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In Topic: Billy Goelz and other 50s finds

25 May 2018 - 02:58 PM

It's hard to judge from short clips, but judging by the footage we have, Gus Sonnenberg doesn't strike me as anything special. 

In Topic: Felino, Lizmark Jr. & Mr. Niebla vs Pimpinela Escarlata, Fuerza Guerrera...

24 May 2018 - 01:51 AM

I keep waiting for a match where Fuerza takes over and delivers a performance of old but it never happens. This was probably his best performance all year which isn't saying much. I don't know what happened to post-96 Fuerza but his charisma took a nose dive. It's weird because he still looks like he has the physical tools. Some decent stuff from Pimpi as usual but Felino was more interested in doing his pissing pose than tearing it up on the mat with Fuerza and the others were window dressing. Monterrey really is like diggin' in the crates compared to IWRG and CMLL. Hopefully, we can unearth some hidden gems in time.  

In Topic: El Dandy, Shocker, Zumbido & Blue Panther vs Negro Casas, Antifaz del Nor...

23 May 2018 - 03:46 PM

This started on the best possible note by having El Dandy square off with Casas. Remember their classic from '92? Well, they had the same chemistry eight years later. Their exchanges weren't blow away great but they were creative and original and the kind of exchanges you only see when two masters of their craft square off with each other. There was a noticeable difference to how Dandy approached the Casas exchanges compared to his work with everyone else and it was one of the few times all year that he's looked like the Dandy of old.


Following on the heels of Casas and Dandy were Zumbido and Antifaz and Panther and Tarzan Boy. Something appears to be stewing between Zumbido and Antifaz as they were paired together a lot during the bout. Their work was okay but not as engaging as the others. Tarzan Boy earns my vote for Most Improved Worker. If you'd told me at the beginning of the year that he'd be holding his own in technical exchanges I would have never believed it. Least of all with Panther. He was doing his Arena Mexico shtick of wanting to roll with the rudos which overshadowed his contribution to the match but he had one other polished exchange with Dandy that supported my claims. The last pairing was the main course, Shocker vs. Parka. It was strictly comedy but the good kind that cracks you up. I loved the stooge spots especially the face plant on the apron. 


After a long primera caida where everyone worked respect pairings the match ran out of steam. It was too long and the heat segment meandered with the rudos strolling about while the crowd waited for a tecnico flourish that never really came. I liked the opening fall but the match died on the vine when the rudos took control. That's too bad given the talent involved but there are no guarantees when you watch a lucha trios. None whatsoever. You can have a great match between unknown workers or a mediocre one between star talent. You never know. Still, it's worth watching the first fall here if you're a guy or a gal who likes a lucha exchange. Or if you wanna see a wee bit more Casas vs. Dandy and even a bit of Casas vs. Panther. If you're a lucha fan you take that kind of stuff whenever you can get it. So I wouldn't say this was a total loss. Just a missed opportunity to have the best trios match of the year, potentially.  For the record, I would say that bout where Pierroth electrocuted Villano III would probably win my vote for trios MOTY.

In Topic: Suicida, Star Boy & Fantasy vs Dr. Cerebro, Mega & Super Mega (IWRG 1...

21 May 2018 - 04:45 PM

This was worth watching just to see Cerebro doing his thing. You can pretty much just track him the entire time and he's always doing something of interest. He had worked a title match with Fantasy a few weeks prior after Fantasy beat him in a mano a mano but there didn't seem to be any meat to their feud. Instead, Cerebro worked mostly with Mike Segura and Star Boy. The two pairings couldn't have been any further apart as Segura was a talented guy who matched up well with Cerebro while Star Boy was awkward as fuck and constantly off with his timing. Cerebro shined in both pairings but the Segura exchanges were obviously the highlight (that dive, my God, and Cerebro's sell!) The Megas were no mugs either and brought their working shoes like always. Another solid IWRG midcard bout. 

In Topic: Olimpico, Black Dragon, Astro Jr. & Mascara Magica vs Gladiador, Bombero...

21 May 2018 - 04:37 PM

This was a fun atomics match. It had all the hallmarks of undercard lucha -- some fun gimmicks and neat workers and a mix of traditional lucha exchanges and exciting dives. On the rudo side we got to see two members of the very first incarnation of Los Oficiales which was cool. They were more of your classic journeyman team that the fluid and dynamic trios unit we'd see later on but I liked the original Oficial. He could've been mistaken for just about any corrupt police captain in Mexico. Hijo del Gladiador continued to engage his role as the midcard veteran and Bombero is always busy doing his thing. On the tecnico side there was a nice mix of masked guys. Olimpico didn't shine as much as I was hoping and seems to have gone backward throughout the year. I liked Mascara Magica the most. he wasn't flashy but I thought he showed solid fundamentals. IWRG is very good at keeping these undercard matches short and snappy. None of the matches outstay their welcome and the guys entertain you while they're out there. Solid bout.