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G. Badger's Puro + More > AJPW Classics 171: 1988

Posted 24 February 2018

So, this is where my official massive block of AJ Classics starts. Boy, its a good start :)Great Kabuki & Akio Sato vs Jimmy Snuka & Tiger Mask II (09/15/88): A really enjoyable match with great offense from Jimmy & Tiger. Kabuki was really effective when inside the ropes & Sato made everyone look good. I recommend checking this out especi...

G. Badger's Puro + More > Spotlight: AJW 01/04/91

Posted 23 February 2018

AJW TV January 4th 1991 (1/4/91)Yumiko Hotta vs. Bat Yoshinaga- Nothing too awesome here other than Hotta kicking Bat in the face a few good times and busting out a top rope backdrop. ***Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita & Toshiyo Yamada vs. Takako Inoue & Miori Kamiya & Mika Takahashi- Really weird seeing Mita with short hair like Yamada and Tak...

G. Badger's Puro + More > SWS: Akira Katayama

Posted 22 February 2018

Akira Katayama was one of my favorite little discoveries from SWS but, sadly found out the he was paralyzed from a dive sometime in 1992. These are two matches found online.Akira Katayama vs Kenichi Oya SWS from 9/17/91 and man, this was some good stuff! For whatever reason I thought Oya was gonna be some skinny crew cut rookie but, nope. He's a solid man...

G. Badger's Puro + More > Matsunaga and the Bed of Nails

Posted 21 February 2018

They don't call Mitsuhiro Matsunaga "Mr. Danger" for nothing! Along with Jun Kasai, he's got to be my favorite death matcher.I'm not positive but, the Bed of Nails has to be one of his signature death matches...although they aren't always the most spectacular. The fans love it so, I guess they keep doing it! Of course, they probably take too far nowadays...

G. Badger's Puro + More > The 2010's: Kenny & the Bucks

Posted 20 February 2018

Work was busy and the weather was nice so, I didn't get around to watching day #2 of wXw's 2010 tournament :(I thought about skipping today but, figured I'd share my take on the most popular wrestlers not in WWE- Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks.Although both are sort of the antithesis of the blog as they are just so darn well known and praised by Dave M...