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Best weekly TV run?

02 December 2017 - 12:38 AM

Now that I've gotten a WWE Network subscription, I was wondering what everyone's favorite periods of weekly television are. A time when you thought that week to week, every show was just strong and must-see. I'm currently checking out the post-SummerSlam 2002 editions of Smackdown and outside of some ridiculous crap (Billy and Chuck, anyone?), the product was just incredibly strong week to week.



Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, Bubba Ray Dudley, & D-Von Dudley vs. Ra...

10 November 2017 - 11:58 PM

One of the best classic Survivor Series style matches in history. Austin's career is on the line against Bischoff's team. Everyone played their roles pretty much perfectly in this match.

Steiner made for a great bully jock, Henry was a powerhouse. Van Dam made a good guy to keep the action moving throughout the early stages of the match. Jericho and Christian made for satisfyingly annoying heel stooges.

3D were great filling out the early half with action along with Van Dam but the second half was the Shawn Michaels show. Probably one of Shawn's best performances in his entire career. Once he gets busted open, everything in the match gets tense and intense. His selling is on point and he makes a fantastic vulnerable babyface getting in just the right shots to even the odds.

Orton is a great heel and he still had a lot of energy to his offense here. Made for a nice foil to Shawn here.

The second half really takes this to the next level. Wonderful stuff.


World Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. B...

17 October 2017 - 01:16 AM

A fittingly brutal introduction to the Elimination Chamber concept. Rob Van Dam is the star of the opening half. With a great babyface shine really taking it to Triple H and then bumping around like crazy with great spots like the Spiderman dive and the Five Star off the pod. Jericho plays a fun chickenshit and his alliance with Triple H is a nice dimension that adds a nice wrinkle to the match. It also pays off nicely. Kane was a fun monster but he looked dumb not going for a pin after Chokeslam City. Shawn commands the last half of the match as a great underdog babyface bumping around for Y2J and HHH. He actually pulls off one of his best and most tense comebacks here as HHH tries to cut him off at every turn. Satisfying feel good finish for everybody!


WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs. The Big Boss Man (WWF SNME 5/27/89)

16 October 2017 - 04:06 AM

A fun match with an absurd start. Zeus from No Holds Barred is out to hype his SummerSlam main event and knocks Hogan down to start the match. Boss Man drags Hogan back in and starts a working a simple but decent heat segment on him. The drama picks up quite nicely once Hogan Superplexes Boss Man off the top of the cage and both men are down. Loved Hebner coming in and not knowing how to call the match from there. Then you get Boss Man using a chain to try and get Hogan down and I really enjoyed Hogan's selling in this portion. Shenanigans ensue when Slick gets into the cage to try and help Hogan but Hogan ends up handcuffing Boss Man. The finish is kind of ridiculous.  You can tell Boss Man could definitely get both feet out if he just pulled his hand a little closer so there is that. Still, it's a fun enough match with some cool twists in it to lend it some drama.



Bruno Sammortino vs. Roddy Piper (Steel Cage Match WWF Boston 2/8/86)

15 October 2017 - 11:19 PM

Piper starts out the match by hanging some posters of football players. No idea what the context for that is, I went into this match totally cold. Bruno comes in and is still incredibly over. The crowd were incredibly hot for Bruno and everything that he did. He comes in and tosses Piper into all four walls of the cage and busts Piper up early. Bruno rips up the posters and shoves them down Piper's throat and trunks which I thought was kind of funny. Then you have the attempts to escape the cage and it plays off a little more naturally than usual in this match. I thought the struggles to get out the door were actually quite fun. It's fun to see Piper ragdoll and sell for Bruno, literally showing ass for the guy. Thought the little things Piper did like low blowing Bruno to keep him from getting out or thumbing Bruno's eyes as he came back in were really good heel tactics. Ended on a great finish with Bruno low blowing Hot Rod off the cage and then nailing him with a chair as he struggled to get out. Fun stuff all around!