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Minoru Tanaka & Mohammed Yone vs Alexander Otsuka & Ikuto Hidaka (BattlARTS 06/...

Yesterday, 04:46 PM

Hi Chad. This wasn't very good. It was muddled and sloppy and Yone really stunk it up (you know, aside from KO'ing Hidaka with the Muscle Buster). I love that the ref fucks up Yone's rope-run spot. Hidaka tries to do some of his junior-y things but Yone's so awkward in how he handles them. The exchanges between Minoru and Hidaka were copy-and-paste from any other match you've seen them together in. Oh, and Otsuka was there, too. Yone sells his fisherman buster like death. But again, not very good.



Tatsuo Nakano vs. Yoshihiro Takayama (UWFi 7/22/95)

Yesterday, 08:46 AM

Nakano gives zero fucks about the size of his opponent. He just runs right at Takayama and into those giant knees. Takayama's offense in this match is mostly limited to knees because Nakano dominates him for about 90% of the match, blasting him with tons of kicks to the head and quick slappy hands. When he wasn't striking, Nakano showed a lot more on the mat than he usually does, utilizing some cool takedowns and reversals, including a neat choke counter to the armlock. Takayama even gets to show off a bit, using his swanky double wristlock takendown when Nakano teased a German suplex. The German suplex was built up nicely throughout the match, playing into the finish. Takayama, down 11 points, finally Germans Nakano and goes into rolling front necklock to submit him. A fun, easy watch. 

Hideki Suzuki & Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Twin Towers (BJW, 1/2/18)

15 January 2018 - 02:26 PM

We get our annual Twin Towers tag match to kick off the new year and of course, it delivers. Maybe not on the same level as last year's blood-spattering match against Strong BJ, but it was still a “banger”. Sekimoto gets stuck between a rock and a hard place…the rock being Sato’s kicks and elbows and the hard place being…well, Ishikawa’s elbows. When he gets the hot tag to Suzuki, Hideki comes in with a bunch of suplexes, including a big release German that folds the Big Dawg in half, before and Ishikawa take each other out when the knee meets the elbow. Poor Daisuke gets put back between the rock and hard place, as the Twin Towers lay into him with knees and sandwich elbows. Ishikawa neutralizes Hideki with another gnarly elbow, allowing Sato to pin Sekimoto following the piledriver. Can’t complain about a ten minute slugfest. 

Hideki Suzuki vs. Takutoshi Matsumoto (Hard Hit, 12/29/16)

14 January 2018 - 11:41 AM

Hard Hit misses a lot but it's fun to see Hideki show up. He's just so much bigger than most of his opponents and while Matsumoto gets in a couple of neat takedowns and reversals, this is mostly Suzuki dominating the mat and submitting him with the double arm suplex hold. Fun stuff but Matsumoto didn't look like he was trying too hard. 

Hideki Suzuki & Takuya Nomura vs. Kohei Sato & Kazuki Hashimoto (BJW, 12/30/17)

14 January 2018 - 11:32 AM

Short and violent. This is about Nomura showing off what Suzuki has taught him about being a real tough man in the world of Big Japan. Suzuki has a fun little leglock sequence with Sato and throws a couple of suplexes but this was mostly Nomura pissing off Sato. He immediately comes into this match kicking and smacks Sato hard across the face -- of course, Sato dishes everything back twice as hard but Nomura doesn't back down. He's able to work the mat a little with Hashimoto and looks good doing it, but he'll still throw the slaps when he can. He and Kazuki proceed to stiff each other with kicks until Nomura stops it with a nasty headbutt. Suzuki lets him finish it out against Sato and he gets him in the armbar, continuing the work the arm until Sato finally piledrives him for the win.