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In Topic: Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles (TNA Sacrifice 08/14/05)

15 March 2017 - 03:57 PM

I thought this was a fantastic meeting of two of this generation's best wrestlers. It was really everything you could hope for in a match between AJ & Joe. Athletic, intense, and surprising. Also thought the ending was good for the match/story as well. A 100% clean finish or draw would have been preferred but, I think this match is still a classic

In Topic: Jun Akiyama, Zeus & The Bodyguard vs Daich Hashimoto, Daisuke Sekimoto...

11 March 2017 - 09:55 PM

A very compact 6 man match. I don't believe all 6 guys interacted with one another during the match...I mean of any significance. It seemed like they paired off like first fall in a lucha trios match.

For that, things never really kicked into high gear but, this was an impressive match up nonetheless. Zeus and the Bodyguard are great AJ opponents for Strong BJW if you're looking for a big guy match & Akiyama vs D. Hashimoto reminded me of Mr. Sternness teaching Makato Hashi how to be tough circa 04-05. Recommended match and would like to see more of these guys based off this one

In Topic: Jun Akiyama vs Super Tiger II (AJPW 4/9/2016)

11 March 2017 - 04:58 PM

A very short match in K-Hall...featuring 2 cameras! It certainly helped as Jun was blasting Super Tiger with vicious knees inside and out. The only real offense S.T. got was a flurry at the end which knocked Jun out. Too short to be anything special but a fun match.

In Topic: Jun Akiyama vs Kengo Mashimo (AJPW 4/18/2016)

10 March 2017 - 09:12 PM

I liked that Akiyama brought an old trick out of his bag and that Mashimo stayed focused on working the leg. Akiyama sold it pretty well but, this could have used another leg attack or something else to build the drama. It was OK but nothing to actively seek out.

In Topic: Tetsuya Naito vs Kenny Omega (NJPW 8/13/2016)

09 March 2017 - 10:07 PM

I go into every current NJ match with an open mind. These big matches can be hit or miss but, I liked this one especially towards the end. All in all this reminded me of a souped up 90's NJ Jr's. match. Didn't get the spitting schtick but, whatever...

I'll say this: selling a hurt leg is easy to do. Hop around a little, rub the knee etc. but, selling it well is much more difficult.

Omega did a pretty good job down the stretch with nice little touches especially toward the end. Was it Kawada-like? No but, I was believing in a submission...

So much modern offense is based on running and jumping that basing a match of a bum wheel can be a recipe for junk but, I have become more lenient in my judgements though. I will give Omega credit for sticking to it as best he could based on his style and the current NJ style. I mean he very well could have blown it off by hulking up, calling upon his fighting spirit or whatever but he did not. Naito was excellent in his selling too...just in a more generalized fatigue/brain damaged kind way. Some of the looks he made after a big move or counter were priceless!

So, overall it got me engaged and invested. I bought the leg damage and thought it was a great match. Glad I went out of my way to watch it! The speech afterwards was a nice bonus. Go see this!