple basement dropkicks to Minoru. Of course, we get the face washes, including a high kick version. At one point, Minoru cracks Takaiwa with a real nasty kick to the face in the corner, which Takaiwa sold pretty well. Then we get the merry-go-round with all four men before they hit the fial stretch, which is full of very frantic exchanges that add to the overall excitement. The fans were losing their shit by the end of it, and Minoru's dragon suplex > cross armbreaker was a cool way for him to get the nod. 

In Topic: Super Delphin & Takehiro Murahama vs Naohiro Hoshikawa & Masato Yakus...

Today, 09:18 AM

This was great. The exchanges between Murahama and Hoshikawa were definitely the highlight. As much as I like Murahama, I'm becoming a big fan of Hoshikawa. Cool dad vibes and his shit always connects and looks very crisp. As Murahama's getting beaten down and struggling to make it to Delphin, Hoshikawa is bullying him with these condescending little kicks and cuts off his momentum by catching a kick and capture suplexing him. He's got a pretty snap Northern Lights suplex hold and that diving kick that finishes off Murahama looked brutal. Delphin didn't get too much time to shine and Yakushiji in his Bruce Lee attire was interesting but the stuff between Murahama/Hoshikawa ruled, and Murahama busting out the tope con hilo and being all proud about it afterwards was awesome. 

In Topic: Ayako Hamada & Gran Hamada vs Yumi Fukawa & Minoru Tanaka (BattlARTS...

Today, 08:41 AM

This was alright. I mean, it's always neat seeing Hamada get in there and add a little salsa to the competition, but Minoru was on auto-pilot for much of the match. These intergender tags have been my first exposure to Fukawa, who I thought has some pretty cranky submission holds, and it was fun seeing her mix it up with Hamada. Overall though, it dragged and some of the exchanges looked clumsy. 

In Topic: Naoyuki Taira vs Katsumi Usuda (BattlARTS 06/18/00)

Yesterday, 04:21 PM

Another cool mat-focused match, with Taira's unpredictability and perseverance being a key part of this. Early into the match, he shows Usuda's he ready for the strike game, catching a kick and planting him with the capture suplex. Usuda tries going after the arm on the mat, then switches to the leg, but Taira catching him in these unrefined submission predicaments. Loved when he traps Usuda's arm and then grabs his face and arm, trying to wrench him away from the ropes. Toward the end, Taira is relentless with his targeting of Usuda's leg and keeps taking him down until Usuda has no choice but to give up.  

In Topic: Yuki Ishikawa vs Takeshi Ono (Battlarts 6/18/2000)

Yesterday, 03:52 PM

I really enjoyed this. Very much an Ono showcase of reversals, takedowns, and slipping through Ishikawa's more experienced fingers to a snag a leg or pop him with a couple of kicks. Real slick matwork, with Ishikawa mostly weathering Ono's combos in order to find an opening for the usual takedown>submission. But Ono proves to be a bit more wily than he probably anticipated. I liked the sequence where Ishikawa catches one of his punches and tries to take him down with the armbar, but Ono cartwheels out of it and moves into a rear waistlock. He has a lot of answers of Ishikawa's defense but in the end, taps out to the vet. Cool stuff.