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In Topic: Nobuhiko Takada vs Shigeo Miyato-UWF 7/24/1989

Today, 12:28 AM

There was little doubt as to who was going to win this one. Takada must have had 20 lbs. and 6 inches on Miyato. Still, that didn't shake him from throwing some mean kicks at Takada. Nobuhiko in turn threw some nice ones at him but, was flat footed during much of the match. What's crazy is that this match was much closer to the near-squashes that he would put Yamazaki through in UWFi. It really makes doing that asinine...I mean he couldn't do what Maeda did for him. Anyhow, this was better than the first match on the card but only in the sense that Miyato was out there to work where Takada was loafing. As it seems opinions vary, I recommend checking this out for yourself.

In Topic: Vince McMahon Biopic in the works

Today, 12:18 AM

Hahaha! What a mess! Who cares enough to actually see this as a motion picture!?

I'm surprised anyone would invest in this too...I would rather spend 98 minutes watching wrestling than watching a biopic about the floating raisin that is Vince Jr.

Do a biopic on Vince Sr. transitioning to Jr. if you want to do smart analytical cultural stuff...otherwise we can see Junior's story every day on TV or online...

Not that this would make money but it'd be a good story...

In Topic: What does "casual fan" even mean in 2017 wrestling?

24 April 2017 - 09:12 PM

I think the people that are WWE only fans are looked down upon and called 'casual fans' is because it is perceived that they are being willfully ignorant of pro wrestling's rich history and variety.

It also doesnt help that WWE doesn't consider itself to be wrestling and instead calls itself sports entertainment and creates that dichotomy. Like saying, "that stuff over there in the stinky bingo hall, or 500 person rec center is wrestling but, we with our pyrotechnics and big screen are sports entertainment!" That turns a lot of people off who are proud 'wrestling' fans. It makes them defensive and wear the label like a badge of honor and maybe razz the WWE-only people as a poser or whatever...

Really a casual fan is what everyone has already said to one degree or another. Its something they're into maybe even as a hobby but not a passion or perhaps obsession. I'm a casual current NJ fan. I know all the stars by name and sight, I know the matchups that I'd be into, and maybe a couple times a month I'll watch a couple bouts online that have gotten pimped. I have no relationship with the characters, storylines, etc. though.

In Topic: KENTA vs. Kenta Kobashi (NOAH Navigation Against The Current 10/09/04)

24 April 2017 - 08:40 PM

This is a career defining match for KENTA however, it wasn't a must see classic IMO. There was no way that 2004 KENTA was going to win so, this was more about proving himself as a singles wrestler. That took a bit of the drama and elements of surprise from the match. If 2004 Kobashi wasn't the protected ace and in the midst of his epic GHC run, maybe this could have been more competitive but for what it was I'd highly recommend it. I mean its KENTA vs Kobashi so, its got everything you would expect & its the best match of night.

In Topic: Steve Austin vs Ricky Steamboat (WCW Clash of the Champions XX 09/02/92)

23 April 2017 - 12:55 PM

A perfect little match for where it was on the card. A nice bit of psychology with Austin working on the ribs. Very good pace and all action. Enjoyed the tombstone spot especially when it hit! Highly recommended