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31 January 2018 - 10:07 AM

Authors of Pain vs Undisputed Era


Fun opener, wasn't sure how the little and large dynamic would work in this one but both teams did a great job of putting it together. Love Authors of Pain look and they work well together in the ring, Undisputed Era did some great veteran work and kept a good pace throughout and AOP were great as the unlikely faces in peril. Thought the ending was really well done and suited that match well. *** 1/2


The Velveteen Dream vs Kassius Ohno


Ohno frustrates me, he's someone I want to love, but something just doesn't click with me. I love big hard hitters, but his ring style and his look just doesn't gel for me. First time seeing Velveteen Dream, not sure about the name, sounds more like a nickname than a ring name but the gimmick looks interested, like a cross between Apollo Creed and Prince. These two didn't do nearly as well with the little and large dynamic as the first match, Dream looked far too small to be as dominant as he was and there was the odd sloppy moment, but all in all there's definitely potential there. Interesting to see where he ends up. **


Shayna Baszler vs Ember Moon


Shayna was another first time for me but immediately made me take notice. Definitely has that unteachable vibe of badass about her and the little intro video was cool. Seen Ember a couple of times, gimmick does nothing for me but I like her ring style. Match was good, really put over Shayna well and you get the feeling she'll only get better from here while Ember did the battling champion bit well too. As others have said the armbar spot was poorly done, nearly Bret vs Backlund levels of ridiculousness but the finish worked, should have just happened way before it did. Did leave me wondering where Shayna fits in now they have Rousey though. ***


Aleister Black vs Adam Cole


Big fan of both of these two so I was really up for this match, but slightly apprehensive when I saw it was a hardcore match. As it happens I really enjoyed it, Black is someone that I could just watch all day, does some of the best looking strikes out there while his flips and highflying moves always look crisp too. Took a little while to get going but once they found their flow it really came together and it was great to see some innovative hardcore spots which is a tricky thing to pull off these days. Both the table spot and the announce table spot had me up off of the sofa and by the end I thought I'd easily found my match of the night. ****


Johnny Gargano vs Andrade Cien Almas


Didn't know much about Almas going into this but had seen quite a bit of Gargano's work and knew he was a solid hand, still didn't expect what I was about to watch though. I'm going to say it, this is an evolution point for pro-wrestling. Modern day spectacular moves combined with old school selling and psychology. The false finishes had me tricked each time, the big spots were performed flawlessly with each one making sense rather than just looking cool and by the end I was fully invested. The twist at the end sold it nicely too. This is what pro-wrestling is about. *****

In Topic: Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

31 January 2018 - 08:31 AM

Thanks for having me on board, I'm Will, I'm 30 and I live in Yorkshire, England. I've been watching wrestling on and off for probably about 20 years and got the bug when the Attitude Era hit its stride. First match I remember watching was a multi man tag match between Kaientai and The Oddities on RAW and was instantly hooked, with the members of Kaientai becoming long term favourites (I still consider their match at Barely Legal one of the best ever). I soon found myself back tracking when I discovered you could get late eighties and early nineties WWF VHS tapes cheap on market stalls and to this day I still have a soft spot for the New Generation era despite its obvious flaws. From there I began devouring magazines to keep up with what was going on elsewhere, at that time in the UK it was pretty much WWF or nothing in terms of what was broadcast with both WCW and ECW buried on obscure channels late at night so magazines were a godsend. WOW Magazine and PowerSlam were both particular favourites as they covered some indie and international promotions too, as well as a little of what was a very slowly reemerging UK scene at the time too. Soon after ECW DVDs became easier to find so I began amassing the essential shows and like many of my generation I was soon reeled in by the whole anti-establishment feel of it and although I'm not sure a lot of it has aged well, I still hold a lot of those shows in high regard simply because they introduced me to a lot of new styles, wrestlers as well as being a genuine alternative to the mainstream shows.


I think like a lot of people I lost interest a year or two after WCW and ECW shut down, the Invasion angle soured me on the WWF/E and that combined with being a teenager and doing teenager things I found myself walking away in about 2003/4 I guess. After that happened, there really wasn't any alternatives at all in the UK, I think beyond maybe NWA: Hammerlock and FWA, British promotions were still basically seaside WWF rip off shows and certainly nowhere near as prevalent as they are today and TNA wouldn't show up on UK television until a couple of years after I stopped watching. I still kept my finger on the pulse though during that time, periodically checking forums and the like to see who was who but it would be a few years until I actually started watching again, partly due to a couple of my friends piquing my interest again and partly due to the growth of streaming and the like which made it easier to watch what I liked. Since then, while I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore viewer I do find myself watching quite a lot from all over the place and have also been to a few UK shows in the past couple of years too which has really got me interested in what's going on closer to home. Current favourites are Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Marty Scurll, Pentagon Jr, Asuka and Aleister Black but there's so much talent out there at the minute that it's becoming hard to narrow it down to a few. 


So yeah, that's me really, I look forward to get posting.