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Today, 05:43 AM

That argument loses a bit of weight when he has cheated to win every match he's won since coming to Smackdown.

True, but they could do this angle without the cheating and he could be a very positive face role model and it'd be pretty neat. Faces cheat all the time, too, so the cheating aspect is pretty inconsequential these days.


Sami is of Syrian descent, LP. I don't believe it's ever been mentioned on screen outside of his tights and maybe one of his earliest promos in NXT. They've had him do pieces for Youtube when they do Middle East tours, though. 

In Topic: WWE TV 5/22-5/28

Today, 03:18 AM

SD is now what people were pretending it was at the start of the split. The Maharajah of Muscles and his Punjabi Celebration rejoice.png


What's weird is that Jinder could easily be a face and it'd be a great thing where he overcame racism and being treated as a joke and now has become a hero to his people and first champion of his kind in the company. Instead it's 2017 and just him coming out gets USA chants, which proves his gimmick right that Americans are shit bags who hate him because of how he looks/sounds and don't actually want diversity they claim to accept. I mean, there were people booing the dancers, for fucks sake.

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Yesterday, 05:43 PM

Just because there's a brand split doesn't mean you necessarily have to put a brand's world title on a useless jobber.

It does happen, that doesn't mean it has to happen or it should happen.

He hasn't even had one show as champion yet, hard to say he's a useless jobber. It might end up being good TV and a good reign. Certainly not useless from an international standpoint, either.

In Topic: 2017 MOTY Yes/No Thread

Yesterday, 05:28 AM

Nominating - UK Championship: Tyler Bate© Vs. Pete Dunne - NXT Takeover Chicago (5-20-2017)


Incredible match. Got a standing ovation twice during the match & after the match. I saw moves I've never seen before & said "holy shit" more than once during the match. Just fun pro-wrestling.

Curious as to which moves you've never seen before, as all of their moves except Dunne's pretty ridiculous finish were either famous puro moves, early 2000s indie moves, or shit the Destroyer would have done.

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Yesterday, 05:18 AM

Idk, AOP feel like they get their role and their size and how it relates to their role far more than you should ever expect guys in their early 20s to understand. Neither of those dudes are even 25. One of them started TRAINING in 2015. The other in 2016. I'm not going to hold it against them that they climbed a ladder too quickly or slowly a year or two into their careers.