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Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle (TNA Genesis 11/19/06)

06 January 2018 - 08:41 PM

There was a ton of lead up and hype surrounding this match as Angle had come into TNA just the month before. Joe was undefeated for 18 months.


They fought this match like the really wanted to prove something. No run ins, cheapshots, or anything like that- just two athletes trying to establish their dominance. Joe trying to keep Kurt down and Kurt trying to show it didn't matter where he was, he was the best.

This was really wrestled well for their first encounter. It gave room for the feud to grow but, certainly paid off the build up. Angle was bleeding throughout and it just added to that competitive intensity. Very exciting stuff and a impressive start for Angle in TNA. I thought it was a great match especially for being under 14 minutes.

Jay Lethal vs KUSHIDA (ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds 05/17/14)

16 December 2017 - 10:18 PM

Ring of Honor has this on their Throwback Thursday list at present.


This match really reminded me of an excellent TNA X division title match. It was short at around 11 minutes but, there was no filler. This was all action but, more importantly, the guys are perfectly mixed in terms of size, speed, and style. I'll call it fun Jr. Hammy style :)

Both guys wanted the win, don't get me wrong. They rocked each other.... its just that its really easy to like both guys.

This was perfect for the card placement, title prestige, and venue. Again, its like a awesome TNA X match...it doesn't change the world but, its fun. I recommend checking this out!

Austin Aries vs Seiya Sanada (W-1 vs TNA Outbreak Global Impact 3/2/14 )

29 November 2017 - 05:44 PM

There's 2 titles for the show. The Outbreak title which is the Wrestle-1 title. Then, TNA's which is One Night Only Global Impact 2014. In case anyone was confused...

Anyhow, I was completely ignorant to the fact that Sanada wrestled in TNA. I've been doing research for 2011-2015 AJPW and Sanada shows up early on in his team with Manabu Soya.

So, I got distracted and watched a few Sanada matches in TNA including a recommended World title challenge vs AJ Styles. However, this match for Aries' X-Division belt is the best. It's thankfully more Jr. Puro style than TNA TV style. It's fought at a quick pace with excellent execution and with little daylight between strikes.

Aries still has it. He was hitting his repertoire like it was 2007. Sanada was on point and impressive as well. They're very similar in style and build so, there was a nice parity story early on.

This match had wrinkles added to Aries' spots. Sanada had him scouted it would seem. Its what made this memorable. They changed it up from the "I'll do my stuff, you do yours, let's go home" match they could have worked. There were some nice surprises and the finish was pretty good without going too far.

It was a competitive fight that delivered what I was expecting and a little bit more. Highly recommended especially if you're in a re-watching 10 year old ROH mood.

Kenta Kobashi & Junji Izumida vs Genichiro Tenryu & Shiro Koshinaka (NOAH Winte...

27 September 2017 - 04:45 PM

I'd consider this an overlooked gem especially for 2005 Noah. So much hard chopping machismo fighting spirit stuff came from 2005 Mr. Kobashi that you wouldn't think he was capable of anything else.

...and you wouldn't be totally wrong but! his mini feud with Tenryu in 05-06 showed us that Chopbashi was capable of garnering different emotions from fans/viewers other than, "Chop him dammit! Chop him Kobashi!!" and "Oh he's dead..."

I tagged WAR to this topic because you got Tenryu, Koshinaka, and Jun Izumida (not sure if he was in W-A-R but, he's built for it) and this was wrestled in this style. So, no head drops, apron moves, moves at all per say...this is all punches, chops (come on its Tenryu-Kobashi) and laid out so well that's it probably the most fun yet serious Noah match Kobashi had outside of his defense vs Ogawa in '03.

Ass chops, Tenryu throwing shit, Izumida eating potatoes like its Thanksgiving, Koshinaka still ruling in '05, brawling after the bell...and Kobashi chopping people dead. Great match

King Haku vs Takashi Ishikawa (SWS 10/30)

06 July 2017 - 09:10 PM

The version that I saw is joined in progress after the entrances.

This is perhaps the best Ishikawa match that I've seen. Great knee work and Haku sells it like it's legit. That's what happens when you get scoop slammed on a guard rail where your knee is the only thing that makes contact. You sell it because it hurts!

But really the beauty of this match is how they beat the shit out of each other. Straight kicks to the face, headbutts that you can hear, smacks to the ear, and Ishikawa's best lariats. I mean he's got to blast him because it is Haku and he is a Tongan terminator.

I watched this on a whim and I am so glad that I did. Both guys really put it all out there for a short match, no title and no fanfare. Plus, its got a few nice 'oh shit!' surprises. This is pro wrestling for pro wrestling's sake. If you like Tenryu, WAR, 90s Indy puro, check out this little gem.