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In Topic: Tatsumi Fujinami

Yesterday, 01:58 AM

Brody is a guy I'd been talked out of liking before I'd ever seen one of his matches. Looked like a wildman but dull as dishwater once the bell rang, they said. Ate up his opponents and never sold nothing. The poor man's Stan Hansen, if not the poor man's John Nord.
I tried to be fair, but he annoyed the hell out of me before the match even started with his monotone yells. He proceeded to squander my goodwill further acting as though pro wrestling had no affect on him. Fujinami gets his back but might as well not be there, as Brody just stands up. Fujinami nearly procures an octopus hold, but Brody slams him out of it. Brody gets caught going to the top for a knee drop (he's the poor man's Togi Makabe!) but despite Fujinami having the element of surprise and solid footing, Brody manages to avoid the humiliation of having a wrestling move done to him.
At last Fujinami gets in a little offense, as he works the leg for a while, giving us a nice closeup of the carpet samples on Brody's boots. Brody sells a figure four by yelling, looking slightly annoyed, and then reversing it. Just super compelling stuff here. Fujinami finally gets Brody to sell after he kicks in the knee. This leads to about thirty seconds of knee-related offense until Brody gets bored and tackles him.
They do a few sequences here, which don't look bad even though they're mostly Brody winning all the tie-ups and booting Fujinami. Our hero does hit a German suplex hold, which popped the crowd and, thirty-some years later, me. I should mention that while Brody isn't winning me over, the fans are super into him. I don't get it, but these people are presumably big Inoki fans as well, so we're clearly not on the same page.
When I saw this matchup, I said to myself "I bet this ends in a double countout." That happened, and it wasn't even one of the better double countouts. Fujinami treats us to one of his patented late-match screwups as he runs into Brody sending them both . . . nowhere. So they have to roll together outside, where they fight a little bit, climb on the apron, and get counted out. This one is right up there on the scale of obvious, half-assed 80s non-finishes.
My pain is not over. Brody re-enters the ring, and he and Fujinami have the most perfunctory, half-hearted brawl I've ever seen. They were obviously just checking off an item on the list of stuff that happens in a Bruiser Brody match. The list is complete when Brody gets his rope and chases people around.
I understand how affection for the departed can lead people to some outlandish conclusions, like that Tupac was better than Nas or that Roberto Clemente was better than Frank Robinson. But I don't care how murdered he is - I don't know how you look at Hansen vs. Brody and pick Brody.

Regardless a murder joke is in poor taste.

In Topic: r/SquaredCircle's 100 Greatest Matches Ever Poll

Yesterday, 01:41 AM

By checking this list on Reddit, it says it was done via cagematch ratings system and votes from people, also the posts were not upvoted much so I would suggest one reason for the seemingly random placements of Danielson Vs hero etc is that it was there based off its very high rating on cagematch, not people voting for it.

The misinformation era continues.
Yes then, it it is useless utter garbage!

Very much like monkeys at the typewriter...que Sera Sera... And such :)

In Topic: r/SquaredCircle's 100 Greatest Matches Ever Poll

19 February 2018 - 12:20 AM

I'm no computer wizard but, uh man, Skynet has taken over wrestling taste making! :D

In Topic: r/SquaredCircle's 100 Greatest Matches Ever Poll

18 February 2018 - 10:40 AM

Looking over this again, it comes across as a single person's (or perhaps 2-3 people's) list. Its not really like its focused on the US scene and mainstream puro after closer inspection.

It's super WWE heavy, with uber pimped NJ matches from the last few years. Then it seems like randomly inserted matches from a variety of top 10 lists. Top AJPW matches from this list sprinkled here, some PWG matches from their Best Of comps with mainstream guys, some ROH matches over there, little WCW/JCP sprinkled in...So it looks like its well balanced but, its so biased. For instance, other than the Steiners '91 WO MOTY there are no other NJPW matches from the 90's...not 1 Liger match for instance. And no Tiger Mask match. So, the 90's Jr. & TM negative viewpoints have reached the mainstream fans?

Edit: Never mind saw the TM Dynamite match in there

But even then, I get the feeling that's the only match that the list maker(s) saw from 80's NJPW. Like OK, this is the best that 80's NJ has to offer then, that's all I need to see!

I think it would have been better had they not numbered the list :)

In Topic: Stan Hansen & Ted Dibiase vs. Yoshiaki Yatsu & Shinichi Nakano (07/17...

18 February 2018 - 10:05 AM

A great energetic match! Hansen and DiBiase gave remarkable performances. Yatsu and Nakano were vicious in attacking both villiains' knees. If you want working-a-limb psychology that's exciting, watch this! Remarkable selling by Ted & a great emotional performance by Stan. Tough as dirt Yatsu and gutsy Nakano taking it to the larger than life tag champs. Great match! Again, watch this!