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In Topic: Best and Worst Strikes

06 December 2017 - 12:53 AM

I'm psyched we're talking Kaz Hiyashi in general!

I've watched 4 Kaz Hiyashi matches today (3 WCW TV matches and ROH Final Battle '03 vs Styles) and that abdomen kick of his looks like it couldn't hurt a child. Light as a feather! The rest of his stuff is awesome though. Great bumps, dives, sweet arm drags...so much fun.

In Topic: Best and Worst Strikes

05 December 2017 - 02:15 PM

I think the lesson is that a good punch and kick are better than sick moves.

For some of us, yeah.  But I'd guess there are more fans out there who mark out far bigger for the sick moves.
One of the reasons I love A.J. Styles. Can throw a good strike and still do all the cool moves.
Yeah, exactly who I was thinking of. There were a slew of dudes that could do flips, spins, etc. as well as AJ but, he made an effort to be a more complete wrestler. I remember seeing him on Wildside thinking 'ah here's another crazy dive guy' then seeing him years later in TNA. I was surprised how he evolved.

Cool moves will only get ya so far. I guess that's a better way to put it. No disrespect to Daniels or Kaz as I like them a bunch but, they were the examples I could think of for that era/style of wrestling. I'm sure they aren't the worst :)

How was Elix Skipper?

In Topic: Best and Worst Strikes

04 December 2017 - 04:25 PM

As far as worst strikes, that's a lot harder. I like Christopher Daniels but, dude has never impressed me with a great punch...let alone kick. I think there was a GIF where he airballs on a gut kick.

Kaz Hiyashi is a guy in the same boat but was OK as Shiryu. He never seemed to revert back once in AJPW. I guess a lot of the juniors during the last days of WCW were shit on the punches and kicks. Probably the same goes for TNA guys like Amazing Red, Petey Williams, and other guys I can't remember...

I think the lesson is that a good punch and kick are better than sick moves.

In Topic: Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy vs Genichiro Tenryu & Toshiaki Kawada - AJP...

04 December 2017 - 03:58 PM

A great addition to this classic match is the 12/10/88 match between Kawada & Tenryu and Jumbo & Yatsu.

I don't think its worth its own topic but, it sets up the Kawada leg injury as well as his fearlessness in the face of vets. I watched that right before this match and man, what a ride. T. & K. were insane in the 12/10 match so, even though I've watched this match before, I was skeptical of the outcome. That small package rollup on Gordy had me fooled! I'm like, "That's it, that's it!"

This an all time classic and is great intro to puro IMO.

In Topic: Verne Gagne vs. Billy Robinson (IWE 11/20/74)

02 December 2017 - 11:57 PM

A true testament to old school wrestling. This was such a tough physical contest that it was a wonder that they could keep going. The first fall was the best, yet each one had something special about it. I wouldnt put this in the very top tier of "old school" matches that I own but, its still quite good. The only drawback is the lack of variety of action in the final fall but, they picked it up when they needed to. This balanced it out when all was said and done. Great match nonetheless!