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Akane Fujita vs. Hiiragi Kurumi vs. Maika Ozaki vs. Nori DATE (Ice Ribbon, 10/29/2017)

24 November 2017 - 01:50 PM

ICE×∞ Championship #1 Contendership Four Way: Akane Fujita vs. Hiiragi Kurumi vs. Maika Ozaki vs. Nori DATE
What a wild ride, I did not expect this from a joshi 4WAY. It was non-stop bomb throwing with great pacing; all of the tandem spots felt organic. Maika and Nori close the match after the other two are eliminated, and I thought they delivered big. I was so proud of Maika when she got the win, big moment for her career. ****

Misaki Ohata vs. Maruko Nagasaki (Ice Ribbon, 10/29/2017)

24 November 2017 - 01:48 PM

Regina Di WAVE Championship: Misaki Ohata © vs. Maruko Nagasaki
Ohata's obviously capable of great things, but she has a formula that she sticks to and there was no variety to her performance here. It was every Ohata control segment you've ever seen. Nagasaki was where things shined, but she got so little that it wasn't enough to bring the match up. **

Miracle Apricots (Yuka Sakazaki & Syoko Nakajima) vs. Super Milk Combination (Nonok...

24 November 2017 - 01:41 PM

TOKYO Princess Tag Team Championship: Miracle Apricots (Yuka Sakazaki & Syoko Nakajima) © vs. Super Milk Combination (Nonoko & Yuna Manase)


Fun match between two fun teams. I thought the boob double teams were clever. I didn't feel strongly about the closer between Syoko and Nonoko, would've been much better if Yuka was there. I think she could have put together a more compelling finishing run. Good match, still. ***


Yuu vs. Miyu Yamashita (Tokyo Joshi Pro, 11/23/2017)

24 November 2017 - 01:39 PM

TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship Next Challenger & Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship: Yuu © vs. Miyu Yamashita


Yuu is on another level when it comes to making her offense look legit. I was wincing at some of the things she was doing to her opponent. Miyu went through hell, her chest reddened from Yuu's chops. She fought hard for the comeback and it felt earned. What a match. ****1/2


Nagisa Nozaki vs. Rina Yamashita (WAVE, 11/15/2017)

24 November 2017 - 01:37 PM

Regina di WAVE Championship #1 Contendership Tournament - Semi-Finals: Nagisa Nozaki vs. Rina Yamashita


This is the most impressive Nozaki has looked since returning. She was going at it with Rina. Her movements and emotes are always striking to me, and she is very calculating with that sleeper hold. Yamashita held the match together, and they crafted a great story around Nozaki's dangerous sleeper. ***1/2