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Scenic City Invitational 2017

28 June 2017 - 10:56 PM

I haven't seen a thread started on this yet, but thought I would since it's 5 weeks away and it's already shaping up to be a great card, and the last two SCI tournaments have been awesome. 

These are the announced matches so far: 


Scenic City Invitational 2017
Night 1, August 4th. 
1st Round - Matt Riddle vs Tank 
1st Round - Joey Janela vs Darby Allin 
1st Round - Gunner Miller vs Shane Marx 
1st Round - Anthony Henry vs Gary Jay
1st Round - Joey Lynch vs Matt Lynch 
Participants that will have their matches announced soon: Dominic Garrini, Curt Stallion, Torque, Arik Royal, Jason Kincaid, Jason Cade. Matches are announced on Monday night. 
Night 2, August 5th.
Street Fight - Carnies vs Hierarchy 
Dylan did a really great preview here about the whole show and background on the wrestlers involved: http://wrestlingwith...l-2017-preview/
Neat playlist of matches to check out to get ready for the SCI: http://sobrosnetwork...-this-playlist/ (Just saw the "First Blood" match and it's highly recommended) 
The SCI 2015, SCI 2016, and the Scenic City Rumble 2017 can all be viewed at https://powerbomb.tv/promotion/SCI