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In Topic: Alexander Otsuka vs Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (BattlARTS 11/09/99)

Yesterday, 08:32 PM

I think I liked the Ishikawa match a bit better because of the Ishikawa-as-Inoki factor and how they completely outdid the Inoki-Singh dynamic they were aping, and because it was such a huge surprise, but this is pretty great and I want to see Matsunaga against every single member of the BattlArts roster. I repeatedly said this about El Dandy at the beginning of my Yearbook journey, and as we approach the end, I'll say that Otsuka is one of the most versatile wrestlers of all-time, possibly more versatile than ol' Roberto Gutierrez himself.

In Topic: HHH vs Test (WWF Monday Night RAW 11/08/99)

Yesterday, 07:56 PM

Tastelessness aside, the angle for what it is isn't badly done. I like Road Dogg hijacking the camera and basically forcing his way onto the TitanTron--gives it just a shade of the Horsemen and Dusty in the parking lot. Er, okay, the match finish isn't done so well. The daughter of the owner possibly raped and kidnapped? TUNE INTO SMACKDOWN TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS. Sheesh. Stephanie notably isn't shown on-camera and I think it was revealed to be a Penn State co-ed acting under consent.

In Topic: APA Bar Room Brawl (WWF Monday Night RAW 11/08/99)

Yesterday, 07:53 PM

I love how the ponytail gives the guy away as a worker--I had the exact same observation. He takes some good bumps over the bar counter and into his friends. Bradshaw even gets the girl. "No wonder Minnesota beat your ass"--okay, that didn't endear them to the State College crowd.

In Topic: Al Snow and Mankind (WWF Monday Night RAW 11/08/99)

Yesterday, 07:51 PM

Al Snow strenuously denies he's a murderer, despite some surprising circumstantial evidence to the contrary. He laments not being able to buy his doll at Wal-Mart, "but I could buy a shotgun *and* live ammo!" Well, score one for Snow and the writers on *that* blow. Mankind presents Snow with a reasonable facsimile of a woman's skull to cheer him up.

In Topic: Chris Jericho promo (WWF Monday Night RAW 11/08/99)

Yesterday, 07:48 PM

Jericho has some fun with the name Beaver Stadium. Penn State has never embarrassed itself the way the WWF has...er, uh...okay, I'm just going to let that one go.