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15 May 2018 - 09:53 AM



Pitbull Johnson



Well seeing that gimp being mentioned on here was unexpected.


He bought some shows from Hammerlock when I was there in 1996. They were 'interesting' to say the least.


Not least for him sitting taking money at the door, writing TICKITT in big letters on a lined pad, then tearing the pages off and handing them to the bemused punters. Not before trying to flog them promo pictures of himself standing in his garden, with a garden gnome and his neighbours looking over the fence in the background.


He was from Sheerness, on the Isle of Sheppey, but couldn't pronounce the letter H, so ended up being from Seerness, on the Isle of Seppey. He also formed a very popular up and coming tag team with Alex Sane, called the Seppey Lads.


He also advertised a ladder match as the main event of one show, then forgot to bring the ladder. Hammerlock MC Dean Ayass officially became my hero on that night, as he called Pitbull out to the ring before the main event. He thought Dean was going to thank him for all his efforts in promoting the show, etc. Dean then said "Now, ladies and gentlemen, as you know, we were supposed to have a ladder match for you here tonight. Unfortunately, we haven't got that match for you tonight....and here to explain why is Ian 'Pitbull' Johnson." Dean then handed him the microphone and watched him stand there like a deer caught in the headlights for about a minute, before he finally stammered "Errrr, forgot the ladder".


He was also arrested whilst on the run from the law, when he promoted a wrestling show and put himself all over the posters. He couldn't work out how they'd found him!


Memories :)


This was brilliant, need more stories about the dark days of British Wrestling.

In Topic: American Dragon vs Spanky (TWA Total Impact 01/01/00)

11 May 2018 - 04:55 PM

So glad to see this, like some others I've never seen anything from TWA  and it makes a great starting point for both of these two. Already easy to see how Spanky would end up on WWE television just a couple of years later as he just oozes the kind of natural charisma that very few ever manage to learn and despite looking dangerously skinny and being minus decent gear, already looks like a TV star. Glad that American Dragon lost the mask early on, I'm not adverse to masked wrestlers by any stretch but it just doesn't work for him and he comes off looking like a generic Create a Wrestler from a video game in terms of looks.


Match wise this is certainly an early demo so to speak, the basic elements are there but they were still waiting on some studio magic to make them the finished article. Unlike others I don't think there's much to choose between the two of them, Spanky is certainly the flashier of the two and is certainly not adverse to bumping but Dragon is clearly already looking to become a more well rounded and technically astute wrestler. Both have their bright moments in the match and while some things don't come off quite well enough, it's hard to imagine many others having such an ambitious match so early out of the blocks. Crowd are really into it too which helps I think, not sure if this is because they're showing encouragement for academy graduates or because these two were already over but it was great to see either way. Final shenanigans were sloppy at best, but served their purpose and all in all this was a fun little slice of history. **1/2

In Topic: Steven Regal vs Blue Meanie (MCW TV 03/25/00)

10 May 2018 - 12:35 PM

Absolutely love Regal and have been intrigued to see some of his work during this period of rejuvenation. I'm actually a fan of both of these workers both in and out of the ring and thought The Blue Meanie was a great novelty attraction in ECW but one that always felt like an odd signing for the WWF given his niche entertainment value. Have to say though, stripped of his usual Meanie garb and with a more conventional haircut he couldn't look more backyard if he tried here to the point of me actually wondering whether he forgot to bring his gear. I'm guessing this was due to his active weight-loss more than anything and knowing he was planning on getting even slimmer as he would turn up back in ECW a few months later having dropped even more weight. However, weight-loss or otherwise, he could have definitely benefited from some proper gear here as he stands out like a sore thumb against the professional looking Regal and the interfering Jim Neidhart. 


Regal's opening promo is prime Regal and proof why the WWF/E has kept him around as a mouthpiece for so many years (even during periods of in-ring inactivity) as nobody cuts a promo quite like him and gets all the heat he needs here with ease. The match itself is okay and is further evidence that even when there's not much to work with, Regal will nearly always throw some interesting stuff into the mix and he looks incredibly sharp and on point here. The Neidhart interference was a little odd out of context (especially as I didn't realise he was down there at the time) but didn't detract too much from what was an entertaining five or so minute match with both getting some cool stuff in. The Regal Cutter looked fantastic too, probably my favourite of his vast array of finishing maneuvers. 

In Topic: Wrestlers with largest timespan between 2 great matches

10 May 2018 - 08:45 AM


Yeah, I'm not sure if the Roy Regal stuff is great (it might be, I haven't seen it), but we could call the Ohno match in 2013 his last great one, right?


The Cesaro match was after the Ohno match, and was his last match period. I have the Regal vs. Jones match from 1986 rated as a GREAT match, and the Tiger Singh match from 87 rated as an EPIC



Just went and rewatched the Marty Jones match, I would agree there. Not seen the Tiger Singh match though.

In Topic: Wrestlers with largest timespan between 2 great matches

10 May 2018 - 07:47 AM

Yeah, I'm not sure if the Roy Regal stuff is great (it might be, I haven't seen it), but we could call the Ohno match in 2013 his last great one, right?


His first televised match against Marty Jones from 1986 is actually on YouTube and he already looks very technically proficient despite only being a skinny 18 year old, so potentially looking at 27 years as I can't imagine much footage before that exists, but I think we can comfortably say he's in the 20 year + category.