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In Topic: How do you have your wrestling footage stored? What methods do you personally...

Today, 12:05 AM

I'm probably in the minority but most of my stuff is on DVD. Disc binder or two from office supply store sorted by promo, style and years. YouTube and DM for the rest especially when exploring.

I've moved a lot in the last 5 years so, its made me take stock in what's worth hauling around and storing. If I'm going to want to revist a match or arc then its worth having it saved...but, shoot! be honest if you're not loving it then you're not going to come back to it so, let it go into the wind. Something else will take its place in a couple weeks...

Keep your classics and near classics, scrap the rest.

That's my recommendation 😀

In Topic: Yuki Ishikawa & Daisuke Ikeda vs Joe Malenko & Carl Malenko (BattlART...

Yesterday, 11:44 PM

Hell yes man! Ditto to what Pete says. This was a damn good match. I might even say this was a classic match with everyone performing fully to their potential- great mat wrestling and counters/escapes. ****1/4 probably more. This is a match more folks should check out especially those into original NJPW strong style.

In Topic: Netflix creating a comedy series based on G.L.O.W.

Yesterday, 11:28 PM

A few months ago, I watched the GLOW doc on Netflix. It was a low risk feel good doc about the promotion. Very much promoted the women and the community and life direction that a sleazy cash-in provided to them. Very punk rock in that the women turned a weird situation into something meaningful for themselves and others.

Saw that flick around the time this thread was on the first page of the board so, the doc's (re)appearance wasn't coincidental. That said I was looking forward to the "show."

First 15-20 minutes are good. Liked Meron's part lol etc....saw where the comedy part was coming from in a dark comedy but, the sex scene turned me off...no pun intended. Like wtf, you're trying to intro the show and main character and then boop! She's having sex drama.

Ya know because, having a show about women in a male dominated entertainment industry during its arguable zenith isn't interesting enough and having Brie & Meron isn't funny enough, we have to let people know there will be some boobage and ancillary romance crap to tune in for ???

I might give it a 2nd chance based off others opinions but, sheesh that got cheap real quick in episode one...

In Topic: Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon (WWF Summerslam 08/27/95, Ladder Match)

25 June 2017 - 12:27 PM

This was a great match...perhaps a classic as they fought at a good pace, had a very solid in-ring storyline and surprisingly dangerous action.

Both men got caught up in the ladder and/or ropes numerous times. This was a very organically fought match...not something I thought I'd see from Hall or Shawn. I think that is what makes this great, the spots were not too telegraphed and the callbacks from WMX (I've not seen it in full) made this feel like a real fight and isn't that what pro wrestling is going for?

People may call the finish botched but, it think it played into the story of the match. Shawn did take the big beating so, he was clearly not a 100% with his leg and his brain was rattled.

It worked for me...totally one of the better WWF matches of this era.

In Topic: Any other longterm fans starting to feel alienated by the current fanbase?

19 June 2017 - 11:45 PM

Perhaps there is too much wrestling out there?

Every time I start a concerted effort to watch a block matches or promotion, I get side tracked by some other match, DVD, online video etc.

Seriously on the past 2 months have gone from Steamboat to Smokey Mountain to Attitude era to ECW & WCW Eddie G. to fucking Edge matches but, what I've been wanting to do is watch 2011-2015 AJPW...

This is unrelated to the WWE business stuff but, on a whole there is a ton of wrestling available... More than ever before so, people cannot help but have a short attention span especially when there is only so much time in the day/week to devote to wrestling.

So whatever is more "worthwhile" or trending is going to grab viewers perhaps even for a week or 2 and people are going to flip a wig over it and give it awesome reviews or shit on it and then a week or less later it'll be forgotten.

Its like even on the match discussion boards there a tons of new matches being added for 2017 and that's great but, I'm honestly curious if 80% of those will stand the test of time or if most of us will get around to watching them to give our opinions.