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In Topic: Kenta Kobashi & Go Shiozaki vs Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima (N...

11 June 2017 - 02:24 PM

Whatamatch. The foundation of the match is established early based on the hierarchy structure and which team can leverage it to their advantage. Sasaki & Kobashi are the captains of their respective teams and victory hinges on them not only keeping each other at bay, but successfully directing the youngin's as well. Their slugfest from the recent Dome match extends into this match, and it rules. Sasaki's chest turns a disgusting shade of purple from the chop battles. The Nakajima/Shiozaki interactions are terrific, too, (probably the two best performers in the match) and their athletic styles provide a nice contrast to Sasaki & Kobashi's more plodding, heavyweight style. Of course, you also get to see the veterans laying the smackdown on the Young Lions, which is a blast as usual. The few moments where Nakajima & Shiozaki manage to do significant damage to the heavyweights were well-earned & popped the crowd. As Sasaki & Kobashi become more and more fatigued, the match simultaneously goes off the rails. The finishing stretch is packed with head-drops & epic nearfalls and segues into the young boys getting isolated for longer periods. Nakajima barely manages to escape Kobashi's clutches, and Sasaki wastes Shiozaki with a brutal Lariat. Great match, and the crowd was heated as fuck & eating it all up. Rating: ****½

In Topic: NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ron "The Truth" Killings vs Low-Ki - N...

26 May 2017 - 08:51 AM

I'm not nearly as high on this match as you are, Sleaze. Low Ki carried Ron Killings here to something watchable, at best. Ki holds this match together with his bumping, selling underneath, and overall babyface performance. His comebacks are well-timed, and of course his offense is brilliant, as usual. My issue with this match is Killings' heat segments were a goddamn snoozefest, and his performance held this match back from being in ***+ territory. Rating: **¾

In Topic: Tiger Mask vs. Volador Jr. (NJPW Best of the Super Jr. 05/17/17)

18 May 2017 - 08:08 AM

Simple, effective storytelling here as the much older, veteran Tiger Mask uses his smarts to hold his own against an athletic, young high flyer in Volador, Jr. ***

In Topic: Jushin Liger vs. TAKA Michinoku (NJPW Best of the Super Jr. 05/17/17)

18 May 2017 - 07:44 AM

This ruled. Liger is on his last legs, but he was bringin' the business to TAKA the entire match. TAKA manages to sneak away with the win on a super-tight roll-up, though. Good, heated opener. ***

In Topic: Greatest championship reigns

02 May 2017 - 05:01 PM

Samoa Joe's ROH World Championship run in the mid-2000's is one of my favorite championship runs ever.