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In Topic: Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

Yesterday, 12:49 PM

The one with the Flair-Sting unification match. Explained away by "Flair playing mind games."

In Topic: Paige and all that

15 August 2017 - 02:28 PM

I mean he was cleared by the authorities, 


So was Ezekiel Elliott.

In Topic: Holy Grails

13 August 2017 - 08:19 PM

There's a handheld card with a Dyet tag on it somewhere, too. Those might be his only two matches on tape. (For those who don't know Dyet was a Colorado football player who became a protege of Steve Williams--he worked a tour or two for AJPW and then quit the business. I remember on BTS they talked about somebody working with Doc on Sportatorium cards who also fit that description.)

In Topic: Vic Grimes vs Doug Gilbert (MPPW TV 07/24/99, Hardcore Match)

13 August 2017 - 06:17 PM

This picks up a lot in the middle portion and the parking lot brawl is pretty great. We get a requisite Memphis run-in but also a clean finish, as Doug counters the interference of Glenn Kulka and pins Grimes after a DDT onto a chair. Doug seems to have eclipsed Lawler as the company's top babyface.

In Topic: Bruce Pritchard, Steve Bradley, JR Smooth and Kurt Angle (MPPW TV 07/24/99)

13 August 2017 - 06:07 PM

Angle is still wooden on the mic--that will change, but maybe not until late in the year. Smooth is much better and looks cool as fuck. Also seem to be sowing seeds for an Angle/Steve Bradley feud.