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G. Badger's Puro + More > Naomichi Marufuji in NJPW 2009-2010

Posted 12 June 2018

So, I got hyped on Naomichi Marufuji after his fantastic job during the Champion Carnival and Triple Crown challenge. Generally speaking, I am lukewarm on him. Sometimes, he's really a treat to watch as his execution and timing can be impeccable. Other times, his execution is spotty and over ambitious. Additionally, depending on what time period you're wa...

G. Badger's Puro + More > 2018 Best Match Watched Contenders & more

Posted 05 June 2018

Everyone seems to pick Match of the Year contenders. Unfortunately, I tend not to watch too much current stuff. I always dig these lists though...especially when going back to find stuff to watch/buy. They're a great resource.So, last year when MOTYC talk was really ramping up, I made my own Best Of list to get in on the fun. So, instead of the best match...

G. Badger's Puro + More > 2018 AJPW Champion Carnival & Triple Crown 05/24/18

Posted 02 June 2018

There were a lot of positive comments about this Carnival on the main page. Kudos to those folks for taking the time to go through and watch most or perhaps all of the Carnival matches in real time. It certainly was my impetus for tracking what I could down on the 'tube.Here's a link to that post for the participants, outcomes, and discussion. There are s...

G. Badger's Puro + More > Spotlight: Masato Tanaka in the 2010's

Posted 30 May 2018

You may be in for a bit of a surprise if you haven't seen Tanaka in awhile. He's like 50 lbs. lighter and tan as river clay. Nevertheless, he still kicks ass and is still the Dangan!vs Yuji Nagata (03/19/11 NJPW): NJPW Cup 2011. This be a badass bout without a doubt. There's no commentary so, you can hear every strike land. This was as brutal as Electric...

G. Badger's Puro + More > Spotlight: Eddie Guerrero in NJPW 1996

Posted 28 May 2018

Eddie Guerrero was one of my favorite wrestlers that I never really saw enough of. I caught him sporadically in WCW and tuned out the WWF very shortly after the Radicalz stuff. I always wanted to see his ECW and Japan work. Even more appealing about his time in Japan was that he wrestled in costume as Black Tiger! I was and still am a big fan of the NJ Jr...