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08 May 2017 - 07:31 AM

He kind of sucked, right? Outshadowed in every partnership he's been (E&C, Edge/Rey, Edge/Lita, Rated RKO, Edge/Vickie, Edge/Jericho), inability to be good outside of gimmick matches, frequently injured, consistently overpushed his entire career, basically killed Smackdown for a decade after his terrible terrible La Familia run, promos ranged from horrible comedy (watch the 2000/2001 era stuff, it's absolutely brutal, pun intended) to overwrought crazy/serious which meant he'd pull his hair and shake. 


He's been pushed SO hard as a top level WWE legend since he retired since anyone who retires or dies prematurely gets martyred. In the end, he's about the most groan worthy guy if I even end up watching 2003-2011 stuff. He has maybe 4-5 matches in his main event run worth talking about, and only one of them isn't a gimmick match (Taker vs Edge at WM, which in retrospect was the turning point in the streak becoming finisher fests and making it impossible to buy one tombstone as a finish). 


He's almost Jeff Jarrett-esque, in that he's a competent enough guy who kept inexplicably being pushed to the top of the card even when it was a detriment to the show. WWE willingingly killed SD to keep pushing him, giving him the blue version of HHH's death reign, except even worse.

Weirder smark obsession: Roman Reigns or Women's hair?

01 May 2017 - 06:30 PM

Something I've noticed at basically any message board you can find, there are two topics that weirdos are obsessed with. One is Roman Reigns and how EVERYTHING is about him, even on shows he's not on. You go on most boards and they aren't even happy Roman lost, because he was hurt and Strowman "barely" won, and it doesn't matter anyway since Roman will eventually go over at WM anyway. Somehow, everything is a company wide conspiracy to make Roman look strong.


The other thing I see frequently is dudes being angry that almost all of the women have colored hair or extensions. For some reason, they think it's super sexist/creepy/or just flat out annoying, and seem to think the women are not allowed to have natural hair as opposed to wanting to have unique looks. 


Both are fucking bizarre to me, but the hair thing seems to be the weirder of the two. 

WWE TV 3/27 - 4/2

28 March 2017 - 08:25 PM

I skipped Raw, but I did see the Taker/Roman segment. Roman's promo was dope. Taker's on tron promo was hilariously bad, made sure to get in the WM tag line, and he looked like he was the shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice. 


I watched Smackdown and was in a state of confusion that AA and Usos are relegated to the pre show battle royal, that Rhyno is getting a WM payday in 2017, and that the last thing before WM was a nearly 20 year old clip from Austin's Titan Tron directly into "AND NOW, CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST". 

WWE TV 3/6-3/12

07 March 2017 - 08:53 AM

Biggest takeaway from Raw is that Chris Jericho and Undertaker are the most over faces on Raw in 2017. Goldberg already getting crowds turning on him is hilarious but also so predictably WWE audiences at this point. It's all fun and games until you beat an indie fav.


Not sure what to think of Braun backing down to Taker. It's probably preferable to having Taker beat his ass, but it was wildly out of character. They'll already leaning heavily into "you should be booing Roman this time", so I expect fans to have a good time with that and probably end up cheering him in the end.


Sami appears to be battle royal bound, which is hilarious. When Cesaro has more planned than you, your career is as low as it gets. 


Raw's side of WM is shaping up to be


Brock vs Goldberg

Taker vs Roman

Seth vs HHH

KO vs Jericho

Sasha vs Bayley vs Charlotte

Cesaro/Sheamus vs Bullet Club


I assume the cruiserweights will be in a big multi man scramble on the pre show, but that looks pretty top heavy. Taker/Roman and Seth/HHH alone will likely take up 40 mins each with entrances and whatnot.


Meanwhile, SD is looking like:


Bray vs Orton

AJ vs Shane

Cena/Nikki vs Miz/Maryse

Alexa vs ??? (probably Naomi back in time to regain the title in her home town in a fairly short match)

Usos vs American Alpha

Ambrose vs Corbin


There's still the returning Balor, Joe (and hopefully they don't get paired up ever again), presumably Tyler Bate defending the UK Championship, possible NXT call ups as well.

WWE TV 2/27 - 3/5

28 February 2017 - 05:00 PM

First off, I've been incredibly distracted for the past month at how extra robotic and scripted all the promos have been on all shows from all talents. They just seem extra bad lately. The burns in the women's promo and everything Cesaro was talking about were horrific. 


Died laughing at Seth's big emotional promo getting CM Punk chants and then silence until HHH came out, then Seth saying he'd be at WM getting the most mild of promos. 


Super annoyed with Cesaro having a match where he tweaks his knee in the early going, then Joe focuses on it the rest of the match, but he's still doing dropkicks/double stomps/flying crossbody blocks like nothing happened. Hopefully Joe/Sami at Fastlane will be better than their NXT matches around this time last year.