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Kento Miyahara vs SUWAMA (AJPW 11/27)

20 March 2017 - 02:37 PM

Some thoughts on this match:

Larger arena and card than the Champ. Carnival matches from 2016. Very nice to see AJPW in a venue of this size.

Its nice to have SUWAMA back as the roster is kinda sparce.

On to the match: Great heelish tactics from SUWAMA. Strong focus on the sleeper hold and trying to damage Kento's neck.

Fantastic strike exchanges and selling by both but, esp. Miyahara as the babyface champ. Glad to see zero flip bumps taken from a lariat.

Miyahara finally looked like a world champ here and felt the torch has been passed in this match. Rather than "put the belt on the young handsome babyface."

Traditional puro with little flash or gimmicks. An alternative to the current NJ style. This was a classic encounter especially for 2010s AJPW.

Takao Omori vs Zeus (AJPW 4/16)

20 March 2017 - 01:40 PM

Champion Carnival match: Solid chop exchange to start with nice selling by Omori. He reminded me of Tenryu with grimaces and a desire to stop getting smacked in the chest once he know he's beat.

Takao works so well in keeping Zeus' defeat a reality despite being like a Japanese Scott Steiner. I mean that positively and negatively. In essence, Omori keeps the pace slower and makes Zeusy take his lumps before he can shrug it off and do his power moves...which are cool but, they could use a little teasing or struggle before busting them out.

For 2016 "Indy" AJPW Champion Carnival, they pulled out quite a few stops here. I highly recommend checking this out.

Samoa Joe vs Jushin Liger (TNA Bound For Glory 10/23)

16 March 2017 - 03:07 PM

Joe taking on two puro legends in 1 month is pretty remarkable!

Amazing cool entrance by Joe and Liger's wasn't too shabby with his NJ music, full shoulder pads, and streamers. Liger, sized wise, looked like a good match for Joe. Shorter but, thick as Joe. Crowd was amped.

Joe pretty much did his 'standard' TNA act here but, Liger switched it up from his 2005 routine and played it like a younger junior taking on the heavyweight. So, we got a few moments of brilliance from Liger as well as him taking to the air.

The only thing stopping this from being a great match was the time it was given. It reminded me of a Fire Pro Wrestling match where you get a Critical just as you're starting to amp things up. Highly recommended match and a successful dream match in my book.

Kenny Omega vs Hirooki Goto (NJPW G1 Climax Final 8/14)

13 March 2017 - 02:19 PM

I watched this match twice since I saw that people gave it ****3/4.

Here are my thoughts from both viewings:

Omega is charismatic and his mannerisms and expressions are indicative of a character he's playing rather than "himself." He engages the crowd very well with these attributes which have a tinge of dark humor. It's fun to watch.

I am a fan of Goto especially in his IC fights with Nakamura. I thought this would be similar since Omega is playing something like Nakamura's but, Goto came across as bland. He was not as stiff and or intense as I would have liked.

They could have traded out Goto for any big/strong wrestler as I felt this was all Kenny. Watching this made the Naito match all that more worth watching again.

All in all this was a great match with the powerbomb fake out and the tributes to Ibushi and past Bullet Clubbers. I was hoping that they would play more off of Omega's knee from the Naito match from the previous night...that would have been awesome and a recipe for a classic but, i just had higher expectations than what this turned out to be. Great match nonetheless

Kento Miyahara vs Super Tiger (AJPW 2/18)

11 March 2017 - 12:48 PM

A feeling out process with referee Wada getting involved when Miyahara won't release the hold in the corner which starts up the body of the match. This was a nice touch.

Tiger is focused on Kento's arm with kicks and some great looking armbars. This was a short match so there was no drawn out selling intended, Tiger was just going for the kill. Kento fought back with his kicks and knees and this turned out to be a intense match with good strikes and suplexes in the end. Highly recommended match

Edit: date should be 4/18/16