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In Topic: Between the Sheets #101 (June 21-27, 1995) (Featuring Emil Jay)

Today, 11:51 AM

Kudos to Emil for a gallant effort in defending a universally panned show, but I don't see the comparisons of Mabel to the ECW talent named holding up at all (though Emil's point about fans accepting this if it took place in the Arena with Joey Styles putting it over is a fair one, even if I think he exaggerates a bit). Chad Austin, Donn E. Allen, the weirdo Dudleys, Big Val...all jobbers or comedy figures. 911 wasn't, but as Bix said, he didn't really wrestle--he was essentially a team mascot. Mabel was being pushed as a nominative main eventer. I'm as down on ECW and its trained seal fans as just about anyone, but in the end my response to Emil's point is..."Well, that's how wrestling works." It's not really about "giving the fans what they want to see," it's about making fans want to see what you're giving them. At this point in the '90s Heyman was more successful in that regard than the objective failure that King of the Ring was.


I think if Nelson Frazier had come along in 1983, he'd have been a sensation--a near Andre-sized guy who could actually move and sell. But until he went over Adam Bomb in the qualifier the previous month, he was a tag guy. Or, when Mo was out in '94, a mid-card singles guy putting over the likes of King Kong Bundy and Jeff Jarrett. Throw in his attire and his name, which I maintain is possibly the worst in the history of wrestling when you factor in what they wanted him to be, and this push was death from the start. 


I'm with Bix on the booking of Sid--the idea of booking Sid as a Honky Tonk Man-type coward was dumb on its surface.

In Topic: Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper (WCW Great American Bash 06/13/99)

Today, 01:56 AM

The video package gives us a few fill-ins on stuff we missed, like how Benoit & Malenko split from the Horsemen. The confrontation with Arn, naturally, seems to be the best part of this. Piper reads a top-10 list of why Flair shouldn't run WCW, which was a quasi-infamous bomb of a segment but admittedly the #1 reason is couched in pretty airtight logic. That said, WHO ON EARTH DECIDED TO RUN THIS MATCH A *SECOND* TIME? Is this Nash using Piper and Flair the way Dusty used Paul Jones and Jimmy Valiant, sticking them with each other so they don't dare screw up anyone else?


Arn is the best part of the match and post-match as well. The idea of Buff as the leader of the new generation is whatever but there's a ton more wrong with WCW than that. Still, the execution of the Piper turn is pretty shitty since a.) there's a way to do it without having him align with Flair all of a sudden, and b.) the announcers, Tenay's "establishment sticks together" line notwithstanding, obviously aren't clued in and don't know how to get over that Piper turned on Bagwell for costing him the match and Presidency. Heenan even says Piper's "directing traffic" when he's doing no such thing. 

In Topic: Too Cool promo (WWF Sunday Night Heat 06/13/99)

Today, 01:46 AM

I don't think anyone saw this gimmick getting as big as it did. We get Booker T's catchphrase, months before he had it.

In Topic: Interview: Test (WWF Sunday Night Heat 06/13/99)

Today, 01:45 AM

Test gets friendzoned. This won't last. We see the apparent set-up for a Test-Double J Heat main event.

In Topic: WWF Maximum Sweat Action Figures (WWF Sunday Night Heat 06/13/99)

Today, 01:44 AM

Don't know how anyone would have thought this was a good idea. Speaking of bad ideas, who decided on the Price Is Right Cliffhanger yodeling music as the right theme for this ad?